The following characters are or were good of heart, but have made an act that has breached the law of Camelot. This is usually the result of their own ideals or sense of what's right and the measures needed to fulfil this, conflicting with the set codes of Camelot. Many of these were made under Uther's reign, who didn't rely on instincts of what's right and wrong. Many of the acts made risked execution, for example Gaius and Geoffrey accessing forbidden records of The Great Purge, to discover Uther's assassin.

In the episode Lancelot, Arthur even told his father Uther that the code was wrong for not bending for Sir Lancelot.

Many of these characters have faced arrest, but some for the wrong reasons- Gaius was accused of practicing sorcery he had not practiced by the Witchfinder (The Witchfinder), and Guinevere was accused of enchanting Arthur in a plot by Morgana. (Queen of Hearts)

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