Location: Albion
Type: Kingdom
Appearances: His Father's Son
Arthur's Bane: Part One [1]

For the article on the king of Caerleon, see King Caerleon.

Caerleon is a powerful kingdom that is ruled by Queen Annis. It had formerly been ruled by her husband Caerleon until he was executed by Arthur Pendragon (His Father's Son).


Sometime before Arthur's birth, Caerleon's father and Uther had a peace contract which probably was broken after the death of Caerleon's father when the Battle of Denaria took place. It is unknown which side started the war. Camelot - led by Uther - defeated Caerleon, but King Caerleon fled to the Castle of Fyrien. Uther eventually tracked him down (The Castle of Fyrien).

The kingdom of Caerleon was first mentioned by Gwaine who said that his father was once a Knight of Caerleon and died fighting for his country (Gwaine).

When King Caerleon was executed by Arthur for trespassing, his wife, Queen Annis, built an army to attack Camelot to avenge her husband. Arthur negotiated with Annis, resulting with the battle being called off and replaced with a one on one duel between himself and Derían. With the help of Morgana and Agravaine, Queen Annis enchanted Arthur's sword so that it bore the weight of a thousand ages. Assisted by Merlin, Arthur defeated Derían, saving many lives. Queen Annis then made a peace treaty between Caerleon and Camelot. She ignored Morgana's arguments and threats, stating that Morgana was much more like Uther than Gorlois, which highly offended Morgana (His Father's Son).



Caerleon[2] is a town located in the country of Wales. It is possible the same location that features in Arthurian mythology.

Interestingly, Caerleon's soldiers dress like Celtic warriors, while most kingdoms soldiers dress like early medieval knights. This might be a reference to the real Caerleon being in Wales.


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