Species information
Family Reptiles
Affiliation Nimueh (possibly)
Origin Forests of Balor
Appearances The Poisoned Chalice

A Cockatrice. It guards the forest. Its venom is potent. A single drop would mean certain death. Few who have crossed the Mountains of Isgaard in search of the Mortaeus flower have made it back alive.

Cockatrice are large, vicious, lizard-like creatures that are known to prowl the Forest of Balor.


Prince Arthur Pendragon faced and slayed a Cockatrice on his way to the Caves of Balor to "save" Nimueh during his search for the Mortaeus flower (The Poisoned Chalice).

It is unknown if Nimueh commanded the Cockatrice to attack Arthur, but this likely occurred since she was already acting as an ordinary girl, trying to kill Arthur.


A Cockatrice is a creature with the legs of a dragon and the head of a rooster. It is said that a Cockatrice's stare can turn people to stone and that a weasel is the only creature immune to its powers. It is also thought that a Cockatrice would die instantly if it heard a rooster crow, and according to legend, having a Cockatrice look itself in a mirror is one of the few sure-fire ways to kill it. The Cockatrice is also able to fly with the set of wings on its back and like the head of Medusa, the Cockatrice's powers of were thought still active after death.

The word Cockatrice comes from the word Cocatris, which means tracker.


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