Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: N/A
Affiliation: Annis (peasant)
Uther Pendragon
Enemies: Aredian
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Katie Foster-Barnes
List of Appearances: The Witchfinder
Beatrice was one of three of Aredian's witnesses, used to convict the act of sorcery in Camelot. Beatrice appeared in The Witchfinder.

As a witnessEdit

Beatrice spoke first out of the three girls. She appeared the least confident and most teary of the trio. Aredian paused to talk to Uther after the first two girls spoke, but there was no pause between Beatrice and the girl who spoke right after her.

She said: "I was drawing water from the well, sire, when I saw them, faces, in the water sire, terrible faces, like, people who were drowned. Screaming. Screaming..."

All of Aredian's witnesses were truthful about what they saw, but what they saw was in fact a hallucination, a product of Belladonna petals, which were planted in eye drops given to them by a chemist who was threatened with death by Aredian if he didn't comply. The witnesses later found out they were seeing hallucinations and not sorcery, and assisted in Merlin and Gwen's case against Aredian to prove they were given what induced hallucinations by the chemist.


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