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Your punishment for killing another Sidhe is a mortal body and a mortal life. You will never be able to return to Avalon.
The Sidhe Elder to Aulfric[src]

Aulfric was a Sidhe who was banished to the human world for killing another Sidhe.


When Aulfric kills another Sidhe prior to coming to Camelot for reasons unknown, he is banished from Avalon, the land of eternal youth along with his daughter, Sophia. He is given a mortal body, but is allowed to keep possession of his magical powers (The Gates of Avalon).

Aulfric wishes to allow Sophia access to return to Avalon and convinces her to enchant Arthur Pendragon so that they might sacrifice him to the sidhe, who require the soul of a mortal prince. When the ceremony begins, Aulfric reveals to Sophia that he will not be going with her as he is doomed to remain mortal for his crime. Merlin turns up at the last minute and saves Arthur by attacking and killing both Aulfric and Sophia with Sophia's staff. Aulfric's staff is destroyed along with him, and Merlin keeps Sophia's staff afterwards (The Gates of Avalon).


Aulfric had a hot temper and was very selfish, not caring for anyone but himself and his daughter. He carried a soft spot for Sophia and valued her life more than his own, and went through the entire ritual of enchanting Arthur and was willing to sacrifice him so that his daughter could return to Avalon. He was also quite clever and cunning, and used Terence and his people to launch an attack on himself and thus infiltrate Arthur’s confidence and get into Camelot.

When Aulfric became angry with Gaius and Merlin his eyes glowed red.


Aulfric attacks Merlin

Aulfric had a staff that was very similar to his daughter's, only hers was more elegant, where his appeared to be much thicker, and more masculine. He was a staff user and defeated a number of enemies with it, mostly by stunning them. Being a former Sidhe, he was also able to open the gates of Avalon for his daughter and would have succeeded, had it not been for Merlin's interference.


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