Also Known As: Lord Bayard
Bayard of Mercia
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Family: none
Affiliation: Mercia
Enemies: Nimueh
Uther Pendragon (formerly)
Camelot (formerly)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Clive Russell
List of Appearances: The Poisoned Chalice
People of Camelot, for a great many years we have been mortal enemies, and the blood of our men stains the ground from the walls of Camelot to the gates of Mercia. And though we remember those who have died, we must not allow any more to join them.
Lord Bayard is the king of Mercia in the country of Albion.


He warred with King Uther Pendragon for a long time before agreeing to a peace treaty, but his effort was temporarily stymied when he was framed by the sorceress Nimueh for the attempted assassination of Arthur Pendragon.
Camelot - Mercia Peace Treaty

Camelot - Mercia Peace Treaty

Uther welcomes Bayard in Camelot

Bayard was therefore imprisoned for "poisoning" the prince. Bayard's forces were poised to attack Camelot for his imprisonment, but the truth was discovered by Gaius and Gwen in time to prevent war and Bayard was released. After Uther discovered Bayard was innocent, peace was reestablished between Camelot and Mercia (The Poisoned Chalice).

When Bayard heard of Uther's marriage to Lady Catrina, he planned on honoring it by paying a personal visit to Camelot (Beauty and the Beast).

Agravaine told Arthur that his victory against Caerleon was not enough to deter the likes of Odin and Bayard and the countless others who covet Camelot's wealth, suggesting that he should force Caerleon to accept a treaty on his terms (His Father's Son).


Little is known of Bayard's personality but he seemed to be a man of his word since he hasn't done anything to subvert the peace treaty between Camelot and Mercia. Bayard seemed to be a king who greatly respected his allies and utterly detested his enemies.


Like his personality, little is known about his abilities. It is assumed that, as a king, he was trained for combat with a sword. Bayard kept his sword close while visiting in Camelot for peace negotiations and he was quick to wield it once he was accused of attempting to poison Arthur Pendragon. (The Poisoned Chalice)


Series 1
The Poisoned Chalice
Series 2
Beauty and the Beast: Part Two (Mentioned only)
Series 4
His Father's Son (Mentioned only)


  • "Bayard" is also the name for a legendary horse.
  • Bayard was mentioned again in the Series 4 episode, His Father's Son by Agravaine, who said he "covets Camelot's wealth", suggesting that, despite being allies, Bayard would still take the chance to attack Camelot, if he would find it weakened.
    Bayard's coat of arms

    Bayard's coat of arms.


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