The bandits march through the forest

Bandits are various groups of criminals compassing Albion. Bandits have gotten involved with Merlin's adventures on several occasions.


The exiled Sidhe, Aulfric and Sophia were attacked by Terence and bandits but they were gracefully saved by Merlin and Arthur (The Gates of Avalon).

A group of bandits led by Kanen waged a reign of terror against the village of Ealdor. His forces raided the town for provisions, but Matthew held back rations. Kanen gave the villagers one week to make up the difference and returned a week later to discover that Matthew had hidden provisions in an underground cellar; he attacked and nearly killed Matthew before Merlin, Guinevere, Morgana and Arthur arrived. Kanen's band left, and Kanen killed Matthew the next day; a day later, Kanen returned with more brigands and launched the battle of Ealdor. Kanen's forces were defeated and he was later killed by Arthur in the battle's final moments (The Moment of Truth).

In Merlin's rant at Gaius about his daily routine since arriving in Camelot, Merlin mentioned fighting bandits (The Once and Future Queen).

Hengist was a ruthless bandit leader who was based on the Mercian border. He ruled over many deadly henchmen and kept a pair of lethal Wilddeoren as pets to dispose of unwanted guests. Hengist was in charge of the capture of Guinevere who he mistakenly believed was Morgana. When Guinevere tried to escape with the help of Lancelot, she was recaptured and she and Lancelot were sentenced to death. Fortunately Merlin and Arthur arrived in time to rescue them. Hengist fought in the Wilddeoren's cage to kill Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere, but Merlin locked him in the cage and he was devoured by a Wilddeoren (Lancelot and Guinevere).

Bandits 2

About to attack

The druid boy, Mordred, sided with a group of bandits led by the Sorcerer, Alvarr (The Witch's Quickening).

In Uther's one year search for Morgana, the Knights of Camelot engaged bandits on many occasions, resulting in many deaths. Morgana was finally found in a bandit camp, she was retrieved after Merlin and Arthur defeated the bandits (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).

Merlin and Arthur were chased through a forest by a gang of armed bandits. They enter the supposedly cursed Valley of the Fallen Kings to escape them, Arthur was hit in the back by a bandit's arrow and collapses, forcing Merlin to hide with his unconscious body while the bandits rode past. Arthur was eventually healed by Taliesin (The Crystal Cave).

While on his way to the Fisher King's kingdom, Arthur was attacked by a pair of bandits and fought them off with much less energy and skill than he usually did, due to the Phoenix Eye draining his lifeforce (The Eye of the Phoenix).

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