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You're a very angry man, I can see that. Must be hard being so ugly. Children crying, women screaming.
Gwaine to Bolg[src]

Bolg was one of the warriors of Helios and Morgana, who participated in the capture of Camelot. Later, he fought with Gwaine, who wanted to get food for his friends, for the sake of the entertainment of other warriors.


At some point, Bolg joined to the Southrons and, along with other soldiers, participated in the planned Morgana and Helios attack and capture of Camelot and was present when Morgana again declares herself queen.

Bolg before the fight with Gwaine

Later, when Gwaine demanded food for himself, Elyan and Gaius, Morgana forced him to fight for food, and Bolg volunteered for this fight with Gwaine. Probably, he wanted to assert himself in the eyes of Morgana and others, or simply wanted fame. Whatever it was, he furiously entered the fight, and Gwaine began to tease him, making him even more angry. Eventually, after a long battle, Bolg was disarmed and killed by Gwaine from his own weapon.


Little is known about the personality of Bolg. However, as was it is seen, he was aggressive and ruthless in battle. He was also very quick-tempered and when Gwaine began to mock him, he became even more angry and began to fight even more remorselessly and cruelly.


Being a warrior of the army of Helios, Bolg had some fighting skills, however, unlike most of the warriors, his main weapon was a mace and not a sword. During the fight with Gwaine, he held a mace and a pickaxe in both hands and simultaneously fought them, although Gwaine could not win. Nevertheless, at some point in the duel he managed to disarm him.

In addition to his fighting skills, Bolg had a big physical strength and was able to kick Gwaine so much that he flew away from him a few meters and fell directly on the Southrons which watching the fray.


  • His name and personality can be a reference to the orc Bolg from the J. R. R. Tolkien book The Hobbit.
  • Gwaine save Eira.jpg
    It's interesting, during the first meeting between Gwaine and Eira in the series The Diamond of the Day, he rescued her from the saxon, which looked just like Bolg. However, it is unlikely this the same Bolg, since he could not to survive the blow of the mace on the head.


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