Dochraid's home
Dochraid's Dwelling
Type: Cave beneath a tree
Appearances: Lancelot du Lac
With All My Heart

The Dochraid's dwelling is where the Dochraid lives. It's a cave located underneath a tree. The exact location of the cave, as well as its surroundings, are unknown.

Morgana went to the Dochraid's dwelling to ask her help on how to use a coin of necromancy that Morgause had given her in a deleted scene (Lancelot du Lac).

Merlin, disguised as Dragoon The Great, went to the Dochraid's dwelling to ask her how to free Guinevere from the "Teine Diaga" (the "sacred fire"). When the Dochraid refused to help him, Merlin had to use Excalibur to get her to tell him what he needed (With All My Heart).


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