Nimueh using dark magic to bring the Afanc egg to life.

One thing I do know, this is magic of the darkest kind.
Gaius to Merlin[src]

Dark Magic is a form of magic often used by sorcerers with sinister motives or evil intentions.

Though magic itself is basically neutral, its mortality is determined by how it is used and the motives of the sorcerer using it. However, it should be noted that there are some spells and applications of magic which can only be used to do evil or inflict harm upon other people.

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  • Mary Collins uses a poppet to kill Lady Helen.Go to Poppet
  • Nimueh brings an Afanc to life.Go to Afanc
  • The Afanc poisons Camelot's water supply.Go to Plague in Camelot
  • The Beetle crawls towards Morgana's ear.Go to Elanthia Beetle
  • Edwin removes the Beetle from Morgana's ear.Go to Elanthia Beetle
  • The High Priestess performs necromancy.Go to Necromancy
  • Cedric is possessed by Cornelius Sigan.Go to Possession
  • Morgause awakens Ygraine's spirit.Go to Necromancy
  • Morguase and Morgana use a mandrake root to make Uther lose his mind.Go to Mandrake root
  • The Rowan Staff's powers gives life to the dead of Camelot.Go to Necromancy
  • Morgana binds Arthur's likeness to the Phoenix Eye.Go to Pheonix Eye
  • Morgause binds Cenred's army to the Cup of Life.Go to Cup ritual
  • Morgana performs a blood sacrifice to tear the Veil between the worlds.Go to Blood sacrifice
  • Morgana unleashes the Dorocha.
  • Morgana uses her dark magic to bind the pendant to the left-hand path.Go to Morgana's enchanted pendant
  • The Fomorroh, a creature that comes from the Underworld, conjured by dark magic.Go to Fomorroh
  • Morgana animates with her dark powers the medallion that represents the Fomorroh.Go to Animation spell
  • Alator uses a special technique to torture Gaius.Go to Mental Torture
  • The coin used by Morgana to raise a shade.Go to Morgana's magical coin
  • Merlin's pentacle to perform necromancy.Go to Pentacle for necromancy
  • Morgana enchants the Nathair serpent to torture Elyan.
  • Dragoon enchants a poppet to take away Morgana's magic.Go to Poppet
  • Dark magic coursing through Leon's and Percival's veins.Go to Animal control spells
  • Gwen while being brainwashed by mandrake roots in the ritual of the Teine Diaga.
  • The Ragaid.
  • The Gean Canach, a creature of the Old Religion.
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