- Tonight you'll be wearing the official ceremonial robes of the servants of Camelot."
- "You can't be serious.
Arthur and Merlin[src]

The Ceremonial Servant Robes, are robes that a servant would wear for an occasion in Camelot. Merlin wore these robes at a banquet for a treaty made with Mercia in the episode, The Poisoned Chalice, much to the amusement of Arthur.

In the beginning of the episode, Merlin complains about not being able to go to the celebration. When Arthur explained that he would be attending so that the prince's cup wouldn't go dry, Merlin was somewhat delighted until Arthur showed him what he would be wearing.

Merlin wearing The Ceremonial Servant Robes


The robes are red with gold trim around the collar. The hat has big red feathers and a few peacock feathers. No other servants are seen wearing these robes except Merlin.


  • Despite there being numerous other occasions other than the one in The Poisoned Chalice, neither Merlin nor any other servant has been sighted wearing those robes again, so it is possible that Arthur only wanted Merlin to wear them in order to embarrass him in front of the court.
  • The robes slightly resemble the jesters' and mages' outfits from classic fairy tales.
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