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Crystal of Neahtid
Type: Crystal
Place of origin: Crystal Cave
Appearances: The Witch's Quickening
Mentions: The Crystal Cave
To those who know how to use it, the Crystal holds great knowledge of what is, what has been, and what is yet to come.

The Crystal of Neahtid is a very powerful instrument of magic and an artifact of the Old Religion. According to Gaius, there are many legends about the Crystal. The sorcerers of the past believed it held the secret of time itself. To those who know how to use it, the Crystal holds great knowledge: knowledge of what is, what has been and what is yet to come.

The Crystal can only be used by very powerful sorcerers, like Merlin and Mordred. The Great Dragon told Merlin that Morgana didn't have the power to wield it, likely because at the time she hadn't mastered her magic.


According to the seer, Taliesin, the Crystal of Neahtid was hewn from the Crystal Cave (The Crystal Cave). Uther
said that many sorcerers died trying to protect it, when he conquered it in the last days of the Great Purge. The powerful warlocks, Alvarr and Mordred, persuaded Morgana to steal the Crystal from the vaults beneath the Castle. They would have used it to destroy Camelot and kill Uther; however, Arthur was able to defeat Alvarr and take back the Crystal. It compelled Merlin to look and the young warlock was forced to hold it. He saw a vision of Kilgharrah destroying Camelot. Its whereabouts is currently unknown (The Witch's Quickening).


Series 2
The Witch's Quickening
Series 3
The Crystal Cave (Mentioned only)


  • Morgana steals the Crystal from the vaults.
  • The Witch gives the Crystal to Alvarr.
  • Merlin holds the Crystal.
  • The Crystal of Neathid reveals the future.
  • Merlin sees the future inside the crystal.