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Cylferth was an old sorcerer who gave the two thugs Dagr and Ebor the Stulorne Blades and the Blood Crystals to help them take their revenge on Arthur Pendragon. However, in return he was killed by Dagr (Gwaine).


Although the full magical power of Cylferth is not fully known, he was a talented and skillful sorcerer. He managed to create two Stulorne Blades for Dagr and Ebor, and the creation of such weapons required significant magical skills.

He also enchanted crystals in such a way that they made possible to accept the physical appearance of any person by touching that person’s blood. Dagr and Ebor used these crystals to become Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan.


Series 3


  • Cylferth most likely lived somewhere outside of Camelot, as he freely made and sold and provided magic artifacts to everyone.


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