The Battle for the Crystal of Neahtid
Battle Crystal
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Place: Alvarr's Camp
Outcome: * Arthur Pendragon and his men success in defeating Alvarr and his bandit.
*Arthur Pendragon successfully recovers the Crystal of Neahtid
Camelot Alvarr's Bandits
Arthur Pendragon Alvarr
Knights of Camelot


*Alvarr's Bandits
Partial of the Knights All of the Bandits, with the exception of Mordred and Alvarr.
You're a fool. How many lives have been lost this day? And for what?
Alvarr to Arthur
The Battle for the Crystal of Neahtid consisted after Morgana stole the Crystal of Neahtid for the bandit Alvarr, so he could have Mordred wield the crystal and strike Uther Pendragon down. Once Alvarr received the crystal, word was sent to Camelot of the crystal's current location. Soon after that Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of Camelot arrived at Alvarr's camp to take back the crystal. In the battle that ensued, most bandits were slaughtered and many knights as well. Mordred fled the battle, while Alvarr was captured. After Merlin had seen a terrible vision in the crystal, Arthur took the Crystal of Neahtid back to Camelot (The Witch's Quickening).

Victory: Arthur and the Knights of Camelot

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