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The Rules of the Wiki

By using this Wiki you agree to everything outlined below:

  • You are over the age of 13. This rule applies to every Wiki.
  • You will not in any way attempt to hinder the work on the Wiki, or discriminate against any user in any way.
  • When editing, you will always follow Wiki convention and our own specific conventions.
  • When using blog posts, article commenting, or forums, ALL OPINIONS MUST BE RESPECTED. If you feel it's offensive against you, you are free to prompt an admin and they will then commend the person who is offending you to apologise. Attempts to contain someone's humble opinion may result in sanctions by administrators.
  • Your safety from using this Wiki is your own responsibility- be careful who you give personal details out to and report and ignore any user who isn't following the rules.
  • Acknowledge the democratic values this Wiki holds- we in no way think any user is more superior to another. With that being said, you must still adhere to additional policies set out by administrators of the Wiki. Administrators are trusted users with the most experience and power on this Wiki.

What we accept

  • You are allowed to contribute to the Wiki anonymously (without signing in) but we would strongly prefer you create a Wikia account, if you really want to stand out and be known on the Wiki. We are quick to pick up excellent work so you will be appreciated. Registered users get the full experience. Click here to see the benefits.
  • You- yes, you! Be yourself on here, be honest and you will be loved for that! Try to involve yourself in blog wall discussions, say hi, try and get to know everyone, give constructive criticism, make some friends... it will be a worthwhile experience if you're a Merlin fan!
  • It's not about glory here- if you try to edit just for the points you will find little appreciation. Edit for the love.
  • Uncluttered pages- be cautious about where you place images in pages. Stick to page convention. If you're unsure, look at other pages. Be relevant and to the point. Does it look good or does it stick out like a sore thumb?
  • Images of the highest resolution possible. All images will be expanded when you click them so don't make the thumbnails mega, but no one likes blurry, pixellated images taking up their screen.
  • Do not plagiarise or take credit for other people's work. This is a bad offence which can cause a lot of trouble. When uploading images to Fan Art, credit the user, in the caption or as the filename of the image.

Category Rules (What makes a good category!)

  • A category that consists of NO MORE than three words!
  • A non-narrative form. It must contain no narrative-like characteristics. A serious example is something like "Enjoyed the coronation of Gwen"
  • A category that is not too similar to another category. E.g. "Sorcerer" and "Practitioner of Magic" is the same thing!
  • A category that contains more than five pages. Any less makes the category irrelevant- it won't link to many pages therefore will hardly be seen.

Infobox Image Rules

  • The image size must be 250px or close. Make sure the image is of good quality and slots into the infobox nicely. Always use the "Preview" feature.
  • The image must not be watermarked.
  • The images must be professional stills, by the BBC. Merlin's keep is a good source of images we like in infoboxes.
  • Use the most recent possible image of the character.

Images for Article Illustration

  • All images added to illustrate articles must be of size 200px.
  • The images must follow a zigzag form(when one goes right, the next goes left).
  • No more than one image for each paragraph.
  • Description of the image must be provided.
  • They must be screencaps from the actual episode, and not fan arts (unless official).

Blog Policy

  • No blank blogs, with no content.
  • No blogs for advertising products.
  • No blogs with offensive behaviour (accusing users, cussing, insulting).
  • No spamming blogs (nonsensical sentences or words that are repeated over and over).

Block Policy

  • If you have a reason to have a user blocked, simply let one of the admins know, providing valid reasons to do so.
  • The reasons for blocking involve: Content removal, offensive behaviour towards other users, personal attacks, persistent vandalism, harassment, spamming, violating the wiki's rules and policies.

Chat Policy

  • Several actions are prohibited on the wiki's chat, and may result in you getting kicked from chat. Those are:
  • Sexual explicit linking. Violation of this rule will result in you getting kicked from chat and blocked from the wiki.
  • Offensive behaviour towards others. This includes racism, religious intolerance, xenophobia and homophobia.
  • Spamming (writing nonsense in a repetitive manner, filling the chat box and not letting users see what each other types).
  • Advertising.
  • If you have suffered something of the above by a user in the chatroom, simply take a screenshot and post it on an active admin's message wall.

Text Policy

  • For articles, use the In-Universe wording: For example, instead of "In the episode, Merlin was first seen horse riding after the last episode's event" prefer saying "After the aforementioned events, Merlin goes horse riding".
  • Choose the present tense for all sections, except from the History section, when it comes to all pages, except Actor pages. Another exception is characters that have died in the show.
  • Always reference your information at the end of each paragraph.
  • No speculations, only actual events.



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