Mrs. Deer
Species information
Origin Albion
Appearances The Hunter's Heart
The Drawing of the Dark
Known Individuals Guinevere (formerly)

The Deer is an animal that lurks in the forests of Albion. They're commonly hunted by humanity in Albion.


Morgana enchanted Guinevere to appear as a deer so she would be hunted down by Arthur, as he was leading a hunting patrol with Mithian at the current time. However, when Merlin saw the deer, he saw Gwen for what she really was, using magic. Arthur tried to shoot it but Merlin made his shot miss, only for the deer to be later shot by Princess Mithian. Sometime later, once it was nightime Merlin found the injured Gwen, and healed her wounds (The Hunter's Heart).

It can be assumed that it is a tradition in the "Merlin" universe to hunt deers, as it happened with animals like foxes in other kingdoms of medieval times.


Series 4
The Hunter's Heart (as deer Gwen)
Series 5
The Drawing of the Dark


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