Daobeth was a kingdom that was the most powerful of the five kingdoms, until it was brought down by dragons for unknown reasons.

History[edit | edit source]

Hundreds of years ago, the kingdom of Daobeth, was the most powerful of the five kingdoms. He had the strongest citadel, which made him the greatest of the five kingdoms.

Daobeth participated in many different battles and won victories. However, despite all this, the kingdom was attacked by dragons. And this battle ended for him destruction, despite a strong citadel. Since then it has been only ruins.

When Merlin travelled to the Isle of the Blessed, he went past Daobeth (Le Morte d'Arthur).

Territory of Daobeth from a deleted scene with The Darkest Hour: Part One. Note that the ruins of the citadel are missing.

When the veil between the two worlds was torn, the Dorocha were released and Arthur intended to travel to the Isle of the Blessed to repair it. On the way, they went past Daobeth and spent the night there, thinking they'd be safe from the Dorocha. But they thought wrong. The Dorocha broke in and harmed Merlin, who was protecting Arthur.

Arthur later sent Lancelot to take Merlin to Gaius. After that, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table departed Daobeth and continued their journey to the Isle of the Blessed (The Darkest Hour).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Series 1
Le Morte d'Arthur (cameo)
Series 4
The Darkest Hour: Part One (First identified as "Daobeth") (Deleted scene only)
The Darkest Hour: Part Two

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The only time the kingdom was identified as "Daobeth" was in a deleted scene in The Darkest Hour: Part One, when Arthur was saying that it was one of the strongest kingdoms before being brought down by dragons.
  • Daobeth located in three days way from Camelot. (The Darkest Hour: Part Two)
  • It's interesting that in the deleted scene, when Arthur was talking about the Daobeth, the ruins of his citadel was not visible on the ground, unlike the original series. Perhaps because of this, this scene was deleted from the series.
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