Daegal was a boy hired by Morgana Pendragon to lure Merlin away from Camelot. He led Merlin to the Valley of the Fallen Kings, where he watched in horror as Morgana poisoned the warlock and left him for dead. Filled with remorse, Daegal concocted an antidote to save Merlin and escorted him back to Camelot, where he died helping to save Arthur from an assassin.


Early Life

Little is known about Daegal's early life. His mother, a sorceress, was killed by Uther at some point in his childhood, and from that point on he was left to fend for himself. Nothing is known about his father, and he once told Merlin that he had no sister (The Hollow Queen).

The Hollow Queen

Before the events of The Hollow Queen, Daegal meets Morgana, and decides to work for her, before his arrival in Camelot. Known to both Morgana and Guinevere, he is pardoned when out after hours. Daegal goes to Merlin, who is in the kitchens preparing a bath for the Queen. There, Daegal shows him a Druid mark on his wrist, and tells Merlin that he has a sister suffering from the sweating sickness, in the Valley of the Fallen Kings. Daegal manages to persuade Merlin to meet him, and is told to wait at the Darkling Woods at first light.

The pair take an entire day to reach the Valley of the Fallen Kings. However, it is a trap, Merlin is knocked unconscious and poisoned by Morgana. Daegal is paid with a small bag of coins and walks away.

The next night, a remorseful Daegal returns to Merlin, and attempts to save his life (which he does do successfully with Merlin's instructions). Daegal explains to Merlin, Morgana and Gwen's plan to assassinate Arthur, Merlin gets up and, with Daegal by his side, makes his way back to Camelot. On their return journey, the pair run into bandits, but are saved by Merlin's magic. Later, Daegal tells Merlin that his mother used magic too, but died for it. Daegal is quite surprised that Merlin has magic.

They arrive back in Camelot just in time for the signing of the peace treaty and follow Albin to where he was about to shoot Arthur with a crossbow. Merlin deflects most of Albin's arrows and knives, but Daegal is mortally wounded by a stray knife, and dies with Merlin grieving by his side. A dying Daegal is told by Merlin that he is a good person at heart and he did the right thing.


At first, it seemed that Daegal was only working for Morgana for money because it was tough to earn money in his life. Half-way through the episode he had a change of heart and decided to save Merlin's life as Merlin showed him many instances of kindness that not many others have.

Skills and Abilities

After traveling with Merlin for almost three days, Merlin teaches Daegal some physician abilities.


  • It is unlikely that Daegal had any magic since he could not hear Merlin's voice when he was being spoken telepathically to and he did not know Merlin had magic.


Series 5

The Hollow Queen



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