A Crest is a symbol of a kingdom or noble family. They are generally displayed in the corridors and halls of a castle and seen during ceremonies which generally take place in the Throne Room or the Dining Room.

  • The Rowan Tree: The symbol of Morgana and of the Old Religion
  • The Three Snakes: The crest of Knight Valiant
  • The Crest of Essetir
  • Bayard of Mercia's crest
  • The Crest of the House of de Bois (see the shield)
  • The Crest of Tregor
  • The Crest of Camelot and of the House of Pendragon
  • Crest of King Olaf's kingdom (see shield)
  • King Alined's crest
  • Crest of Odin's Kingdom
  • The Crest of the Saxons
  • Crest of Northumbia (see top of family tree)
  • Sir William of Deira
  • Ygraine's crest from Series 4 Episode 2 Deleted Scene
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