A Coronation is a ceremony where a person becomes a monarch. An offspring of a deceased ruler is often crowned the successor. A King who was once a Prince or a Lord, can succeed his father after his death. The same rules apply for a Princess or a Lady if there is no male heir. Another exception to a succession is if a king without a child but is married can pass the success to his widow or vice versa as seen in the case of Arthur Pendragon as he and his Queen, Guinevere do not have a child but after Arthur's death, Guinevere becomes sole ruler of Camelot.

Known CoronationsEdit

Monarch Reign of Episodes Status Coronation Video

Troll (Catrina)

Deceased and dethroned
Catrina Coronation

Catrina Coronation

Morgana Pendragon

2. The Coronation of Morgana in The Coming of Arthur
Morgana on throne
deceased and dethroned twice
Morgana's First Coronation

Morgana's First Coronation

Arthur Pendragon

Arthur crowned s04e03
Deceased and dethroned once
Merlin - Arthurs Coronation

Merlin - Arthurs Coronation

Guinevere Pendragon

Merlin - Gwen's Coronation Scene 4x13

Merlin - Gwen's Coronation Scene 4x13


  • Queen Catrina (troll) wearing the royal crown of the queen of Camelot
  • The Coronation of King Arthur
  • King Arthur crowns his wife Guinevere as his Queen
  • Queen Morgana and her sister the Lady Morgause
  • Prince Arthur at the coronation of his 'stepmother' Catrina (disguised as a troll)
  • Morgana after the coronation of her and Arthur's 'stepmother' Catrina
  • Morgana at Catrina's coronation


  • Guinevere is the first character without royal blood that has become a monarch, with total authority over Camelot since she married its king, Arthur.
  • Guinevere is the only Queen of Camelot to be coronated by the King of Camelot and not by Geoffrey of Monmouth. This may be because Guinevere was not born into a noble family. Perhaps, only a King can coronate a commoner, just as a King can bestow a Lordship or a Knighthood. Conversely, Arthur may have coronated Guinevere to show all of Camelot that their union was solid and to express to Guinevere his love for her.
  • Arthur is the only Prince shown to have been crowned King while the coronations before and after his have been women becoming Queen.
  • Camelot is the only Kingdom which have shown the coronations of its royal family.
  • Of all the coronations seen, Guinevere is the only monarch still alive as her husband is now deceased and her sister-in-law is also deceased.
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