• Kayla05w

    I miss Merlin, it was such a great show that should not have ended the way it did. Yes, I know that King Arthur was going to die but why in such a way that left us hanging?

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  • Dulcietorrans

    "History is written by the victor". A true, well known saying thrown into our daily vocabulary. But male victories tower alarmingly over the women's, who are often believed to be too careful and 'flowery' to partake in politics. They are blamed for becoming stronger under their rule - "perhaps it was an undiagnosed character flaw, but more likely it was Matilda becoming .... a king".

    The "She-Wolves of England" portrays the true stories of these incredible women - sharing their stories beyond the marriages and offspring that associated them with power, and often royalty.

    An interesting watch that keeps the watcher asking question after question, seeking answers and finding them through a mixture of dramatic re-enactments and the thrilling st…

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  • Ellyby

    After watching all chapters of the series and reading all reviews, in my opinion I do think Merlin and Arthur both fulfilled their destinies.

    The producers did an amazing job showing their destinies and producing a good closure of all 5 seasons.

    Here is how I understood the ending and the destinies of both Merlin and Arthur.

    Throughout the whole series since the beginning, we heard of the wonderful unified lands of Albion and that magic will finally be allowed and respected. What we didn't realize, it actually has all been done and fulfilled.

    Since the start of the series we started to imagine a world of King Arthur with Merlin besides him not hiding his magic and the use of magic in the good way throughout the unified kingdom.

    The fact Arthur …

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  • ILoveGweinandMerlin

    Can you, please, bring the show back? I miss it. It was an amazing show. I still can believe you stopped recording it! So sad!

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  • Norbert z Czarnolasu

    Admins come back, please :(

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  • Emrys2003
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  • Starseekerica

    Hi guys, I am new here, and I thought this would be a nice place for people to analyze and review their feelings on their OTPS and ships on this show. Like how do you feel about Arwen, (Arthur and Gwen) Merthur (Merlin and Arthur) Perwaine (Percival and Gwaine) Mergana (Merlin and Morgana) Mreya (Merlin and Freya) Gwencelot (Gwen and Lancelot) Morgwen (Morgana and Gwen) Morgwaine (Morgana and Gwaine) ArMor (Arthur and Morgana) Gaius and Alice, Uther and Ygraine, Uther and Vivienne, Vivienne and Gorlois, Morgred (Morgues and Cenred) etc. There is a lot to discuss show lets get started. I am ok with all ships, and I expect the same level of decorum to be adhered to by everyone here. If you have an unpopular ship I would love to hear about it…

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  • Emrys321

    My fellow wiki users, I believe that Morgana loved Merlin for most of the series, I have no shame admitting I am a Mergana shipper, but I have evidence, and to be honest I believe the writes squandered a great romance possibility

    Series 1 I believe that Morgana loved and probably still loved Merlin for most of the entire series, and this started around episode 8. Previously she probably just fancied him as a friend from afar, jealous that Gwen had someone so willing to fight for her as Merlin did in 01x03. “She is a lucky woman.” and telling Arthur that she couldn't imagine any person loving her so much. She was grateful that someone cared as much about her only friend as much as she did. It’s obvious she knew the power she possessed with …

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  • Asnow89
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  • 1234Action

    I'm back

    November 11, 2015 by 1234Action

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  • Valek123

    Bring Back MERLIN !

    November 8, 2015 by Valek123

    Hello Merlin Fans, please support me, if you want season 6 :

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  • Merlinarthur

    Can't believe it has been 7 years since the best show in the universe first premiered! 

    It has been an honour becoming part of this fandom and I have so many good memories both from the show and fun times on Merlin Wiki.

    Kilgharrah said it best when he said that 'the story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men!'

    1. longliveMerlin
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  • ImperiexSeed

    Request for adminship

    August 30, 2015 by ImperiexSeed

    Hey guys,

    I am asking in this blog to become an admin here. I have a pretty good handle on how to use admin abilities on wikis, I have quite a sharp eidetic memory on everything Merlin (so, if you have any questions about it, I'm your guy), and I love the show.

    So yeah, I would very much appreciate your thoughts on what you all think of me being an admin.

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  • Longlivemerthur

    Merlin Insults

    July 30, 2015 by Longlivemerthur

    Hi! I'm currently writing a Merlin fanfic and I'm having a difficult time finding insults/slang that Merlin and Arthur can call each other. I have just a handful that are used the most throughout the show, but it would be super helpful if anyone could provide me with more.



    p.s. this is also my first time using this site, so sorry if I mucked anything up in this post somehow...

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  • Sir Dagonet the jester

    I was thinking what fugures in Arthurian lore would have made intriguing characters in the show and I came up with the following ideas:

    Sir Dinadan - the most carefree, the most rational and merry knight. He has very practical views concerning courtly love and is universally loved in Camelot.

    Sir Dagonet - Arthur's fool. He is a comedic character who is made a knight as a jest, The intriguing thing about Dagonet is that he accepts what he is and doesn't try to be something different.

    The Green knight/Bertilak - one of the most cerebral and mysterious characters. You can watch the short animated film "Sir Gawain and the Green knight" on Youtube. The poem is very difficult to read.

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  • Emrys321

    For the user fimber

    May 20, 2015 by Emrys321

    Fellow wiki user Fimber I wish to contact you again as I would like you to unblock these two IP addresses which are the following ones and the expiry date of there blocks that you have imposed on me

    THE ACCOUNTS ARE AS FOLLOW ◾09:40, May 9, 2015 Fimber (wall | contribs) blocked (wall) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Abusing multiple accounts)

    ◾09:08, May 7, 2015 Fimber (wall | contribs) blocked (wall) with an expiry time of 3 years (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Ignoring admin ruling)

    I respect your reasons for the blocks and apologies for going against your authority but I assure you that my actions were not intended to cause harm and a…

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  • Emrys321

    I wish to contact my fellow wiki users with a friendly debate that Morgana loved merlin during season 1 and 2 of the series and his betrayal led to her descent to evil.

    Below are the links and I would like my fellow users to give me their viewpoint regarding it

    Message me back with what you think of it as soon as possible please

    Thank you

    The links Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    Kind regards …

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  • Emrys321

    For user Fimber

    May 12, 2015 by Emrys321

    I wish to contact you as you have blocked two IP address because of multiple abuse of accounts, the man is lurker in the shadows and was me, I am sorry for offending the wiki, and assure you that if you remove the blocked IP address I will ensure that YOU WILL have NO SUCH PROBLEM AGAIN YOU HAVE MY WORD.

    THE ACCOUNTS ARE AS FOLLOWS ◾09:40, May 9, 2015 Fimber (wall | contribs) blocked (wall) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Abusing multiple accounts)

    ◾09:08, May 7, 2015 Fimber (wall | contribs) blocked (wall) with an expiry time of 3 years (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Ignoring admin ruling)


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  • Sir Dagonet the jester

    The user Machairodus suggested that "The Last Dragonlord" takes place inside the main character's head. So I thought that the episode should be re-shot for this to work, using characteristics of german expressionist cinema. Expressionism is defined by the protagonist's perception overwritting the objective reality in the sense that everything is distorted from the point of view of the troubled male and anxious hero. One of the earliest films that defined the current was "The cabinet of doctor Caligari" in which the main story is actually the fantasy of   a madman. One of the last and greatest expressionist movies is "Shadows: a night hallucination" which is self-explanatory. In "The cabinet" the buildings are unnaturaly distorted. And the …

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  • Sir Dagonet the jester

    "Dark is my heart. The greatest of all secrets.". These words were spoken by Deathshead from Wolfenstein: The New Order. He is a nazi mad scientist and as far as villains go, you can't get more campy and ridiculous. Yet, Deathshead is one of the more nueanced nazi antagonists in recent years which is odd, considering Morgana, who had the makings of a wholesome three-dimensional character and became a typical baddie.

    Dark is her heart and the greatest secret is how she fell from grace. We had a mastervul beginning with season 2 and yet with season 3, we had a cunning, egotistical, murderous witch, who had almost nothing in common with the corageous, rebellious and compassionate gal before. We deserved an explanation. The time jump here, more…

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  • Sir Dagonet the jester

    I was thinking of the best one-off villains in the show. My list won't include Alvarr because I think he was meant for one more appearance at least. Absent will be also Ruadan becuse he appeared in two epsidoes.

    4. Myror - he was a skillful and cold character. Just as an assassin should be. He had this cool/swagg aura. He could be charming, when he needed to be and was inventive and smart. A great foil for Merlin as far as non-magical adversaries go.

    3.The Witchfinder - he had a plethora of wicked qualities - ruthless, egotistical, deceptive and arrogant. He had a striking. if anahcronistic look to him and was very good at his job, which was, surprisingly, finding witches and warlocks.

    2. The Gleeman - another very skilled assassin who tried …

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  • Asnow89
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  • MerlinNimueh

    Merlin trilogy

    January 25, 2015 by MerlinNimueh

    There will be a Merlin trilogy? Does someone if the producers thought about this?

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  • Gwen2626

    Is anyone still around?

    January 16, 2015 by Gwen2626

    I keep coming on, but get really upset seeing that almost no one comes on actively any more. I'm watching "With all my heart" right now, and I remembered when this wiki was bursting with life. Where are my Merlinian friends?


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  • Ilaria rapinesi


    November 29, 2014 by Ilaria rapinesi



    NATA 1995   VITERBO 







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  • Valerio Mariani

    I've always been curious to know how old are the members of "The Quartet" (id est Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen). I read many posts and comments on the wiki, but I want to show you my calculation.

    From the oldest to the youngest:

    Morgana should be the oldest of the four, because Katie McGrath confirmed in an interview that Morgana is the oldest of "The Quartet". I assumed she is little less than 2 years younger than him. She should be 22-23 in Series 1 and 30 when she dies!

    Gwen is younger than Morgana and I think she is slightly older than Arthur, I think she is 21-22 in Series 1. So she is 29 when she is crowned queen of Camelot.

    Arthur should be younger than Morgana. His actual age is easy to calculate, because the Great Purge ended 20 ye…

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  • Fangirl2375


    November 10, 2014 by Fangirl2375



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  • GianG

    Merlin characters ages

    November 2, 2014 by GianG

    How old are the characters according to you??

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  • Gwen2626

    Is anyone alive?

    October 26, 2014 by Gwen2626

    I miss the world. where are my Merlinian buddies.

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  • Gwen2626


    August 24, 2014 by Gwen2626

    Whoever checks this wiki at least once a week, leave a comment that says "one a week"

    Whoever has been a member of this wiki for 5 months, leave a comment that says " five months"

    If you will continue being a part of this wiki STINKING LET ME KNOW!!!!! I FELL LEFT OUT AND ALONE :( WHERE ARE THE MERLINIANS!!!!

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  • Arata Shijima


    August 17, 2014 by Arata Shijima

    I joined this Wikia today! I wish someone could show me the ropes around here, and talk to me if you're bored! We can meet up in many sorts of ways!

    I'll be checking the spelling and preventing vandals from ever coming here. You can check out my profile to know what vandals are and what they do.

    I'll see you guys!


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  • NimuehLives31

    A little about me

    August 12, 2014 by NimuehLives31

    To all who might be reading this, hello.  My name, age and location hold no importance in any of your lives, so I shall not list them here.  I ask that you respect this, and do not ask me to reveal any of these things.  Should you choose to do so, I hope you will not be offended by any lack of response.  What I can tell you is a bit about my personality, as it can be described in brief, and anyone with questions not pertaining to any of the subjects above listed would be welcome to ask.  But I digress.  I joined this site because I have fallen hopelessly in love with the show Merlin.  Having finished all of the episodes, I am now in the process of getting over my severe post-merlin depression.  I am failing at that, and so I arrived here, …

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  • Gwen2626

    Out of all the wikis I joined, this one is my favorite, it has friendly users, comments, lots of pages, very informative and a lot more.

    I love Merlin, and always will have a very special place in my heart. I'll stay on this wiki, even if no one else does, because Merlin is the best!

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  • MerthurFan

    So,I literally just got connected to this five minutes ago.

    This place literally looks like a ghost town but that's probably due to the fact that everyone knows that the whole thing over although my brain tries to convince me otherwise. BUT I still see MANY new fanfictions being made everyday and updated.

    On the site if you haven't heard of it I suggest you go and read some stuff on there.Most of them are pretty decent.

    Anyway why should this go blank if that isn't. Is it because there is nothing new to say?

    I think there are multiple things to think about and probably share. Also makes me sad when I see that Merlin has been dying on YouTube. Excuse me guys if anyone reads this and gets offended. But really if I had th…

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  • LukeHeartfillia


    July 12, 2014 by LukeHeartfillia

    Hello, I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge Merlin fan myself and I was wondering if there is a Merlin Fanon/Merlin RP wikia somewhere, 'couse I want to make a char :) LukeHeartfillia (talk) 13:29, July 12, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Asnow89
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  • Akira Emiya

    Merlin Reunion 2015

    June 30, 2014 by Akira Emiya

    I was so happy to see the magic of Merlin was still alive after all this time, when I finally discovered a 2014 article on the series:

    The idea of a Merlin revival made my pulse jump, I was overjoyed, UNTIL the article got updated today on the 30th June and its been ruled the news is probably false, and with that what little hope I had left for a satisfying ending to Merlin has been eroded to further despair.

    I'll miss this show so much...

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  • Gwen2626

    Favorite quotes

    June 25, 2014 by Gwen2626

    I've been meaning to bring this up. My favorites are "FOR THE LOVE OF CAMELOT! You know I never do as I'm told"

    And more that aren't coming to me

    Please reply!

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  • Akira Emiya

    So if only the cast had said Yes to a Series 6... I remember this wiki was once buzzing with activity, after all it did reach over 1000 articles which is very impressive, yet with the conclusion of Series 5 the fandom seems to have gone with it.

    What is the future of Merlin Wiki if the series has been over for 2 years, a sixth series will never happen and I wouldn't hold my breath for a spin-off at this stage either.

    Merlin is essentially over... I'm sad about this of course, as I loved this show...the finale was heartbreaking...yet the most memorable episode in the series.

    We know Arthur does come back eventually, just off-screen and we'll never see it or know much about its context. 

    What I'm trying to say is, this wiki is slowing …

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    Since the show ended I've been popping in and out of the wiki, so I just wanted to announce that I will be permanently leaving Merlin Wiki. This post will be my 24669th and final edit.

    It's been a nice 3 years since I joined, I hope there is a spin-off so this site can come back to the life as 2012 illustrated. This is a really awesome site, while its glory days may be over it still remains a good resource for all information and discussions regarding Merlin.

    While I have many regrets about how the show ended, I have no regrets regarding any of my contribution to Merlin Wiki.

    So I just wanted to thank the likes of Daniel, Gerda, Chris (Yiannis?), Lihini, Qayyum, Zac, Fimber, ReganX, Lucy, Emily Windsnap, MrThermomanPreacher, Rod, Kellyanne and…

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  • Ozymandias v

    This was my long, rambling response to a forum post , before I decided to edit that down to provide an actual answer to the question being discussed. However, I thought I’d stick this up here since it’s a nice summary of my experience with Merlin. I would be happy to hear from any readers about how you discovered/became obsessed with the show as well (or why it never became an obsession for you...maybe you have some pointers I could benefit from!)

    I only just discovered Merlin in January of this year and as a result, experienced the characters' 10-year journey in a matter of months. There's something very powerful about that, I think. My obsession was a bit of a slow burn, however, as I was only mildly interested in the show at first, didn'…

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  • EstherBernstein

    Hi! I'm a PhD student studying medieval literature, and I'm trying to get to the University of Exeter's summer program for a course on Arthurian legend.

    Check out the Indiegogo page here:

    And my blog here:

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  • Akira Emiya

    The Smile of Mordred

    March 16, 2014 by Akira Emiya

    In that memorable moment during Arthur's final battle, when he is fatally wounded by Mordred but manages to pull enough strength to kill Mordred, who dies almost instantly but in the last few seconds he smiles.

    What is your interpretation of that smile, what did it mean?

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  • Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

    I've heard news from Facebook that user J8in aka Jad has been killed in a car accident.

    This is horrible news and I regret to be the informer.

    Please post condolences below.

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  • Morgana High Priestess

    She is probably the best choice for this title although she wasn`t that powerful. We all know that the Triple Goddess is made up of the Maiden Huntress, the Mother Goddess and the Death Crone. 

    To me, Morgana fits every single personality for obvious reasons.

    She has the same reasons for being the Triple Goddess as her sister, I can`t choose between 


    What do you think...could have been  one of them the famous mysterious Triple Goddess, the most powerful sorceress in the Old Religion? I have always wondered this!

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  • Ksrouse94

    Power isn't even a question

    December 13, 2013 by Ksrouse94

    So, in a fight who’d win: Morgana or Merlin? Clearly, Merlin wins at the end of the series, but he just stabbed her with a dragon’s sword and avoided magic altogether. But in all seriousness, which is the more powerful wizard? The canon doesn’t really help answer the question. Sometimes it’s Morgana, and sometimes it’s Merlin. But the overall award for consistency in power definitely goes to Merlin.

    Let’s start with Morgana. She’s a High Priestess of the Old Religion, who supposedly can’t be killed by a mortal blade. However, throughout the seasons, she gets hurt in some of the most mundane ways and looks death in the face. First, in the episode The Crystal Cave, she almost dies from a head injury until Merlin saves her. It doesn’t make much …

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  • Fimber

    Don't take this seriously, it's just me trying to find far-fetched and silly reasons that would explain why things were as they were on "Merlin".

    It can slightly be related to the What if-questions we have been discussing on the forum, although these here have a different meaning ;-)

    Alright, I need to get some things explained and I'd like some valid reasons regarding some storylines and characters, starting with characters that behaved strangely and without a proper background-story. So Agravaine, for example.

    Question: why and in what way did he love Morgana so much and why did he hate Uther and Arthur?

    Answer: he was Gorlois!

    Yes, Gorlois, Uther's former best friend. But not Gorlois as he used to be but maybe a ghost in disguise, maybe even …

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  • Reaper47

    Hey guys,

    As I'm sure most of you, I too adore the story of the Druids of Albion -and in particular-, the Druid Boy, Mordred. 

    I am in the middle of making a Fanfic Crossover of Merlin and Harry Potter. But don't get me wrong, I am no fan of Harry Potter, but I find the fast-travel (aka when they appear in black balls of smoke) of the Death Eaters pretty good to mix in with Merlin. 

    But anyways, back on Topic; I am in need to find the scene of The Beggining of The End, where Mordred first arrives in Camelot with his Master. I need to use that particular scene to add on to my Crossover (not very much of Harry Potter will be used in the fan fic, as it is set in a completely different time). 

    I need to find the Beginning of The End Camelot scene i…

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  • 123Action

    A Year

    October 3, 2013 by 123Action

    Hi Everyone

    This time last year the wiki was full of speculation and theories as we waited somewhat impatiently for the new series.

    Well we all know how series 5 turned out... and there no point trying to petition for a redo as I truly doubt that a year on they would even consider re-doing the series.

    Anyway now a year on we have, Atlantis.

    Personally I think Atlantis is quite a decent show. While it might not have had the same character depth and actors  as Merlin and didn't quite take me into the world of Atlantis  as much as The Dragons call took me into the world of Camelot and Albion it had a good storyline with a lot of potential particularly if the show becomes more darker. I enjoyed Mark Addy as Hercules, he was like a funnier version …

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  • Merlinarthur


    September 25, 2013 by Merlinarthur

    Just a reminder to everyone Atlantis, the new show by the Merlin producers, starts this Saturday evening!!!

    Yay! Can't Wait! 

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