Nothing is hidden from....the Dolma!
Dolma to Arthur[src]
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The Dolma was a disguise taken on by Merlin in the form of an old woman to help King Arthur save his wife, Queen Guinevere from Morgana's brainwashing spell.


After Arthur found out about Gwen's treachery due to an enchantment caused by Morgana, he wished to rescue his Queen from the sorceress' clutches. In order to do this Arthur needed a sorcerer to perform a ceremony to summon the White Goddess. In order to perform the ceremony in front of Arthur, Merlin left saying he was seeking out the sorceress, who was a recluse. Arthur and Mordred were taken by surprise when they first met Dolma due to her interesting clothes and "familiar face". To cover up Merlin's disappearance she also said that "the gangly boy" was her surety and would be returned when the ceremony had concluded. 

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The Dolma talks to Arthur.

After the ceremony had finished and Gwen returned to her original state, the King and Queen thanked Dolma for her help. In return she asked that Arthur remember that it was magic which saved Gwen, pointing out the nature of magic was determined by the wielder and not magic itself. As they began to walk away she reminded them that they had forgotten Merlin. She finally told Arthur that one day he would recognise the true worth of those around him and with a small wave Dolma ran away to change back into Merlin.

While riding back to Camelot, Mordred told Merlin that he knew that Merlin had been the one disguised as Dolma (With All My Heart).


Series 5

With All My Heart


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