Very Good...but he won't be the last. I'll let his friends finish you off!
Nimueh to Arthur[src]

Balorian Spiders are massive arachnids that live in the Caves of Balor beneath the Forest of Balor.


Prince Arthur Pendragon slew one such spider before escaping a horde of them in his attempt to procure the leaves of the Mortaeus flower to save Merlin from dying from its deadly petal. The spiders were said to be deadly by Nimueh, who left Arthur hanging unto a ledge for the creatures to finish off. After he slew the first one, hundreds more came after him, and would have killed him if not for the guiding light sent by Merlin in his subconsciousness (The Poisoned Chalice).

The spider on the move


It can be presumed that these creatures prefer dry and dark places to live in and are sensitive to every sound. They hate daylight and did not follow Arthur after he reached the surface of the cave. They can also climb relatively fast.

Illustration of the Balorian spider

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Series 1
The Poisoned Chalice
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The Dragon's Call: Mary Collins † • Lady Helen (indirect) †
Valiant: Valiant † • DevlinSerpent Shield
The Mark of Nimueh: Nimueh † • Afanc
The Poisoned Chalice: Nimueh † • Balorian SpidersCockatrice
Lancelot: Griffin
A Remedy to Cure All Ills: Edwin Muirden † • Elanthia Beetles
The Gates of Avalon: Sophia † • Aulfric † • Sidhe elder
The Beginning of the End: Uther Pendragon
Excalibur: Nimueh † • Tristan de Bois
The Moment of Truth: Kanen
The Labyrinth of Gedref: Arthur Pendragon (indirect) †
To Kill the King: TaurenMorgana † • Uther Pendragon
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