A crown is a headgear worn by royalty, namely Kings or Queens. Princes, princesses, lords, and ladies also adorn themselves with crowns. Crowns are commonly worn during ceremonies, celebrations and other formal events. The crown usually represents power and rule, with its size and the ornateness of its design signifying either the status of the wearer or the nature of the event to which it is worn (ie: 1- Arthur's circlet as a prince was lighter and not as decorated as his crown as King of Camelot, 2- The crown Uther wore for everyday wear was smaller and less ornate than his ceremonial crown). The crowns worn by women are generally thinner than those worn by men, excepting, of course, the crowns worn by the two Queens of Camelot, Morgana and Guinevere. Thin crowns, particularly those made of a delicate chain and precious gems or crafted from an elegant strip of precious metal, like gold, are worn primarily by women (though men, particularly princes, can wear similar, though less dainty, crowns) and are referred to as "circlets".


  • Queen Annis' headband
  • King Uther Pendragon's regular crown that he was buried with
  • King Alined
  • King Odin
  • Unidenified King 1
  • Unidentified King 2
  • Prince Arthur becomes King Arthur.
  • Lady Morgana becomes Queen Morgana.
  • Prince Arthur's circlet before becoming of age
  • Servant Guinevere becomes Queen Guinevere via her marriage to King Arthur
  • The King and Queen of Camelot, Arthur and Guinevere of legend
  • Morgause and her half-sister Queen Morgana
  • Queen Morgana Pendragon and her half-sister Morgause
  • Queen Troll Catrina and Prince Arthur
  • Queen Catrina (Troll)
  • Queen Morgana Pendragon
  • Side shot of Queen Morgana
  • King Arthur and wife Queen Guinevere
  • Arthur wearing his crown
  • Morgana's headband
  • Queen Guinevere (side on)
  • Queen Guinevere sitting on her rightful throne beside husband Arthur
  • Fit for a Queen
  • Arthur wearing his circlet
  • Arthur wears his 'of age' circlet
  • Bayard wears his crown
  • One of Uther's many crowns
  • Uther is buried with his crown
  • Arthur's crown in silver
  • Lord Bayard
  • Queen Morgana on the Throne of Camelot
  • Arthur assumes his position as Camelot's rightful King
  • Lord Godwyn and King Uther
  • Morgana's headband
  • Gwen's crown seen from Arthur's POV
  • Guinevere, Queen of Camelot
  • Arthur and Guinevere Pendragon
  • Guinevere's headband
  • The Five Kings wearing their crowns


  • Arthur's crown as King has been said to resemble the crown for the logo to America's fast food chain, Burger King.
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