Daegal was a boy that Morgana hired to lure Merlin away from Camelot. After she poisoned the warlock and left him for dead, Daegal had a change of heart and concocted an antidote to save him. He then accompanied Merlin back to Camelot, where he died helping him save Arthur from an assassin.


Early Life

Little is known about Daegal's early life. His mother, a sorceress, was killed by Uther at some point in his childhood, and from that point on he was left to fend for himself. Nothing is known about his father, and he once told Merlin that he had no sister (The Hollow Queen).

Hired By Morgana

After their first attempt to assassinate Arthur failed, Morgana and Guinevere conspired to trick Sarrum of Amata into killing the king for them. In order to ensure that Merlin didn't interfere with their plans, they hired Daegal to lure him away from Camelot. The boy met with them only once and didn't know what they planned to do to Merlin, but was aware that they meant to kill the king.

When the time came to carry out their plan, Daegal snuck into Camelot after nightfall and made his way to the citadel. He was briefly stopped by a squad of Knights who were escorting the Queen, but managed to avert suspicion by claiming that he'd been out catching frogs. Guinevere supported his story and sent him on his way.

Daegal found Merlin in the palace kitchens preparing a bath for the Queen. Identifying himself as a Druid, he claimed that his younger sister was dying of a sweating sickness and he needed Merlin to come treat her. The warlock initially refused to help him and advised that he bring his sister to Gaius, but Daegal objected that it was too dangerous for their kind and begged Merlin to accompany him to the Valley of the Fallen Kings. Unable to turn him away, Merlin finally agreed and instructed Daegal to meet him at the entrance to the Darkling Woods at first light.

True to his word, Merlin met up with Daegal early the next morning and they started off on their journey. The warlock was very kind to the boy, sharing his breakfast with him and insisting that they stop so he could treat his injured arm. Daegal was delighted but confused by his kindness, and at one point asked Merlin why he was doing so much for him. He explained that most people he'd met didn't care about him because he didn't matter, to which Merlin earnestly replied, "Don't ever think that. We all matter."

It took them most of the day to complete their journey. At one point they nearly ran into a patrol of bandits, and when Merlin realized the danger he tried to warn Daegal with his telepathy. The supposed Druid boy, however, failed to hear his warning, and he was forced to grab him and physically drag him to safety. This incident, together with the fact that Daegal had become increasingly somber as they neared their destination, made Merlin suspicious as to whether the boy had been entirely honest with him. His suspicions were confirmed when they arrived at the Valley and found no one there. Revealing that he knew Daegal had been lying to him and that Druid symbol on his arm was rubbing off, Merlin angrily confronted the boy and demanded to know why he'd brought him there.

Morgana poisons Merlin.

Before Daegal could answer, Morgana appeared and used her magic to knock Merlin unconscious. The witch complimented Daegal on a job well done and paid him the money she'd promised him, which the boy accepted with more than a little guilt. He then watched in horror as Morgana uncorked a bottle of poison and poured it down Merlin's throat, after which she kicked his body down the hill.

Satisfied that the warlock wouldn't be meddling in her plans again, Morgana threatened to use the last of the poison on Daegal if he told anyone what he'd seen. And though the boy was clearly uneasy about the part he'd played in Merlin's demise, he ultimately chose to heed her warnings and left soon after she did (The Hollow Queen).

Helping Merlin

Daegal gives Merlin the antidote.

In the end, however, Daegal couldn't bring himself to abandon Merlin to his fate and went back to help him the following day. He begged the warlock to tell him how to save him, and at Merlin's behest he gathered rue and yarrow and ground them into a tincture. Though the antidote initially appeared ineffective, sending the warlock into a fit of convulsions and then causing him to fall unconscious, when Merlin woke that night he appeared to be cured of the poison.

Greatly relieved, Daegal rushed to explain that he hadn't know what Morgana intended to do to him, but Merlin was unmoved. He told Daegal that he'd betrayed him, to which the boy contritely replied, "She offered me money. You know what it's like." Switching gears, Merlin asked him if he knew what Morgana was planning, and after a moment's hesitation Daegal admitted that he thought she meant to kill the King.

Determined to warn Arthur, Merlin immediately headed back to Camelot and Daegal decided to go with him. They soon stumbled upon a camp of bandits (likely the same ones from before) and tried to sneak around them, but because Merlin was limping due to an injury sustained when Morgana had kicked him down the hill, he wound up slipping and attracting their attention. As the bandits approached, Merlin told Daegal to run but the boy refused to abandon him. He tossed them the money that Morgana had given him, explaining that it was all that they had, but the bandits continued to advance until Merlin used his magic to attack their leader, which prompted the rest of the bandits to flee.

Daegal was amazed to learn that Merlin had magic and pelted him with questions as they journeyed back to Camelot. Merlin explained that Gaius was the only other person who knew about his magic and admitted that if Arthur knew he'd probably have him hanged. Incredulous, Daegal asked why he helped the king when he knew he would have him killed, to which Merlin replied that Arthur was a good man at heart and he knew that one day he would bring about the world that his kind dreamed of. 

Daegal appeared to admire Merlin's resolve and offered to help him. He bandaged the warlock's injured leg and made an effort to be more honest with him, explaining the everything he'd told him about his family had been true except for the bit about his sister; in reality, he didn't have a sister. His mother hadn't been a Druid, either, but she had had magic, and Uther had killed her for it. Sympathetic, Merlin apologized for his loss, then tested his leg to make sure he could walk on it. After determining that it felt okay, he and Daegal continued their journey.


They arrive back in Camelot just in time for the signing of the peace treaty and follow Albin to where he was about to shoot Arthur with a crossbow. Merlin deflects most of Albin's arrows and knives, but Daegal is mortally wounded by a stray knife, and dies with Merlin grieving by his side. A dying Daegal is told by Merlin that he is a good person at heart and he did the right thing.


At first, it seemed that Daegal was only working for Morgana for money because it was tough to earn money in his life. Half-way through the episode he had a change of heart and decided to save Merlin's life as Merlin showed him many instances of kindness that not many others have.

Skills and Abilities

After traveling with Merlin for almost three days, Merlin teaches Daegal some physician abilities.


  • It is unlikely that Daegal had any magic since he could not hear Merlin's voice when he was being spoken telepathically to and he did not know Merlin had magic.


Series 5

The Hollow Queen



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