Species information
Family Feline
Origin Magic
Appearances The Lady of the Lake
Known Individuals Freya

The writers of old called this creature a Bastet. A monster of nightmare that inhabits the twilight world between the living and the dead.
Gaius to Merlin[src]

A Bastet was a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings. They were said to inhabit the twilight world between the living and the dead.

The CurseEdit


Freya waits for the curse to take effect.

It was possible for a person to become a Bastet as the result of a curse. The unfortunate victim would be forced to transform at the stroke of midnight and would be subject to an insatiable and uncontrollable desire to kill. The Druid girl Freya was one such victim. At some point in her life she accidentally killed a man in self defense. When the man's mother (a sorceress) found out what she'd done, she placed a curse on Freya forcing her to kill forevermore.

Driven by the Bastet's instinct to hunt, Freya was unable to control herself in its form and killed many people, including several in Camelot. She did, however, manage to resist attacking her lover - a young warlock named Merlin - while in her Bastet form, though whether her love for him allowed her to resist the curse or she had merely met her kill quota for the night (having killed the bounty hunter Halig shortly beforehand) is unknown.

As a Bastet, Freya appeared to possess great strength as well as the ability to fly. She was, however, still capable of being wounded, and those wounds were transferred to her human form when the curse wore off (The Lady of the Lake).


Series 2
The Lady of the Lake

Egyptian MythologyEdit

Bastet satute

Egyptian Bastet

Bastet (also known as Bast, B'sst, Baast, Ubaste, and Basset) was an Egyptian goddess of the sun worshipped as early as the Second Dynasty. She was primarily worshipped in Bubastis in Lower Egypt, where she was depicted as a warrior lioness or a woman with the head of a lioness, a role shared with other deities such as the goddess Sekhmet. The two were eventually characterized as two different aspects of the same goddess, with Sekhmet representing the dangerous side of her personality and Bastet (now commonly portrayed as a cat or cat-headed woman rather than a lioness) representing the benign.

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An illustration of a Bastet

An illustration of a Bastet


  • In the book trilogy 'The Kane Chronicles' the Kane children's guardian is the cat goddess known as Bast.
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