And for her you would risk your kingship? Your kingdom?"
"Without her, they're worth nothing to me.
Mithian and Arthur about Guinevere[src]

Arthur and Guinevere were friends and love interests. They cared very little for one another at the start of the series, as Gwen believed Arthur to be an arrogant bully and Arthur barely seemed to be aware that Gwen existed. As time went on, however, they grew to be friends and eventually fell in love. Though their courtship was complicated by their differing social classes (and later by interference from Morgana), they were ultimately married in the final episode of series 4. As of Arthur's death in the series finale, Gwen is now his widow and rules Camelot in his stead.  

Relationship History[edit | edit source]

First Impressions[edit | edit source]

Who'd want to marry Arthur?
Gwen to Merlin[src]

There was little interaction between Arthur and Guinevere at the start of the series, mostly because their differing social classes gave them no reason to. Gwen was known to have a rather low opinion of Arthur at this time. She believed him to be an arrogant bully, and couldn't imagine anyone wanting to marry him (The Dragon's Call). 

Arthur, on the other hand, had no discernible opinion on Gwen at all and treated her no differently than he would any other average citizen. When her father mysteriously recovered from a plague that nobody else had survived, Arthur thought nothing of searching her house and, after discovering a magic poultice beneath her father's pillow, did not hesitate to arrest her. 

That said, Arthur was a fair man who had no wish to see someone executed for a crime they didn't commit. So when Uther sentenced Gwen to death for not only the poultice but also for creating the plague, Arthur helped Morgana defend her. He pointed out that being guilty of one crime did not make her guilty of both and said that he didn't believe there to be evil in her heart. He later accompanied Merlin and Morgana to the underground reservoir and killed the Afanc that was contaminating the water supply, thus proving that Gwen was not responsible for the plague (The Mark of Nimueh). 

Becoming Friends[edit | edit source]

We'll be fine."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because I have faith in you. I mean... We all do.
Gwen and Arthur[src]

Gwen and Morgana talk to Arthur about letting the women fight.

Gwen and Arthur began to grow closer when they helped to defend the village of Ealdor from bandits. Arthur took charge as soon as they arrived in the village, coming up with a strategy and teaching the men to fight. The villagers were greatly inexperienced when it came to combat, however, and Gwen and Morgana were concerned that there weren't enough men to hold off Kanen's forces. They tried to talk Arthur into letting the women fight as well, but the prince dismissed their idea, as he believed it to be too dangerous. 

Undaunted, Gwen brought the matter up again when Arthur was addressing the villagers the night before the battle. She said that the women had as much right to fight for their lives as anyone, and when Arthur pointed out that the women didn't know how to fight, she stood her ground and said that there was strength in numbers, and that the villagers would stand a better chance with everyone pitching in against the bandits. Recognizing the truth of her words, Arthur agreed that the women had every right to help defend their home, and said that he would be honored to fight alongside them if they chose to do so. 

The next morning, Gwen brought Arthur a bowl of food to eat while he was standing watch in the woods. Though he thanked her for doing so, he was clearly unhappy with the quality of the fare, and Gwen (fed up with his snobby behavior and offended on Hunith's behalf) lost her temper. She snapped that food was scarce for the villagers and that he shouldn't turn his nose up at it. Then, horrified at having spoken in such a way to the prince, she quickly apologized and made to leave. Arthur, however, was not offended by her rebuke, and in fact thanked her for it. He also told her that she was right to speak up about the women fighting, as they would need all the help they could get. Sensing his unease about the coming battle, Gwen awkwardly tried to reassure him that they would be fine and told him that she had faith in him, which Arthur appreciated (The Moment of Truth). 

When Gwen's father was killed while trying to escape from prison, Arthur personally ensured that her job was safe and that her home would be hers for life. He also assured her that if there was anything she needed or wanted, all she had to do was ask, and said that he was sorry for what had happened. Gwen was stunned and deeply touched by the gesture, to the point where she could barely find her voice to thank him (To Kill the King). 

Gwen later helped care for Arthur when he was bitten by the Questing Beast. Though Gaius was certain that (barring a miracle) the prince was going to die, Gwen refused to give up hope. As she sat at his bedside, she told him that she knew he would someday be a great king, greater than his father could ever be, and that he would create a Camelot that was fair and just and that would make the people proud to call him their sovereign. 

Later, after Merlin returned from the Isle of the Blessed with a cure for the Beast's poison, Gwen was delighted by Arthur's recovery but mortified when she realized that he'd been conscious enough to hear her musings. Flustered by his teasing, Gwen denied having said any of it and quickly fled from the room, leaving Arthur amused (Le Morte d'Arthur). 

Gwen tends to Arthur's wounds.

By the time of Cornelius Sigan's attack on Camelot, Gwen and Arthur had grown noticeably closer. When Arthur was injured fighting the sorcerer's animated gargoyles, Gwen risked her life to go looking for him and saved his life twice before escorting him inside to tend to his wounds. Surprised, but grateful for her actions, Arthur clumsily complimented her bravery and thanked her, which left Gwen flustered (The Curse of Cornelius Sigan). 

Falling in Love[edit | edit source]

I know I have much to learn. There are some things that I am terrible at - cooking being one of them. But also, knowing what to say to someone I care about.
Arthur to Gwen[src]

Gwen and Arthur's first kiss.

When Arthur sought to prove that he could win Camelot's annual jousting tournament without being given special treatment, he disguised himself as a civilian and entered the tournament as Sir William of Deira. Gwen allowed him to stay in her home during this time, presumably because Merlin asked her to. But though she appeared to be a bit apprehensive about him staying with her at first, she respected Arthur's desire to prove himself without the aid of his title and did what she could to offer support. 

It wasn't long, however, before Gwen became fed up with her guest's rude and arrogant behavior. The prince was little help around the house, treating her like a servant and unknowingly commandeering her bed, which forced her to sleep on the floor. When Arthur finally discovered the arrangement and tactlessly remarked that she should have said something, Gwen exploded into a rant about how rude he'd been. She told him that his effort to prove that titles didn't matter meant nothing if he continued to act as though other people were beneath him. 

Having realized how appalling his behavior had been, Arthur apologized and offered to cook dinner as a peace offering. Though obviously skeptical of the prince's culinary skills, Gwen accepted his offer and went for a walk. She returned later that evening to find Arthur waiting for her with two perfectly cooked dinners waiting. They shared a pleasant meal together, but things quickly took a turn for the worse when Gwen noticed that the plates bore the royal seal and realized that Arthur had procured the dinners from the palace kitchens. Furious that he'd lied to her and upset because she thought he'd finally learnt some humility, Gwen told the prince that a good king should respect his people, no matter who they were. Recognizing the point she was trying to make, Arthur apologized once more, and admitted that he often didn't know what to say to people he cared about, which seemed to appease Gwen's anger. 

Moment later, Merlin arrived and informed them that there was an assassin in Camelot looking for Arthur. Gwen allowed the prince to continue living in her home despite the threat, and offered to let him keep using her bed so he would be well rested for the tournament. Arthur, however, (having learnt his lesson) insisted on taking his turn on the floor. The next morning, though things were still somewhat awkward between the two, Gwen offered the prince a handkerchief to wear as a good luck token during his match. Touched, Arthur not only accepted it, but thanked her with a kiss.

After Arthur was injured while jousting against the assassin, Gwen helped tend to his wound and tried to talk him into forfeiting the match. She told him that he didn't need to prove anything, least of all to her, but Arthur replied that he had everything to prove to himself and was determined to go on with it. Later, after being declared the winner of the tournament, Arthur chose to send the farmer he'd hired to pose as Sir William to collect the trophy in his place, thus maintaining their deception. His decision surprised Gwen, as Arthur had repeatedly voiced his desire to unmask himself at the tournament's end and enjoy his moment of glory, but the prince merely replied that perhaps this was a time for humility. They later stood together at the back of the crowd and watched the supposed knight accept his reward with laughter and smiles. 

Gwen and Arthur after the tournament.

Arthur made his public return to Camelot shortly after the tournament's end. After reporting to his father, he caught up with Gwen in a castle corridor and tried to address what had happened between them, reluctantly concluding that his father would never understand it. Having already accepted that a relationship between them would be impossible, Gwen told him that he didn't have to explain, and said that perhaps when he was king, things would be different (The Once and Future Queen). 

Denial[edit | edit source]

Because nothing can ever happen between us! To admit my feelings knowing that... hurts too much.
Arthur to Merlin about Gwen[src]

Arthur sees Gwen and Lancelot holding hands.

When Gwen was held hostage by the bandit Hengist (who believed her to be the Lady Morgana), Arthur disobeyed his father's orders and snuck out of the city with Merlin to rescue her. The prince was unusually impatient and reckless throughout their mission, which puzzled Merlin until he figured out that Arthur had developed feelings for Gwen. He appeared to be both amused and delighted by this, and wasted no time in teasing the prince about it. 

Much to his surprise, however, Merlin's joking challenge for Arthur to admit his feelings resulted not in mutual teasing, but in a frustrated confession that revealed not only the depth of the prince's affection for Gwen but how much he'd been struggling with the idea that nothing could ever happen between them. He lamented that his father wouldn't even let him rescue a servant, much less marry one, to which Merlin pointed out that Arthur could change that when he was king. Dejected, Arthur countered that he couldn't expect Gwen to wait for him, but Merlin assured him that if Gwen felt the same way he did, she would wait for him, which gave Arthur hope. 

Unfortunately, that hope soon came crashing down when they arrived at the bandit's hideout to find not only Gwen but Lancelot, who had been captured while trying to help her escape earlier in the day. As the group escaped through the tunnels, Arthur caught Gwen and Lancelot holding hands and sharing a meaningful glance; clearly they had fallen in love. Heartbroken, the prince covered up his feelings (and perhaps tried to salvage some of his pride) by claiming that he'd only come after Gwen because Morgana begged him. Though Gwen was upset and offended by this, Lancelot was more skeptical. He sought the truth of the matter from Merlin, and upon learning of Arthur's feelings for Gwen became determined not to come between them. He left quietly during the night, and Gwen was devastated. 

Though clearly pained by how affected Gwen was by Lancelot's abandonment, Arthur ultimately chose not to intrude on her grief and kept his feelings to himself. They returned to Camelot in silence, leaving the matter undiscussed (Lancelot and Guinevere). 

When Uther was bewitched to marry a troll disguised as the Lady Catrina, one of the first things his new wife did was persuade him to order a tax that would force the people to pay for the protection that Camelot provided. Arthur was against the tax from the beginning, pointing out that most of their people were poor and barely getting by as it was, but his father (firmly under Catrina's control) ignored his objections. Later, while taking a walk through the lower town, Arthur came across a man being arrested because he couldn't afford to pay the tax. After a moment's deliberation, he ordered the man released and all the money redistributed to the people. 

Gwen, who had watched the incident unnoticed from in front of her house, later visited Arthur and commended him on his actions. Arthur, who had gotten into a fierce argument with his father over the incident, was grateful for her praise but lamented that his father was going to keep imposing the tax in spite of his protests. Gwen hastened to assure him that the people knew what he'd tried to do for them and wouldn't forget it, but Arthur continued to muse that perhaps his father right in saying that he couldn't be a friend to the people as well as their king. Gwen disagreed with this, telling him that it was possible and that he would prove it when he became king. She told him that he had a kind heart, and he shouldn't change it for anyone (Beauty and the Beast).

Gwen persuades Arthur to stop Gaius's execution.

When Gaius was accused of sorcery by the Witchfinder and consequently sentenced to death, Gwen and Merlin worked together to find evidence that the physician had been framed. They eventually discovered that it wasn't magic Aredian's witnesses had seen but hallucinations. But by the time they'd gathered the necessary proof, Gaius had already been taken from the dungeons for his execution. 

With no time to lose, Gwen took it upon herself to make Arthur stop the execution. The prince initially refused, saying that since his father had already passed sentence there was nothing he could do, but Gwen angrily responded that he could do the right thing. That he could show some faith in his friends or stand back and watch an innocent man die, just as he'd done once before to her father. Noticing Arthur's shocked expression at being spoken to in such a way, she then finished her rant by telling him that she knew she was just a servant but she'd thought he was a prince, so he should start behaving like one. Clearly taken aback by the force of Gwen's tirade, Arthur was nevertheless convinced by her words and chose to stop the execution (The Witchfinder). 

Sweet Dreams[edit | edit source]

Gwen, none of his feelings for Vivian are real. But if you do not break the spell, his death will be. Search your heart. You know who he loves.
Merlin to Gwen about Arthur[src]

Gwen receives flowers from Arthur.

When dignitaries from the Five Kingdoms arrived in Camelot to conduct peace talks, King Alined (who did not want peace) and his magical jester Trickler devised a plan to sabotage the conference. Knowing how fiercely protective King Olaf was towards his daughter, the Lady Vivian, they enchanted Arthur to fall madly in love with her. They hoped that Olaf would be so angry with the prince's conduct that he would declare war on Camelot.

They put their plan into action the night before the peace talks were to begin, stealing a lock of Vivian's hair and using it to place a powerful love spell on Arthur while he slept. The next morning, Merlin arrived to find the prince not only already dressed but inordinately cheerful and determined to profess his love for "his lady". Naturally assuming that he was referring to Gwen, Merlin was puzzled by Arthur's change of heart (as he had previously insisted on keeping his love for her a secret) but nevertheless agreed to help him express his feelings by taking her a bouquet of flowers at the prince's behest.When he found that Gwen wasn't at home, he left the flowers on her kitchen table along with a note which read: "The barriers that keep us apart are nothing compared to the power of true love."

It wasn't long, however, before Merlin discovered that it wasn't Gwen that Arthur was in love with, but the Lady Vivian. Horrified, he rushed back to Gwen's house to retrieve the flowers, but it was too late. Gwen had already found them. She was beyond delighted with the gift, telling Merlin, "You know one of those occasions when you've lost all hope and then, out of the blue, something happens to restore your faith? Well, that's what's happened to me today."

The next day, Gwen came across Arthur standing dejectedly with his horse in the courtyard. When she asked him what was wrong, he sadly lamented that he'd made a fool of himself by making a gesture that wasn't well received. Though he was actually talking about his disastrous attempt to court Vivian the night before, Gwen naturally assumed that he was referring to the flowers and note she'd found in her house. She assured him that his token had been well received, but reminded him that the situation was delicate, and it was not always easy to express what was in one's heart. She also told him that there was always hope, which cheered Arthur up considerably.

Gwen prepares for her date with Arthur.

Encouraged by their conversation, Gwen slipped a note under Arthur's door inviting him to dinner at her house. She waited for hours, decorating the table with flowers and candles and donning her finest dress, but Arthur never came. He'd thought the note was from Vivian and had gone to her chambers instead. Disappointed, Gwen eventually blew out the candles and went to bed.

The next day, she learned from the Lady Morgana that Arthur had been caught in Vivian's chambers and Olaf had demanded recompense by challenging him to a fight to the death. Fighting back tears, Gwen quickly left Morgana's chambers but ran into Arthur in the hallway, who cheerfully asked her to wish him luck in the tournament. Furious, Gwen told him that she knew why Olaf had challenged him and that she wished he could have been honest enough to tell her about it himself. She then stormed away, leaving Arthur confused.

The first round of the tournament was disastrous for Arthur, who was too distracted by the Lady Vivian to fight well. Fearing that the prince would die if they didn't find a way to break the enchantment, Merlin went to the Great Dragon and learned that the spell could only be broken by a kiss from the person that Arthur truly loved. Realizing that Gwen was that person, Merlin rushed to her house and asked for her help. She refused at first, as she no longer believed that Arthur truly loved her, but her resolve began to waver when Merlin told her that the prince's feelings for Vivian were the result of an enchantment. He then pointed out that though Arthur's feelings for Vivian weren't real, his death would be if Gwen didn't help snap him out of it, which finally convinced her to try.

Gwen kisses Arthur, breaking the enchantment.

She went to the tournament grounds and found Arthur in his tent, preparing for his final match. Though still somewhat skeptical, Gwen gathered her courage and kissed him passionately. The kiss broke the enchantment and returned Arthur to his right mind, though it also made him aware of his injuries. Noticing his confusion, Gwen quickly explained that he was in a fight for the death and that he was losing, and asked him to live for her. Later, just before the match began, Arthur asked Merlin to look after Gwen if anything happened to him. "The world may think she is just a servant, dispensable, but... she's not dispensable to me."

Shortly after the fight, Gwen returned home to find Arthur waiting for her with a note and single red rose. She accepted his apology for the pain his actions had caused her, admitting that she too had caused her fair share of hurt, as well as his assurances that his feelings for Vivian had never been real. But when he told her that he'd never loved another, Gwen resignedly told him that someday he would. She reminded him that one day he would be King of Camelot, and she could not be his Queen. Still hopeful, Arthur tried to convince her otherwise by pointing out that things could change, but Gwen replied that until they did she was still just a servant, and they could not be together (Sweet Dreams).

Waiting Game[edit | edit source]

The world's a strange place, Guinevere. Never underestimate the power of love. I've seen it change many things.
Gaius to Gwen about her feelings for Arthur[src]

Gwen and Arthur narrowly escape the Great Dragon.

When the Great Dragon began attacking Camelot, Arthur led the Knights of Camelot in battle against it while Gwen helped Gaius tend to the wounded. On the night of its third attack Gwen ventured out into the square to fetch water. As the Dragon began to circle overhead, Arthur noticed Gwen at the well and called her name as the Dragon dove at her. Alerted to the danger, Gwen ran for safety and Arthur hurried after her, the Dragon hard on their heels. It tried to snatch them in its claws but missed, wounding Arthur in the shoulder and knocking them both to the ground.

After they had reached the safety of the infirmary, Gwen treated Arthur's wound and scolded him for risking his life for her. Arthur, however, tenderly replied that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Gwen was pleased by this, though she tried not to show it. Arthur then took her hand in his and pressed it against his shoulder, which made her smile.

The next day, Arthur and Merlin set out in search of the last Dragonlord to rid Camelot of the Dragon. Gwen worried about Arthur while he was away, and her worry and grief for Camelot's destruction eventually caused her to scale the battlements in search of privacy. It wasn't long before Gaius found her there, crying, and though he initially assumed that she was missing Morgana he soon deduced that Arthur was the real reason for her tears. He assured Gwen that he wouldn't tell anyone of her feelings for the prince (or his for her), which she was grateful for. She shyly admitted that she knew nothing could ever happen between them, but Gaius merely replied that the world was a strange place, and she should never underestimate the power of love.

Merlin and Arthur returned to Camelot the following day. They'd found the Dragonlord, but had been ambushed by Cenred's men on their way home, and the Dragonlord had been killed. Refusing to give up hope, Arthur decided to ride out with a group of Knights so they could face the Dragon on their own terms. When he and Merlin returned from the fight, Gwen ran up to him and hugged him, whispering that she'd thought she'd lost him. Arthur returned the hug, and together they went inside (The Last Dragonlord).

One year later, when Uther was afflicted with madness and Cenred decided to march on Camelot, Arthur ordered the kingdom to prepare for a siege. He was somewhat uneasy about his decision, and later admitted as much to Gwen when she asked how his father was doing. She assured him that the people were glad that he'd taken charge, and told him that he should have more faith in himself. She also told him that she trusted him more than any other man, and that rather than worrying about his decision he should do what he believed to be right.

Arthur was comforted by her words, and the two shared a tender moment during which Arthur covered her hand with his own. Gwen then looked away and withdrew, bidding the prince goodbye. Arthur told her as she was leaving that there was no need for her to call him "sire", to which Gwen gently replied that there was every need, referring to their differences in status (The Tears of Uther Pendragon).

Gwen comforts Donkey-Arthur.

When Merlin accidentally released a mischievous Goblin from a secret chamber in the castle library, the creature possessed Gaius and used his body to play practical jokes on members of the court. In one of these pranks, the Goblin used Gaius's position as court physician to sell fake remedies to several people, including Gwen. Later, while Arthur was delivering a report on the castle's recent vandalisms, the remedies caused her, Uther, and Morgana to break wind uncontrollably. Mortified, Gwen rushed from the council chamber as soon as the meeting was dismissed, leaving Arthur bemused.

After the Goblin accused Merlin of using magic to cause the recent pranks, he was arrested and sentenced to death for sorcery. Before he could be executed, however, he used his magic to escape and sought refuge at Gwen's house. After explaining the situation to her, Merlin asked her to convince Arthur that he was telling the truth about Gaius being possessed, but Gwen (still painfully embarrassed about the events of the previous day) refused to help. She said that she could never look Arthur in the face again after what had happened, and she was sure that he'd never be able to look at her in the same way again, either. However, she eventually agreed to talk to him when Merlin told her that if Arthur truly liked her he would accept her flaws and all.

Gathering her courage, Gwen made her way to the prince's chambers and knocked on the door. Initially it appeared that Arthur wasn't there, but an odd sound from within prompted Gwen to investigate further, and she soon found a miserable and embarrassed Arthur attempting to hide behind his bed. The Goblin had cast a spell on him that caused him to grow donkey ears and speak only in brays. Though taken aback by his transformation, Gwen nevertheless comforted him as best she could by stroking his ears (which he seemed to enjoy), and assured him that Merlin was working on a plan.

Later, after Gwen and Merlin successfully drove the Goblin out of Gaius, the spell was broken and Arthur was returned to his usual self. He and Gwen ran into each other in one of the castle corridors not long afterwards, and they awkwardly agreed never to speak of the embarrassing events of the last few days. They then continued with their tasks for the day, each breathing a sight of relief (Goblin's Gold).

Arthur comforts Gwen about Morgana.

When Uther insisted on upholding Gwaine's banishment even after he saved Arthur's life in the Mêlée, the prince and Merlin watched his departure from the castle ramparts. They were both sad to see him go, as Merlin had become good friends with him and Arthur admired his combat skills, but the prince seemed to become annoyed when he saw Gwaine stop to chat with Gwen.

Arthur suspiciously noted that they seemed very friendly, but hastily denied that he cared when Merlin called him on it. They continued to watch as Gwen laughed at whatever Gwaine was saying to her, and Arthur (clearly jealous) crossly remarked that she could do better than Gwaine. Amused, Merlin asked if he meant that she should be setting her sights "higher", to which Arthur shrugged, trying to appear indifferent (Gwaine).

Both Gwen and Arthur were devastated when Morgana suffered a skull fracture from falling down some stairs. At one point Gwen went to Arthur for comfort, and he held her while she cried (The Crystal Cave).

The Changeling[edit | edit source]

But if I do it. If I marry her, what will you do?"
"I will watch you grow into the King that Camelot deserves.
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Arthur learns that he has to marry Elena.

When Lord Godwyn and his daughter, the Princess Elena, visited Camelot, Uther revealed that Arthur was to marry Elena in order to forge an alliance between their two kingdoms. Arthur was shocked by this (as his father only bothered to tell him moments before their visitors arrived), and was immediately underwhelmed by the inelegant princess when they were introduced. He later explained the situation to Gwen, who was concerned that he seemed unhappy, and assured her that he had no intention of going through with the marriage.

As Arthur got to know Elena, he discovered that they had some things in common, but failed to develop any interest in her romantically. He was often taken aback by her lack of social graces, such as when she sneezed on him after sniffing a flower he'd given her or retrieved and ate food that she'd dropped down her dress. When she got the hiccups from drinking too much wine at a feast, Arthur and Gwen (who was serving the Ladies of the court) glanced at one another, bemused. Taking note of how unhappy the prince appeared, Gwen later squeeze his shoulder in sympathy as she passed by.

The next evening, Arthur had dinner with his father and Morgana, with Gwen serving them. Arthur tried his best to talk his way out of the marriage, explaining to his father that he'd tried to get know Elena but had no feelings for her, and he couldn't marry someone he didn't love. Uther, however, made it very clear that the marriage was to take place whether Arthur wanted it or not. Upset, Arthur looked at Gwen, who refused to meet his gaze.

Their exchange was noticed by Morgana, who became suspicious and questioned Gwen about her relationship with Arthur the next morning. She remarked how sad it was for Arthur to be forced to marry against his will, especially when his heart already belonged to another. She then trapped Gwen into admitting her feelings for the prince, which Gwen first tried to deny and then tried to downplay by saying that nothing would ever come of it. Her suspicions confirmed, Morgana smoothly agreed with Gwen's belief, telling her that Arthur couldn't change two hundred years of history, no matter how much he may want to.

Later, Gwen went to speak with Arthur about his marriage to Elena. She told him that she knew he didn't want to go through with it, but the way things were going he would probably have to. Arthur disagreed, unable to believe that his wanting to marry for love really seemed so insane, to which Gwen replied that wanting to marry her probably would seem insane to anyone but them. Still reluctant, Arthur asked her what she would do if he did marry Elena, and Gwen told him that she would watch him grow into the king that Camelot deserved, and everything would be as it should be.

Gwen and Morgana at Arthur's wedding.

With Gwen's blessing, Arthur followed his father's orders and proposed to Elena. Their wedding took place the following day, with the entire court of Camelot in attendance. Arthur was still dreadfully unhappy, and as he waited for his cue to enter the throne room he asked Merlin what he should do. Once he was sure that the prince actually wanted his advice, Merlin told him that he didn't think an unhappy king would make for a strong kingdom and that whether Arthur was destined to rule Camelot or not, he still had a choice as to how he did it.

Overwhelmed, Arthur walked through the first part of the ceremony in a daze, but ultimately accepted Merlin's advice and spoke up when Geoffrey asked if there were any objections. He told Elena that she was a wonderful woman and a beautiful bride, but he could no longer deny his feelings. Elena then interrupted him, stating matter of factly that he didn't love her, and at Arthur's prompting she admitted that she didn't love him either. Agreeing that they were both there out of duty and nothing more, they then mutually decided to call off the wedding (much to the delight of Gwen).

Later, after bidding Elena and her father farewell, Arthur caught sight of Gwen as she was heading down the stairs. He happily pointed out that he was still a single man, and Gwen responded by teasing that Elena was far too lovely for someone like him, anyway. Arthur then told her that he hoped he'd forsaken the princess for someone equally lovely, or perhaps even more so. Flattered, Gwen innocently remarked that she knew of no such person, and Arthur cheekily agreed, remarking that only time would tell (The Changeling).

The Castle of Fyrien[edit | edit source]

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing my brother back. It means more to me than I can say."
"Well, it's like you said, Guinevere. It's what you do when you love someone.
Gwen and Arthur[src]

Arthur asks his father to organize a search party for Gwen.

When Gwen failed to show up for work one morning, Arthur became worried and sent Merlin to her house to investigate. He found the place empty and unusually messy, and soon discovered a rag abandoned on the floor. After determining that it was coated with a strong drug, he took the rag to Arthur and told him what he'd found, and they quickly concluded that Gwen had been kidnapped.

Arthur immediately went to his father and informed him that Gwen was missing. He asked for him to organize a search party, and Uther reluctantly agreed since Gwen was Morgana's maid. He was only willing to spare a single squad of guards for it though, and would only allow them to search until nightfall. When Arthur tried to protest, he told him that he couldn't waste precious resources looking for a servant, no matter the circumstances.

The search party found no trace of Gwen, but Merlin bumped into her the next morning in a castle corridor. Relieved that she was all right, Merlin told her that they'd searched the whole town and that Arthur was worried sick, but Gwen barely seemed to hear him. She was greatly distressed, and as he helped her pick up the laundry she'd dropped Merlin noticed rope burns on her wrists. Overwhelmed, Gwen broke down crying and explained what had happened to her. She had been kidnapped from her home by Cenred's men and taken to a strange castle. Cenred had also located and kidnapped her brother Elyan, and said that he would kill him if she didn't bring Arthur to him within the week.

Though Gwen was determined not to involve Arthur in her problem, Merlin reminded her that if Arthur had a problem she'd want him to go to her, which persuaded her to tell him. The prince quickly determined that she had been taken to the Castle of Fyrien and that Cenred must be using it as a hideout. The three of them decided to form a rescue party, and they set off the following morning with the addition of Morgana. Arthur and Gwen spent quite a bit of time together during the journey. Arthur told her about how his father used to take him to the woods when he was a child and how they used to scare him, which Gwen found hard to believe.

When they stopped to make camp, Arthur sent Merlin and Morgana off to gather firewood so he could be alone with Gwen. He helped her unpack their supplies, and though Gwen insisted that keeping busy kept her from thinking too much, he eventually persuaded her to rest for awhile. As Arthur struggled to build a fire, Gwen told him about Elyan and how he always managed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She agreed that the current situation really wasn't his fault this time, but told Arthur that even if it were she would still be there for him, because that's what you do when you love someone. Her comment seemed to remind her of how much of a risk they were taking, and Gwen told Arthur that she would never forgive herself if anything happened to him. Arthur assured her that nothing would, all the while still struggling to build a fire. Gwen took the flints from him and started one on her second try, amusedly reminding Arthur that she was a blacksmith's daughter. They then leaned in for a kiss, but were interrupted by Merlin and Morgana returning with the firewood.

Gwen, Arthur, Merlin, and Elyan escape from the dungeons.

The group arrived at the Castle the next day and tried to enter it through a labyrinth of secret tunnels. However, they were found and captured after Morgana secretly alerted their enemies to their location. Gwen was thrown in a cell with her brother, who scolded her for coming back for him and was taken aback when he learned that she'd brought Prince Arthur himself to rescue him. Though Gwen tried to downplay the significance of it by telling him that Arthur would do the same for any of his subjects, Elyan soon figured out the truth of her relationship with the prince and seemed to approve.

The siblings were soon freed from their cell by Merlin and Arthur, and after retrieving Morgana the group escaped from the castle unharmed. Later, back in Camelot, Gwen gave Arthur the two silk dresses he was supposed to have been getting for Morgana (which was the excuse he'd given his father for why he needed to leave the city for a few days). She thanked him for helping her rescue Elyan, telling him that it meant more to her than he would ever know, and Arthur tenderly replied with her earlier comment that that was what you did when you loved someone (The Castle of Fyrien).

Queen of Hearts[edit | edit source]

You cannot allow this serving girl to take your rightful place upon the throne. Whatever relationship exists between Arthur and Gwen, you must destroy it.
Morgause to Morgana[src]

Arthur and Gwen on a secret date.

When Morgana had a vision of Gwen marrying Arthur and becoming Queen, she became determined to prevent it by destroying their relationship once and for all. She tried to subtly manipulate them into spending more time together, telling them each how sad it was that they had to hide their feelings and couldn't be more open. Gwen (having recently discovered that Morgana was a sorceress) was wary of her intentions, but Arthur proved more receptive. He decided to take her advice and sent Merlin to Gwen with a message inviting her to spend the day with him.

Gwen was reluctant at first, as she was worried about what would happen if someone saw them, but Merlin assured her that the date would be secret. He picked her up the next morning and took her to the woods outside Camelot, where Arthur was waiting with a picnic. Gwen and Arthur had a lovely day together, laughing about their secret fantasies and talking about how nice it was not to have to pretend, but sadly their rendezvous wasn't as secret as they believed it to be. Morgana had followed Gwen and Merlin to the hiding place that Arthur had prepared, then returned to Camelot to put the next part of her plan into action. She convinced Uther to go riding with her and led him straight to Gwen and Arthur's picnic, where they stumbled upon the couple mid-kiss.

Uther was rather amused by his son's indiscretion at first, wryly noting that he'd been young himself once and knew the temptations of serving girls. He assured Arthur that no serious harm had been done, but made it clear that he was not to see Gwen again. When Arthur refused, they got into a violent argument that ended with Arthur proclaiming his love for her. As a result, Uther banished Gwen from the kingdom, telling a horrified Arthur that it was for his own good.

Later, Morgana went to visit Arthur in his chambers. He was devastated by his father's decision and told her that he couldn't accept that he might never see Gwen again. Morgana replied that with Gwen banished he had no choice, but Arthur caught her off guard by declaring his intentions to leave Camelot with her. Surprised, Morgana pointed out that by doing so he'd be giving up his rights to the throne, but her hopes of becoming Uther's sole heir were dashed when Arthur clarified that he planned to one day return to Camelot, and Gwen would take her place on the throne beside him.

Realizing that the future she'd seen hadn't been averted yet, Morgana quickly began to form a new plan. She snuck into Arthur's chambers that night and hid a magic poultice beneath his pillow. She then went to see Uther and remarked how odd it was that Arthur was suddenly declaring his love for Gwen when he'd never expressed any feelings for her before. Once she was sure she had Uther's attention, she subtly suggested that Arthur may have been enchanted, and the king wasted no time in having Arthur's chambers searched. Sure enough, the guards found Morgana's poultice under his pillow, and Gaius confirmed that it was not only magical but could be used to make someone fall in love.

Uther sentences Gwen to death.

Gwen was immediately placed under arrest and dragged before Uther, who accused her of using the poultice to seduce Arthur. Gwen denied the accusation, claiming that she'd never seen it before in her life, but the king refused to believe her. He remembered that her father had consorted with sorcerers and said that she was obviously trying to seek revenge for his execution by enchanting Arthur.

Furious, Arthur tried his best to defend Gwen and dismiss Uther's accusations, but because he believed him to be enchanted the king refused to listen. He declared Gwen to be guilty and sentenced her to be burned at the stake. Horrified and desperate, Arthur begged his father to let her go. He said that they would leave Camelot and never return, even if it meant relinquishing his claim to the throne. Uther, however, only saw this as further proof that Arthur was enchanted. As the guards dragged Gwen away, Arthur lunged forward and the two shared one last kiss before they were torn apart. He yelled that he would always love her, and when Gwen looked back at him she noticed that Morgana was smiling.

Later, when Merlin went to visit Gwen in her cell, she shared her suspicions that Morgana was the one who framed her. Knowing that Uther would never believe Morgana to be responsible, Merlin decided that if he couldn't expose the real sorcerer he would have to invent one to take the blame. He used an aging spell to disguise himself as Dragoon the Great, then snuck into Arthur's chambers and planted a duplicate poultice. The prince caught him doing so and arrested him. When he was brought before Uther, Merlin claimed that he'd enchanted Arthur and Gwen to fall in love because their relationship would bring shame upon Camelot. Uther was convinced by Merlin's trick, and thus ordered Gwen released and Dragoon to be executed in her place. Ultimately, however, the warlock managed to escape.

After Gwen was released, Arthur pulled her into an alcove to speak with her privately. He assured her that Uther was convinced that their feelings for one another were the result of an enchantment, but explained that if the king ever saw any sign that that wasn't the case, then Gwen would be banished from Camelot. Gwen shyly asked if Arthur would have really given up the throne for her, and was astonished when he replied that he still would. Taken aback, she protested that his place was in Camelot, that one day he would be a great king and that he needed to stay for the sake of his people. Understanding the point she was trying to make, Arthur promised that things would be different when he was king, and they could finally be together, to which Gwen replied that she would be counting the days (Queen of Hearts).

Retaking Camelot[edit | edit source]

I want you to know... If I never see you again..."
"You will. You will see me.
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Arthur and Guinevere reunited.

Arthur was away on a quest when Camelot was conquered by Morgause's immortal army. When he, Merlin, and Gwaine returned, they found the city deserted and learned from Gwen's brother Elyan that she had been in the citadel when it was taken. Arthur was deeply concerned for her, and insisted on infiltrating the castle to find her and his father. He soon discovered that Uther was being held captive by Morgause and Morgana, but was forced to flee the city before he could find out anything about Gwen.

Arthur and his allies spent the next week or so sheltering in a cave in the Darkling Woods. Meanwhile, Gwen managed to survive in Camelot by continuing to act as Morgana's loyal maidservant. She planned to escape and meet up with Arthur somehow, and was finally presented with an opportunity to do so when Morgana allowed her to talk with Sir Leon. She was supposed to be persuading the knight to pledge his loyalty to the new Queen, but instead asked if he had any idea where Arthur might be. When Leon confirmed that he knew where the prince might be hiding, they made a plan to escape together and carried it out the next night.

Gwen and Leon met up with Arthur the next day. The prince was overjoyed to see them, but their reunion proved short-lived. Unbeknownst to Gwen and Leon, Morgause and Morgana had allowed them to escape on purpose in order to track them to Arthur's hiding place, and now the immortal soldiers were closing in. Fortunately, Lancelot arrived with his friend Percival, who used boulders to block the narrow path from above, halting the soldiers' pursuit and allowing Arthur and the others to escape.

With their former hideout compromised, Arthur, Gwen, and their allies took shelter in the Castle of Ancient Kings. There, Arthur conducted the first meeting of the Round Table, wherein he revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father from captivity. Gwen was among those who volunteered to help, and was assigned the task of helping Gaius prepare for the wounded.

Before he and his new knights left for the citadel, Arthur took Gwen aside to say goodbye. Arthur was worried about what might happen and wanted to tell her something in case he never saw her again, but Gwen assured him that he would. She told him that she was proud of him, that his words had given them hope and something to believe in, and that she'd seen at the Round Table the king he would someday become. Arthur was touched by her words, and the two shared a kiss.

Later, after Camelot was retaken and the immortal army destroyed, the Knights of the Round Table escorted Gwen home to Camelot. Arthur, who had been sitting with Merlin on the castle steps, quickly stepped forward to help her from her horse, and kissed her publicly for the first time (The Coming of Arthur).

Caring For Uther[edit | edit source]

I appreciate your kindness, everything you're doing for him."
"I do it for you.
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Gwen looks after Uther for Arthur.

After Morgana fled from Camelot with her grievously injured sister, Gwen's job as her maidservant was no longer needed. She soon found a new job, however, caring for Uther. The king had been devastated by Morgana's betrayal and failed to recover from his mental anguish in the year that followed. Though Gwen had never cared much for Uther personally, she ultimately accepted the job for Arthur's sake, as she knew how much he loved his father and wanted to set his mind at ease.

On Samhain's Eve, Morgana unleashed the Dorocha upon Camelot by tearing the veil between the worlds. When it was determined that the only way to banish the ghosts was by healing the veil, Arthur and his Knights set out on a quest to the Isle of the Blessed to do so. Unbeknownst to the knights, however, sealing the veil would require a blood sacrifice, and Arthur planned to be that sacrifice.

Before he left, Arthur said goodbye to his father and asked Gwen to look after him when he was gone. Gwen was troubled by this and asked him what was wrong. When he failed to reply, she tried to tell him that he didn't have to go, but Arthur said that he did. Worried now, Gwen asked Arthur to take care of himself and told him that he was just as precious as the kingdom. Seeing that she was upset, Arthur tried to comfort her by asking her to smile, but Gwen replied that she couldn't. Arthur then asked her to remember the first time he'd kissed her, which finally coaxed one out of her. Smiling at her smile, Arthur tenderly remarked that that was the memory he wanted to take with him, and they embraced.

Later, as the knights prepared to leave, Gwen asked Lancelot for a favor. She asked him to look after Arthur and make sure he came home, and Lancelot promised that he would protect him with his life. He ultimately kept this promise by sacrificing himself to heal the veil in Arthur's place, which devastated Gwen. She later told Arthur about Lancelot's promise as they stood at his funeral pyre, which left him somewhat pensive (The Darkest Hour).

Gwen worries about Arthur during the knife throwing act.

Gwen was among those who attended Arthur's birthday celebration. She seemed anxious when Arthur participated in Gleeman's knife throwing act and spent the entire time biting her nails. When he ultimately emerged from the show unharmed, she was deeply relieved and applauded with everyone else.

Later, after Uther was fatally injured defending Arthur from an assassin, Gwen helped to care for him while Arthur kept vigil at his bedside. He told her that he appreciated her kindness and everything that she did for his father, to which Gwen replied that she did it for him. Her words touched Arthur and caused him to cry. Distressed to see him in such pain, Gwen tried to comfort him, but Arthur was inconsolable. He told her that he couldn't watch his father die, that there was still so much he wanted to say to him, and finally decided that he wouldn't die. He then left the room, leaving Gwen deeply concerned for him.

Gwen was with Arthur and tried to comfort him when his father was pronounced dead. She was later among those who attended his coronation, and joyfully watched as he was crowned King of Camelot (The Wicked Day).

Not Appropriate[edit | edit source]

I haven't been talked into anything. I'm my own man. I make my own decisions."
"And you decided we can't be together?
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Arthur tells Gwen that their relationship is no longer appropriate.

When Arthur returned from leading an ambush on Caerleon's raiding party, he found Gwen waiting for him in his chambers. Though Arthur was happy to see her, greeting her with a hug and asking if she'd missed him, his uncle, the Lord Agravaine, seemed to disapprove of their familiarity. He counseled Arthur to set aside his feelings for Gwen for the good of the kingdom. He told him that the people would never approve of his seeing a blacksmith's daughter, and advised him to follow Uther's example and rule with his head rather than his heart, as a strong king must.

Arthur resisted Agravaine's advice at first, and was actually quite upset by it. However, he ultimately chose to do as his uncle asked when he received word that Queen Annis had declared war on Camelot. Knowing that he would need to appear strong more than ever, the night before Camelot's army departed to meet Caerleon's, Arthur disguised himself as a civilian and visited Gwen at her house. She was happy to see him at first, but quickly grew concerned when Arthur began to assure her that she hadn't done anything wrong, and that his actions had nothing to do with her personally. Confused, she asked him to explain, and Arthur told her that now that he was king it no longer mattered what he may or may not want for himself. He would be judged by his actions and the people he was seen with, and he had to do what was best for the kingdom.

Gwen was hurt and surprised by his words, incredulously asking if he was ashamed to be seen with her. Arthur hastily assured her that he wasn't, but now that he was king their relationship was no longer appropriate. Suspicious now, Gwen noted that he didn't sound like himself at all, and asked him who had convinced him to stop seeing her. Arthur, however, denied that he'd been talked into anything. He said that he was his own man and made his own decisions, and he'd decided that they couldn't be together. Tearful and heartbroken, Gwen made no more objections, but advised him not to let anyone tell him what to do. She told him that he had a good heart and that he should be true to it, as only then would he be the king that he wanted to be.

Gwen and Arthur get back together.

Later, after Arthur negotiated a truce with Annis and Camelot's army returned home, Gwen was assigned to take a pitcher of water to Arthur's chambers. Clearly still hurt by their previous encounter, Gwen was very formal and reserved towards him at first, and barely reacted when he presented her with the flowers he'd picked for her on his way home.

Undaunted by her chilly reception, Arthur apologized for his earlier actions. He told her that while a good king should respect the traditions of the past, he should also be true to himself and do as he saw fit, which included being seen with the people that he cared about. Hopeful now, Gwen asked if his new philosophy applied even when the person in question wasn't "appropriate", and Arthur responded by pulling her close and kissing her. Playfully, he asked if that answered her question, and Gwen cheekily replied that it was a start (His Father's Son).

Awkward Encounters[edit | edit source]

Look, I know you like to take every opportunity to be by his side, but this is just getting ridiculous. You'll be pouring his bathwater next.
Merlin to Gwen[src]

Merlin finds Gwen serving Arthur lunch.

When Arthur and the Knights were ambushed by Morgana's mercenaries, Merlin was badly injured and became separated from the others. After a search party failed to find any trace of him, Arthur set out to look for Merlin himself. Gwen was deeply concerned by this, as there was no telling how many mercenaries were still hiding in the forest, but failed to change his mind. Accepting that he wouldn't be deterred (and worried about Merlin herself), Gwen asked Arthur to promise her that he wouldn't go alone, and was relieved when Gwaine volunteered to accompany him.

Luckily, Arthur and Gwaine soon found Merlin in the forest, covered in mud but otherwise unharmed. The next day, Gwen took it upon herself to serve Arthur his lunch, as she thought that Merlin could use the rest. Merlin, however, became oddly upset about it and stormed off, leaving Gwen and Arthur confused. Later, as she was walking through the lower town, Gwen noticed a crowd gathering around a pigsty and discovered that a pig had died after eating the food that Merlin had tried to serve Arthur. She retrieved a piece of chicken from the scene and took it to Gaius, who confirmed that it had been laced with poison and that Merlin had likely done it. Confused, Gwen asked why Merlin would want to kill Arthur, and Gaius noted that he had been acting very strangely since he returned and speculated that something might be wrong with him.

As Gwen and Gaius were looking for Merlin to investigate this theory, they came across Sir Leon in a corridor. The knight seemed to be very amused about something, and told them that Merlin had taken a crossbow from the armoury "to kill Arthur". Horrified, they rushed to Arthur's chambers and arrived just in time to see the warlock attempt to kill Arthur with his ceremonial sword. Fortunately, Merlin tripped and knocked himself out on a column before he could do the king any harm. When he began to stir, Gwen knocked him out again by hitting him over the head with a pitcher, and she and Gaius took him back to the physician's chambers.

They discovered that Merlin had been implanted with a Fomorroh, which sorcerers could use to enslave their enemies' minds. Gaius quickly removed it and tossed it into the fire, and the problem appeared to be solved. However, by the next morning another Fomorroh had grown in its place, and Merlin made another attempt on Arthur's life. He poured a bottle of corrosive salts into Arthur's bathwater, which turned it to acid. When Gwen and Gaius burst into Arthur's chambers, they found Merlin testing the water with a sword, and Gwen took advantage of the distraction and knocked him out with another pitcher. Gaius quickly grabbed the warlock and pulled him behind a column, but the duo failed to make their escape before Arthur stepped out from behind his dressing screen, completely naked.

Arthur was understandably horrified to find Guinevere in his chambers and quickly tried to cover himself. Meanwhile, Gwen initially tried to pretend that nothing unusual was going on, but then realized the king's state of undress and averted her eyes while he grabbed a pillow to more effectively cover himself. Scrambling for an excuse for their being there, Gwen told Arthur that there had been a problem with his bathwater and that Merlin had gone to fix it, but that she didn't think he'd be able to have a bath that day. Though obviously nonplussed by the situation, Arthur accepted her explanation and awkwardly sidestepped behind his dressing screen. Gwen and Gaius then grabbed Merlin and beat a hasty retreat (A Servant of Two Masters).

Lamia[edit | edit source]

I thought I knew everything about you, Guinevere. Your loyalty, your wisdom. Since when did you become this fearless hero?"
Arthur to Gwen[src]

Gwen and Mary ask Arthur for help.

When Gwen's friend Mary Howden came to Camelot seeking help for her village, which had been stricken with a mysterious illness, Gwen took her to Arthur to ask for his aid. He promised Mary that he would do whatever he could to help, and since Gaius was currently occupied treating an outbreak of sweating sickness, he decided to send Gwen, Merlin, and the Knights to investigate the illness in the physician's place.

When days went by and they failed to return, Arthur became worried and he, Gaius, and Agravaine led a search party to Longstead. He learned from the village elder that Gwen and the others had left the previous morning, and as they hadn't passed them on the trail Arthur quickly determined that something must have happened to them. He became further convinced when Gaius examined the ailing villagers and discovered that their illness had probably been caused by a Lamia, a dangerous creature of magic that could control men and suck the life out of them. The creature had likely escaped from a group of slavers that the search party had found massacred along the trail, one of which had survived and eventually recovered enough to confirm Gaius's suspicions.

The next morning, Arthur and Agravaine began to search in earnest for Gwen and the others. They discovered some tracks and followed them deeper into the forest. When the trail came to end, Arthur instructed the search party to fan out and try to find more tracks. Agravaine, however, did not want Gwen and the others found, and carefully concealed their trail when he found it. But despite the nobleman's best efforts, Arthur managed to pick up their trail when he spotted a strip of cloth that Gwen had tied to a tree to mark their way. Recognizing the material from Gwen's tunic, Arthur eagerly followed the trail to an abandoned castle. There, he found the Knights stricken with Longstead's illness and Gwen and Merlin trying to fight off the Lamia, which he quickly killed with a spear.

Gwen was ecstatic to see Arthur, and immediately ran to him and leaped into his arms. Laughing with relief, Arthur wrapped her in a hug and (after helping Merlin to his feet) they happily left the castle together. Later, back in Camelot, Arthur made sure that Gwen was all right and complimented her bravery. Gwen modestly replied that she hadn't done anything that anyone else wouldn't have done, but Arthur disagreed. He told her that she'd been equal to any knight, and that he was proud of her. Delighted by his praise, Gwen stepped closer so that Arthur could take her in his arms, and they kissed (Lamia).

Engagement and Betrayal[edit | edit source]

All these years, I've waited for you."
"You only had to wait one more day.
Gwen and Arthur[src]

Arthur prepares to propose to Guinevere.

Not long after the incident with the Lamia, Arthur decided to ask Gwen to marry him. Predictably, Agravaine attempted to dissuade him, but Arthur was prepared for his uncle's arguments. He pointed out that Guinevere had proven herself valuable support and a true counsellor in recent months (both of which were qualities he needed in a Queen), and when his uncle continued to protest Arthur made it clear that he'd made up his mind and expected Agravaine to accept his decision.

The next night, Arthur surprised Gwen while she was doing chores in the palace. After blindfolding her, he led her out of the palace to her house, where he removed the blindfold to reveal her home covered in candles. As Gwen looked around excitedly, Arthur took her by the hand and sat her down in a chair. He then knelt in front of her and asked her to marry him. Overjoyed, Gwen burst into tears and leapt forward to hug him. Her reaction confused Arthur, who hesitantly asked, "Is that a yes?" Getting a grip on herself, Gwen pulled back from the hug and assured him that it was. They smiled at each other, and Arthur placed an engagement ring on her finger.

Meanwhile, Agravaine hadn't taken well to Arthur's wedding plans and had rushed to inform Morgana. Determined that Gwen would never sit upon her throne, Morgana set out to end their relationship once and for all. She traveled to the Pool of Nemhain and used a magical coin to resurrect Lancelot as a Shade, then spent the next few days carefully molding his mind. She told him all about Gwen and their former feelings for one another, how Gwen had loved him before she'd loved Arthur and how she would soon be his again. When the Shade Lancelot was finally ready to play his part, Morgana sent him to Camelot, where he revealed his identity during the jousting tournament that Arthur was holding as Gwen's engagement present.

Like everyone else in Camelot, both Arthur and Gwen were shocked and overjoyed by Lancelot's return from the dead, and much to Agravaine's displeasure Gwen wasn't at all flustered by her former lover's reappearance. He reported as much to Morgana, but the witch was unconcerned. She had anticipated that her former maid might have grown out of her feelings for the knight, and sent Agravaine back to Camelot with a bracelet that she'd enchanted with a powerful love spell. The Shade Lancelot presented the bracelet to Gwen the very next day. She initially struggled against its control, appearing to be confused and quickly withdrawing the first time she entered Lancelot's tent, but after he forfeited the final round of the tournament in favor of a badly injured Arthur she was unable to stop herself from seeking him out.

Gwen tries to stop Arthur from killing Lancelot.

The night before her wedding, Lancelot arranged to meet Gwen in the council chambers. She found him waiting for her behind a column and they embraced. She seemed to be somewhat uneasy about their escapade, asking if he was sure that it was safe to meet there, and Lancelot assured her that no one visited the council chambers at that time of night. Meanwhile, Agravaine woke Arthur and told him that there was something he needed to see. He then led the king to the council chambers, where they arrived just in time to see Gwen and Lancelot kiss.

Hurt and betrayed, Arthur flew into a rage and attacked Lancelot with his sword. The two fought furiously for several minutes as Gwen tearfully pleaded for them to stop. Eventually Merlin arrived and secretly disarmed Lancelot with his magic. Though his opponent was now defenseless, Arthur charged forward to run him through and likely would have killed Lancelot had Gwen not thrown herself between them, forcing Arthur to stop his attack. She and Lancelot were then arrested and taken to the dungeons, where they were placed in separate cells. Devastated by what had happened, Gwen ripped Lancelot's bracelet from her wrist (thus breaking the enchantment) and threw it away before collapsing to the floor in tears.

Later that night, Gwen was escorted back to the council chambers and forced to kneel as Arthur entered the room. The king then ordered everyone to leave them, as he wished to speak with her in private. Though understandably angered by her betrayal, Arthur tried to understand why she'd done it. He asked if she was still in love with Lancelot. If she'd been in love with him all along. If she'd had any worries or doubts about their marriage. Guinevere, however, denied every explanation. Now not only angry but thoroughly confused, Arthur finally exploded and demanded to know what she'd thought she was doing, and Gwen burst into tears. She admitted that there had been a time where she'd loved Lancelot, but she hadn't felt that way about him for many years, and after he'd returned she'd felt drawn to him in a way that she couldn't explain.

Desperate to salvage their relationship, Gwen tried to assure Arthur that she loved him, that he meant everything to her and that she still wanted to be his Queen, but the king was unmoved. He told her that the council (namely Agravaine) thought that she should be put to death for what she'd done, and Gwen waited with bated breath for his decision. After a moment, Arthur admitted that he had no wish to see her dead, but he also didn't want to see her at all. He banished her from Camelot, ordering her to leave at first light. Devastated and more than a little panicked, Gwen pleaded for him to reconsider and reminded him that she had nowhere else to go, but Arthur's decision was final. He told her that he was sorry, and then left her alone.

As ordered, Gwen left Camelot that very morning with no one but Merlin to see her off. Later, while Arthur observed the removal of the wedding decorations from the throne room, Merlin tried to change his mind about the banishment. He said that he knew that what Gwen had done was wrong, but he truly believed her to be a good person, and surprisingly Arthur agreed. He told Merlin that he loved Gwen with all his heart, and admitted that in time he would probably find a way to forgive her. However, he didn't think he could ever trust her again, and he knew that he couldn't live like that as either a husband or a king. No matter how much it pained him, it was for the best that she was gone (Lancelot du Lac).

The Hunter's Heart[edit | edit source]

How can I love someone who's betrayed me? It doesn't make any sense. And how can I make myself love another?
Arthur to Merlin about Gwen[src]

Arthur meets Princess Mithian.

After Camelot and the neighboring kingdom of Nemeth reached an agreement over a dispute of land, Arthur revealed to the court that he was to marry Princess Mithian as part of the deal. Merlin was concerned about this, as he knew that Arthur was still in love with Gwen and was probably making this decision on the rebound, but the king did not take kindly to his opinion. He made it clear that Gwen's name was never to be mentioned again, or else Merlin would join her in exile.

Unlike most of his previous matches, Arthur got along very well with Mithian and appeared to enjoy her company. He was stunned by her beauty when she first arrived in Camelot, and she appeared to find him attractive as well. At the feast held in honor of her arrival, they had no trouble making conversation and were shown to laugh often. Arthur was particularly impressed with Mithian's diplomacy. For example, when Merlin used his magic to embarrass Arthur by making him spill soup on his chainmail, Mithian immediately tried to put him at ease about it and politely wiped up the soup with her napkin. The princess's compassion endeared her to Arthur, and he decided to invite her on a picnic the following day.

In addition to getting along well, Arthur and Mithian also shared a love of hunting. When Arthur discovered this, he invited Mithian to take part in the annual hunt held during the Festival of Ostara. She was happy to accept, and though the beginning of the hunt was uneventful Arthur easily kept Mithian entertained by teasing Merlin. When the warlock (who didn't care for hunting) tried to talk them into calling it a day, Arthur joked that they could always hunt Merlin if they didn't see any deer, which made Mithian smile (since she knew he was only teasing). Merlin was less amused by the joke, but any danger of Arthur actually following through with it vanished when Sir Leon spotted a doe running through the woods, and the hunting party immediately leapt to pursue it.

Gwen, trapped in the form of a deer.

Unbeknownst to them, however, it wasn't a deer they were chasing but Guinevere. She'd been captured by raiders while working in a village and found herself working as a serving girl in the hideout of a warrior named Helios. Gwen later escaped from him after she discovered that he was in league with Morgana, but unfortunately the witch had discovered her presence there and pursued her. She eventually cornered Gwen in the woods outside Camelot, and used her magic to place an enchantment on her that transformed Gwen into a deer.

The enchantment was undetectable to all but Merlin, who watched in horror as the hunting party chased her through the woods. Once they were in range, Arthur took the first shot. Merlin quickly used his magic to throw the bolt off course, but he wasn't fast enough to stop Mithian's, and the princess landed a clean shot to Gwen's leg. Fortunately, the injury wasn't severe enough to keep Gwen from escaping, and the hunting party was forced to stop the pursuit in order to search for her trail. As he scanned the ground for tracks, Arthur discovered Gwen's engagement ring (which had been taken from her by Morgana) abandoned on the forest floor. Shocked, he could do little more than stare at the ring for several minutes, and when Mithian asked if he'd found anything he made no reply. Instead, he quietly stated that there would be no more sport that day and ordered everyone back to Camelot, leaving the princess confused about his sudden change in mood.

Later that night, Merlin secretly returned to the woods to search for Gwen. She was unconscious when he found her, but thankfully back in her normal form. After pulling the arrow from her leg, Merlin used his magic to heal her wound and stood guard over her until morning, when she finally regained consciousness. Gwen was very pleased to see him and quickly told him about Morgana enchanting her and how the witch was planning to conquer Camelot with Helios and Agravaine. But when he asked her ride back to Camelot with him and tell Arthur in person, Gwen refused. She said that she could never see Arthur again after she'd betrayed him, and was convinced that she deserved her fate.

Mithian bids Arthur farewell.

Meanwhile, finding Gwen's ring had brought back all the feelings that Arthur had tried so hard to ignore, and he found that he could no longer bring himself to go through with marrying Mithian. The princess was understandably disappointed, but accepted his decision with dignity. As recompense for the insult, Arthur offered her kingdom all of the disputed lands of Gedref, and revealed that he'd already had his scribes draw up the agreement.

After a moment's consideration, Mithian decided to accept the terms. She then surprised Arthur by asking who he was in love with that trumped a princess. He hesitantly admitted that it was the daughter of a blacksmith, and said that without her his kingship and kingdom meant nothing to him. His reply seemed to touch Mithian, who thoughtfully mused that she would give up her own kingdom to be so loved. She then bid Arthur farewell, and she and her men left Camelot in peace (The Hunter's Heart).

Reunion and Marriage[edit | edit source]

Whatever's happened between us..."
"Please, Arthur, I can't forgive myself."
"I don't care. I just don't ever want to lose you.
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Isolde advises Gwen not to give up on her romance with Arthur.

Gwen and Arthur were eventually reunited in Merlin's home village of Ealdor. Gwen had gone there in the hope of starting a new life for herself in exile, while Arthur and Merlin sought refuge there after Camelot was conquered by Morgana and Helios. Though Gwen was nowhere to be seen when they arrived in the village, Arthur soon discovered her presence there when he woke to find her tending his injured ribs. They were both uncertain how to act at first, but soon admitted that they'd missed each other and embraced.

Their reunion was cut short, however, by the arrival of a patrol led by Agravaine. Arthur and his allies (which now included Gwen) quickly escaped into the woods, and at Merlin's suggestion they tried to throw the nobleman off their trail by cutting through some nearby tunnels. As they walked, Tristan questioned Gwen about why she was with them and how she knew Arthur, and Gwen answered that she'd been a servant in Camelot and she was with them because Arthur was her king. When Tristan scoffed that he hadn't seen many kingly qualities in Arthur thus far, Gwen loyally defended the king by replying, "Well, maybe you just don't know him."

But despite their earlier reunion and Gwen's enduring faith in him, Arthur continued to struggle with the pain of her betrayal. When he got into a disagreement with Tristan and Gwen tried to talk to him about it, Arthur told her not to. Dismissing their reconciliation in Ealdor as a "moment of weakness", he told her that her betrayal had destroyed everything that had once been between them and nothing would ever change that. Though heartbroken by Arthur's words, Gwen nevertheless understood his feelings and remained loyal to his cause. She was among those present when Arthur (aided by Merlin's magic) pulled the sword Excalibur from the stone it was lodged in, which restored his self confidence by proving his right to rule.

Later, while she was helping the newly organized survivors of Camelot set up camp, Gwen caught sight of Tristan presenting Isolde with flowers. Taking note of Gwen's sad expression and the way her gaze kept drifted to Arthur, Isolde gently encouraged her not to give up hope and told her that love was stronger than anything. Though initially skeptical of Isolde's advice, Gwen seemed to take comfort in it and ultimately chose to follow it. She went to Arthur and told him that she understood why he couldn't forgive her, but she wanted him to know that she'd never once stopped loving him, leaving Arthur thoughtful.

King and Queen of Camelot.

Gwen later took part in the battle to retake Camelot. She was a member of the group that Arthur led to the council chamber, where Helios and Morgana were waiting to confront them. But when the witch attempted to attack them with her magic, she was surprised to discovered that her powers weren't working. Panicked, Morgana fled from the chamber and Gwen and Merlin hurried to pursue her while Arthur, Tristan, and Isolde fought off Helios and his warriors.

With the aid of their companions, both Gwen and Arthur survived their respective fights, but Isolde was killed protecting Arthur from Helios. The depth of Tristan's grief was deeply affecting for Arthur, and after the battle he went to Gwen and told her that he wanted her to stay in Camelot. Uncertain, Gwen tried to tell him that she didn't have to and that she couldn't forgive herself for what she'd done, but Arthur gently disagreed. He told her that he didn't care about her betrayal anymore, and all he knew was that he didn't want to lose her. As Gwen hopefully absorbed his words, he took her hand and asked her to marry him. Smiling, Gwen answered, "Yes. Yes, with all my heart." and they kissed.

Some time later, in a ceremony witnessed by the knights and other members of the court, Arthur crowned Guinevere Queen of Camelot. After placing the crown on her head, he helped her to her feet and onto the dais, and they kissed. Smiling, they then turned to face the crowd and Arthur presented Gwen to her new subjects, who voiced their approval with cheers of, "Long live the Queen!" (The Sword in the Stone)

As King and Queen[edit | edit source]

I rely on your honesty, Guinevere. And I love you for it.
Arthur to Gwen[src]

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

Three years later, Arthur and Guinevere were comfortably ensconced as King and Queen of Camelot. After a patrol of knights disappeared while en route to Ismere, Gwen was present at both the meeting of the Round Table and the private council meeting discussing the matter. In both meetings, Arthur was shown to value her counsel and trust her judgement. When he decided to lead a rescue party in search of the missing knights, Arthur had no qualms with leaving Gwen in charge, and she proved more than capable of handling court affairs in his absence.

Gwen was somewhat lonely while Arthur was away. At one point she asked her maidservant, Sefa, to sit with her and keep her company. Urging the girl to help herself to her uneaten meal, Gwen sheepishly remarked that she ought to be used to Arthur riding into danger by now, and admitted that it was hard not knowing if he'd return. Sympathetic, Sefa tried to comfort her mistress as best she could. She pointed out that there was no greater warrior than Arthur and assured her that he would return, for which Gwen was grateful.

A few days later, Leon and Elyan returned to Camelot and reported that the rescue party had been ambushed by Morgana and a band of Saxons. Gwen became worried when she learned that Arthur (and Merlin) had disappeared during the battle, but kept a cool head and deduced from the rest of the knights' story that there was a traitor in their midst. She quickly determined that the traitor was Sefa, and sentenced her to execution in the hope that her plight would lure her father (a sorcerer in league with Morgana) to Camelot. Her plan worked, and Ruadan was fatally injured helping Sefa escape.

Later, while examining the dead sorcerer's body, Gwen and Gaius discovered a scrap of paper hidden in a locket that he wore around his neck. At Gwen's insistence, the physician explained that it was a Druid prayer calling for victory over the enemies of the Old Religion. Though the Druids were generally a peaceful people, there were some who sought vengeance for their suffering during the Great Purge and believed that Arthur was no different from his father. Gwen took this to mean that Ruadan had believed it to be his sacred duty to fight Arthur, and Gaius agreed. He then explained that there was a prophecy that Arthur would die by a Druid's hand, which left Gwen uneasy (Arthur's Bane).

Gwen is attacked by Uther's spirit.

When Gwen noticed that Arthur seemed upset during the feast celebrating the anniversary of his coronation, (which was also the anniversary of Uther's death), she became concerned and tried to comfort him. Arthur assured her that he was fine, then kissed her on the cheek and went to visit his father's tomb.

The next night, Arthur secretly used the Horn of Cathbhadh to speak with his father and accidentally released his spirit into the living world. Uther disapproved of many of the things that Arthur had done since becoming king (including his decision to marry a servant), and his spirit soon began to make his displeasure known by damaging the Round Table, attacking Percival, and attempting to kill Gwen.

Arthur was horrified when he learned what had happened, and was deeply relieved when Gaius confirmed that Gwen would be all right. Though up to this point Arthur had refused to believe that his father was responsible for the odd things that had been happening, Gwen's brush with death had caught him off guard and allowed Merlin to convince him of the truth.

Later, when he confronted Uther's spirit in the throne room, Arthur demanded to know why he'd tried to kill Gwen. His father answered that he'd done it for Arthur's own good and dismissed her as nothing but a serving girl who could never understand what it meant to be Queen. Arthur was greatly upset by this, and told Uther that Gwen was wise and strong, and he trusted her more than anyone (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon).

Arthur reassures Gwen about his motives for helping Mithian.

When Nemeth was conquered by Morgana and King Odin, Princess Mithian escaped capture and rode to Camelot for help. She claimed that her father had managed to escape with her, but he'd been badly injured in the attack and had been unable to make the full journey, and as such she needed Arthur's help to bring him to safety before Odin's men found him. Empathetic to her cause, Arthur immediately agreed to help and made arrangements to lead a rescue party to Rodor's hiding place.

Though Gwen fully supported Arthur's decision to help Mithian, she worried that he had agreed not out of loyalty but because he couldn't pass up the chance to avenge his father's death. She admitted as much that night in their chambers, pointing out that it had been assassins sent by Odin who had been responsible for Uther's death and that Arthur had been waiting for an opportunity to retaliate ever since. In response to her worries, Arthur assured her that his anger towards Odin had nothing to do with his decision and that he only wished to help their friends. Gwen was satisfied with his explanation and told him that she'd just wanted to be sure, and Arthur replied that she was right to have asked. He told her that he relied on her honesty, and that he loved her for it.

Later, after Rodor had been found and the rescue party returned to Camelot, Gwen learned that Arthur had had the opportunity to kill Odin but chose to spare him instead. Pleased, she told Arthur that he'd given the people hope for the future and that she was proud of him (Another's Sorrow).

The Disir[edit | edit source]

That is because they don't know you like I do. If they did, they would feel nothing but love.
Gwen to Arthur about the Disir[src]

Arthur considers the runemark.

When Arthur decided to lead a patrol in search of the sorcerer that killed Sir Ranulf, Gwen became worried and asked if it was really necessary for him to go in person. She pointed out that he'd nearly been killed when he'd led the search for Mithian's father, and there were many fine men in Camelot who could avenge Ranulf's death. Arthur, however, explained that Ranulf had been a childhood friend as well as a trusted knight, and as such he needed to help bring his killer to justice.

Though Arthur told her not to fear and assured her that he'd be safe with the Knights, Gwen was still uneasy. As the patrol prepared to leave, she went to Merlin and asked him to take care of Arthur. The warlock ruefully replied that the king didn't make it easy, but nevertheless agreed to try. The patrol returned the next day having completed their mission, but Arthur now found himself with a new problem. Before he'd died, the sorcerer had given him a coin that Gaius identified as a runemark. He told the king that the Disir gave runemarks to those that they intended to pass judgment on, which confused and upset Arthur. He believed that he'd been a different kind of king than his father had been, and couldn't figure out why the Disir would want to judge him.

In his distress, Arthur failed to eat anything at dinner that evening, which prompted Gwen to bring a tray of food to their chambers for him. She tried to comfort him about his latest predicament, reminding Arthur that he himself had described the sorcerer as a deranged and desperate man and that it was impossible to fathom the mind of a fanatic. Arthur, however, was not reassured. He told Gwen that there had been no hatred in the man's eyes, only pity, and marveled that the man had given his life to hand him the runemark when he could have easily tried to kill him instead. When he began to wonder if he really had transgressed against the Disir in some way, thereby putting all of Camelot at risk, Gwen reassured him that he had been a good and just king, and said that if the Disir didn't think so then it was because they didn't know him like she did. If they did, they would feel nothing but love.

Arthur ultimately chose to answer the Disir's judgment, and led a patrol to the White Mountains to speak with them. The meeting went badly and ended in a battle, during which the young knight Mordred was mortally wounded trying to protect Arthur. Guilt stricken, Arthur retreated to his chambers soon after the group returned to Camelot, and Gwen did her best to convince him that what had happened wasn't his fault. Arthur, however, would not be comforted. He said that he was foolish to have let Mordred go with them, reminded Gwen that she herself had said that the young knight was impetuous, and told her that he should have listened to her. Gwen, however, pointed out that if Mordred hadn't gone, then Arthur would be the one possibly dying in Gaius's chambers, and told him that Mordred had done his duty to ensure that Camelot didn't lose its king (The Disir).

Guinevere Kidnapped[edit | edit source]

He'll know you've taken me. He'll know it's a trap."
"He will. But he'll still come.
Gwen and Morgana about Arthur[src]

Morgana takes Gwen to the Dark Tower.

When Gwen was kidnapped while riding home from her father's grave, Arthur was deeply distressed and ordered that a search party be ready to ride out at dawn. Meanwhile, Gwen found herself being held prisoner by Morgana and was forced to follow her to the Dark Tower. The witch taunted her throughout their journey and told her that she meant to play a game with Arthur to see how much he loved her. Gwen adamantly replied that he would know Morgana was involved and expect a trap, but the witch was unconcerned. They both knew that he would come anyway.

Sure enough, Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights headed out to search for her the morning after she disappeared. They found her horse abandoned near the sight of the attack, as well as a trail leading east, which they followed until it was too dark to see. At that point the Knights suggested that they stop for the night, but it took a while to talk Arthur into it. He ordered that everyone keep riding east, and when Merlin pointed out that they'd lost the trail, he stubbornly insisted that they'd retrace the tracks. Luckily, Merlin was able to convince him that they needed to work together to find Gwen and would pick up the trail in the morning, and Arthur reluctantly allowed them to stop and make camp.

Later that night, Leon and Percival both woke from nightmares of a frightening tower beyond a forest and a plain. The fact that they had both had the same dream after being bitten by Morgana's snakes the day before led Arthur to believe that she had imprisoned Gwen in the Dark Tower. He also concluded that the witch was probably trying to lead him into a trap, and as such decided that he would travel the rest of the way alone, but the Knights insisted on going with him. Arthur was touched by their loyalty to both himself and Gwen, and the group proceeded on to the Impenetrable Forest.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at their destination Morgana had locked Gwen in a room at the very top of the Tower. Apart from a brief interlude where the witch allowed her out to dine with her, Gwen spent the entirety of her imprisonment trapped in there. The room was pitch black and had dozens of Mandrake roots hanging from the ceiling, which tormented Gwen with their screams and caused her to hallucinate. She was plagued by the constant sound of people laughing at her, and eventually began to see disturbing visions of friends and family. In one of these visions, an illusion of Arthur tricked her into believing that it really was him come to rescue her. But when she was finally coaxed into looking at it, the illusion began to laugh at her like all the others, leaving Gwen in tears.

Arthur worries about Guinevere.

As Gwen struggled against these nightmarish visions, Arthur and the Knights were trying to hack their way through the Impenetrable Forest. They eventually realized that they'd been going around in circles, leaving Arthur frustrated and enraged that they'd wasted an entire day. Luckily, the next morning Merlin was able to lead them out of the forest using his magic, and the group soon arrived at the Dollares Plains.

As Arthur and the Knights made their way across the Plains, Gwen began to crack as her hallucinations intensified. Eventually Morgana entered the room to comfort her. She told Gwen that she was sorry for making her suffer, but it had been necessary to show her the truth: that Morgana was the only one she could trust. That Morgana was the only person she had left in the world. That everyone else (including Arthur) hated and tormented her. At first Gwen seemed to succumb to Morgana's lies, but then she realized what she was doing and pulled away from her. She told the witch that whatever twisted game she was playing, she wanted no part of it. She would rather stay there and die.

Meanwhile, Arthur and the Knights had arrived at the Tower. They followed a staircase to a room filled with booby traps, which they discovered when the flagstones on the floor reacted to pressure and set off arrows, one of which almost struck Arthur in the head. Thinking fast, they soon figured out that they could cross the room by using their swords to test the flagstones before stepping on them. Elyan was the first to make it across, and immediately decided to go on ahead. Like Arthur, he had been greatly upset by Gwen's kidnapping and blamed himself for not protecting her better. As such, he ignored Arthur's objections and continued on alone. Following the staircase to the top of the Tower, Elyan found Gwen being guarded by an enchanted sword undoubtedly meant to kill Arthur. He managed to defeat the sword, but was mortally wounded doing so, and died soon afterwards in Gwen's arms.

Gwen and Arthur at Elyan's funeral.

Arthur spent much of the next few days comforting Gwen, who was devastated by her brother's death. He stood beside her at Elyan's funeral, and when a knight fired a flaming arrow into the boat containing her brother's body to set it ablaze, he put his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Later that night, Arthur fell asleep with Gwen in his arms, clearly relieved to have her back.

The Gwen who'd been rescued, however, was very different from the Gwen that he'd lost. That night, she slipped out of his arms and went to meet Morgana in the woods. She assured the witch that Arthur suspected nothing, and she now understood that Morgana was the only person she could trust. She hated everyone in Camelot, including Arthur, and Morgana commended her for seeing past the lies to the truth. She told Gwen that she would have an important part to play in the future, and together they would ensure the destruction of everything that Arthur held dear (The Dark Tower).

Guinevere Enchanted[edit | edit source]

You're not happy with your husband?"
"I'd be happy if he died tomorrow.
Sarrum and Gwen about Arthur[src]

Arthur, Gwen, and Merlin on a picnic.

On Gwen and Arthur's third wedding anniversary, they decided to celebrate by going on a picnic. While riding out, Arthur was nearly killed when his horse spooked and he was attacked by a pair of bandits. An investigation revealed that the girth on his saddle had been tampered with, and the stablehand Tyr Seward was consequently arrested and tried for treason. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Arthur was understandably upset by the incident, and Gwen later tried to comfort him. She persuaded him that since Tyr was guilty then he'd had no choice but to sentence him to death, no matter how fond he might be of him. She also pointed out that even honorable kings could have enemies within their walls, and they were often the last person that one would expect, a lesson which Arthur had learned many times over. As the king began to come around to her point of view, Gwen added that the important thing was that Tyr hadn't succeeded, as she couldn't have borne losing her husband so soon after the loss of her brother. Tenderly, Arthur promised that he would always be there and would never leave her.

Later, Merlin went to Gwen and Arthur and told them that Tyr hadn't sabotaged Arthur's saddle, but had seen the person who had. However, the stablehand was too frightened to name their identity because they'd threatened to kill his mother if he told. In light of this, Arthur immediately decided to go see him, but was stopped by Gwen. She pointed out that Tyr was obviously frightened and unsure and persuaded Arthur to wait until morning to speak with him, as he would be more prepared for Arthur's questions then. After a moment's hesitation, Arthur agreed.

That night, Gwen secretly visited Tyr in the dungeons and confronted him. The stablehand assured her that he'd said nothing (thereby revealing that Gwen was the person he'd seen sabotaging Arthur's saddle) and asked if his mother was safe. Gwen replied that his mother was well and would remain that way. Tyr, however, was another story. She couldn't take the risk that he might slip and tell someone what he'd seen, and decided to kill him to ensure his silence.

The next day, Gwen reported to Morgana and informed her that their attempt on Arthur's life had failed. Unbothered, the witch instructed her to find someone else to take the fall now that Tyr was dead. She told Gwen that she would need to be beyond all suspicion when Arthur died to ensure that she would have the support of the knights, as only with their allegiance would Gwen have a clear path to the throne. Skeptical, Gwen pointed out that such preparations made little difference with Arthur still alive, but Morgana assured her that she'd bring her what she needed to finish the job.

Gwen went about her normal routine as she waited for the witch to contact her. When she found Arthur worriedly contemplating whether Merlin was right in thinking that Morgana had ally in Camelot, she did what she could to offer encouragement. She told him that she would give her own life to protect him, and that together they would figure out who the traitor was. Later, she met with Morgana while walking through the Lower Town. The witch supplied her with a deadly poison that she wasted no time in using on Arthur. As they dined together that evening, Gwen waited until his back was turned and then poured it into his drink. The poison worked quickly, and within moments the king had fallen into a coma.

Gwen and Leon at Arthur's bedside.

As Arthur lay at death's door, Gwen dutifully played the part of the heartbroken wife and remained faithfully at his side. She tearfully reminded him of his earlier promise that he would never leave her and wondered how she would live without him. Sir Leon, who was sitting with her, took this opportunity to speak to Gwen about ruling Camelot if Arthur should succumb to the poison. He assured her that the knights believed in her and would always stand beside her, and told her that he knew that if Arthur were able to make the decision, he would choose her to rule in his stead.

When Arthur miraculously recovered from the poison (with some magical help from Merlin), Gwen quickly covered her trail by claiming to have discovered the poison used against him in their chambers. She traced the marks on the vials to the apothecary that Morgana had bought the poison from, who was promptly arrested and brought to trial. The apothecary reluctantly admitted to having sold the poison to a woman who might have been Morgana, but claimed to have had no knowledge of what she was planning to use it for. At the trial's conclusion, Arthur publicly complimented Gwen on her diligence in uncovering the truth and said that everyone in Camelot owed her a great debt (A Lesson in Vengeance).

Some time later, Gwen returned home from a walk to find Arthur (and Merlin) lighting candles and arranging garlands of gillyflowers around their bed. She was delighted with the surprise and immediately moved to embrace her husband, asking if he'd missed her. Smiling, Arthur returned her embrace and replied that he had. He then dismissed Merlin for the day, clearly wanting to be alone with his wife. As Merlin was leaving, Gwen asked him to prepare a hot bath for her, and Arthur swept a giggling Gwen up in his arms and carried her to their bed.

The next morning, Gwen watched with much amusement as Arthur attempted to get himself ready for the day. At one point he asked if she knew where his comb was, and she responded by walking over to the nightstand and picking it up. Embarrassed, Arthur protested that it must have been hidden under something, to which Gwen teasingly replied, "Your nose?" Still trying to save face, Arthur quickly changed gears and tried to distract Gwen with romance and flattery, but she was having none of it. As he tried to draw her in for a kiss, she smoothly used the comb to block his lips and reminded him that he needed to prepare for Sarrum of Amata's arrival.

Arthur and Guinevere, on their way to the treaty signing.

Gwen was later seen watching from the castle balcony as Arthur and his knights welcomed Sarrum to Camelot. The day after that, she approached him at Morgana's instruction and asked him to help her assassinate Arthur. It was a simple proposition: he would kill Arthur, she would assume the throne, and in gratitude for his help she would give one third of Camelot's lands to Amata. Certain that with Arthur out of the way he could easily deal with Gwen and take Camelot for himself, Sarrum agreed to this plan, and thus played directly into Gwen and Morgana's hands.

The assassination was to take place the following day. While Arthur and Sarrum were signing a treaty that would establish an alliance between their kingdoms, one of Sarrum's guards snuck onto the balcony that overlooked the throne room and took aim at Arthur with a crossbow. The plan went awry, however, when Merlin (who had been purposely lured away from Camelot to prevent him from interfering) unexpectedly returned and killed the assassin by using his magic to hurl an arrow at him. The impact threw off the assassin's aim and caused his shot to hit Sarrum instead of Arthur, killing him instantly. Gwen was disappointed that the plan failed, but dutifully kept up her act as Arthur's loving wife (The Hollow Queen).

Guinevere Restored[edit | edit source]

If I lose her, I lose everything."
"We'll find a way to bring her back, Arthur. I promise.
Arthur and Merlin about Gwen[src]

Arthur asks Gwen to enter the Cauldron.

Though their assassination attempts had failed, Gwen and Morgana continued to work together to bring down Camelot. To that end, Gwen brought the witch a scroll detailing the route that the levy collection planned to take, as well as the names of the knights who would be going, their arms, and their day of departure. Morgana told her that she'd done well, and at Gwen's request began to explain how the information could further their cause.

Unbeknownst to the two conspirators, however, their meeting was being watched by Arthur and Merlin. Shocked and horrified by the betrayal, the king started to draw his sword to attack Morgana but was stopped by Merlin, who pointed out that she was too powerful to take on alone. As Gwen and the witch continued to talk, Arthur wondered aloud how Gwen could betray him, and Merlin replied that she had clearly fallen prey to a dark and powerful magic. Dejected, Arthur whispered that if he lost her then he lost everything, and Merlin promised that they would find a way to bring back the Gwen he loved.

The next day, Arthur tried to act normal around Gwen but only succeeded in appearing edgy and distracted. At one point he turned down an invitation to go riding by claiming that he had training sessions to attend, a lie which Gwen caught him in that afternoon when she noted that he was still in the same clothes he'd worn at breakfast and his armor was untouched. Concerned, she told him that she wouldn't see him hurt for the world and asked if she'd done anything to upset him. Arthur considered her for a moment, then sadly replied that he loved her more than she could imagine and that there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for her. He then pulled her into an embrace, leaving Gwen puzzled.

Meanwhile, Merlin and Gaius searched for a way to free Gwen of Morgana's enchantment. They discovered that Gwen was a victim of the Teine Diaga, an ancient ritual wherein a High Priestess used the Mandrake root to bring unimaginable terror to a victim and bind their will to her own. In order to be freed from this control, the victim had to be cleansed by the White Goddess at the Cauldron of Arianrhod, but it would only work if the victim entered the Cauldron of their own free will. If they were tricked or in any way forced to, then the victim's soul would be lost forever.

After informing Arthur of their findings, the trio conspired to drug Gwen at dinner that evening and smuggled her out of Camelot in a wheelbarrow. Arthur and Merlin then took her to the Cauldron of Arianrhod. Though their journey was complicated by a fall from a cliff, an unexpected rescue by Mordred (who had followed them), and an attack by Morgana and Aithusa, they ultimately managed to reach the Cauldron before Gwen woke up. At that point Merlin left to disguise himself as the Dolma, an old sorceress that Gaius had told Arthur lived nearby, and covered up his disappearance by claiming (as the sorceress) that she was holding him hostage to ensure her safety.

Once she was sure that Arthur understood the risks of what they were trying to do - that there was a very real possibility that they might fail and Gwen would be lost forever - the Dolma used her magic to wake Gwen from her drugged slumber. The queen was shocked to find herself no longer in Camelot and immediately rounded on Arthur, demanding to know what he'd done to her. When he attempted to calm her she struggled to get away, snapping at him that he was a stupid and foolish man and that she had never been his and never would be. Arthur then tried to remind her that she'd loved him once and said that he still believed she did, but Gwen stubbornly replied that her love for him had been a trick, a subterfuge to pass Camelot to its rightful Queen. As she spoke Arthur began to drag her towards the water but was stopped by the Dolma, who reminded him that the enchantment would only be broken if she entered of her own free will.

Gwen and Arthur after the enchantment is broken.

Steeling himself, Arthur pulled Gwen close and tried a new approach. "Do you remember when I asked you to marry me? Do you remember what you said? You said, "With all my heart." That's what you said, Guinevere. That was no subterfuge. No trickery. With all my heart." As the king spoke, Gwen slowly stopped struggling and stared at him. When he was sure he had her attention Arthur began to walk backwards towards the Cauldron, repeating the phrase all the while. Upon reaching the water he extended his hand to Gwen, who softly repeated the words to herself and began to follow.

Once Gwen had entered the water, the Dolma used her magic to summon the White Goddess and the queen became enveloped in a white light. The light lingered for a moment, and then began to dissipate. When at last it was gone, Gwen turned to Arthur and smiled, extending a hand to him just as he had to her. Elated and greatly relieved, Arthur waded over to her and they joyfully embraced (With All My Heart).

Final Days Together[edit | edit source]

I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.
Merlin to Gwen about Arthur[src]

Some time later, Arthur and Gwen decided to go on a picnic. They had a lovely time together, amusing themselves with small talk and teasing Merlin, who had gone along to attend to them. At one point the warlock remarked to Gwen that it'd been a while since Arthur was that happy, to which Gwen musingly replied, "Yes, he has changed, hasn't he?"

The next morning, Arthur attempted to surprise Gwen with flowers and breakfast in bed. He sent Merlin to get both, and the warlock returned with the breakfast (but not the flowers) just as Gwen was waking up. She was delighted with the surprise and began to compliment Arthur on his thoughtfulness, but at that moment Merlin (who was hidden behind the drapes) tripped over something as he was making his exit. Though Arthur scrambled to cover his trail by dramatically asking Merlin what he thought he was doing in the royal chambers, Gwen was no fool and immediately figured out what was going on. Amused, she thanked Merlin for the breakfast, then turned to Arthur, who fidgeted for a moment and then sheepishly remarked, "It was my idea." (The Kindness of Strangers)

Camlann and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Arthur, if these are to be your last days, I would far rather spend them together than sit waiting for a man that I might never see again.
Gwen to Arthur[src]

Arthur and Guinevere before the battle.

When Morgana declared war and attacked Fort Stowell with an army of Saxons, Arthur decided to make Camelot's stand at Camlann instead of the citadel in order to minimize civilian casualties. As the army prepared to depart, Gwen went to him and informed him that she would be going with him. He tried to dissuade her by telling her that the battlefield was no place for a Queen, but Gwen replied that she would rather be with him than have to wait alone for a man she may never see again.

The night before the battle, Gwen found Arthur brooding in their tent, wondering if it'd been a mistake to bring the battle to Camlann. Hoping to ease his doubts, Gwen told him that she believed his plan was brave and bold and their only chance of defeating Morgana once and for all, and that she had never doubted the valor and wisdom of his choice. Her words set Arthur's mind at ease, and he told her that if she didn't doubt him then he wouldn't doubt himself, and that her faith gave him strength greater than any weapon. Pleased, Gwen advised that they get some rest while they still had the chance, and Arthur responded by taking her in his arms and carrying her to bed.

Later, as he and Gwen lay curled up together, Arthur received a telepathic message from Merlin, who had been trapped in the Crystal Cave. The warlock informed him that Morgana was planning to use an old path over the ridge to outflank Camelot's army and trap them. He instructed the king to find this path, and the force of his command startled Arthur awake. Confused, he sat up in bed, which woke Gwen as well. Sensing his distress, the queen tried to reassure him by telling him that it was just a dream, but Arthur wasn't so sure. He leapt out of bed and ran outside to investigate. He was immediately flagged down by Sir Leon, who informed him that Morgana's army was on the move, and the king deduced that she would attack before the night was over. He quickly ordered Gwaine and Percival to take a patrol and search for the path while he and the rest of the army prepared for battle.

Both Gwen and Arthur took part in the Battle of Camlann, albeit in different ways. While Arthur led Camelot's army, Gwen kept busy by helping Gaius with the wounded, and at one point defended them from a Saxon who managed to infiltrate the tent. Camelot ultimately emerged victorious, but their triumph proved short-lived when they discovered that the king had gone missing on the battlefield. Gwen was beside herself with worry, and though she was eventually persuaded to return to the citadel without Arthur she insisted that the knights continue to search for him.

When Gaius returned with news that Arthur was wounded, but alive, Gwen was greatly relieved but also deeply worried, especially after she learned that Arthur had instructed the physician to give her the Royal Seal. Distraught, she demanded to know where he was, and Gaius replied that Merlin was taking him to a place where he might be healed and insisted that she refrain from sending any knights after them. Gwen was frustrated by this and initially tried to argue against it, but she ultimately accepted Gaius's reasoning after he pointed out that Morgana's remaining men would be looking for Arthur and two men traveling alone stood a better chance of evading her.

Gwen holds Arthur's signet ring during her ascension.

As she waited for further news on her husband, Gwen kept busy by presiding over court affairs, including the unmasking of the traitor Eira (who had been spying on them for Morgana) and her subsequent execution. The long wait gave her time to think over what Gaius had told her in a calmer state of mind, and she eventually deduced that Merlin had been the mysterious sorcerer who had aided them in the battle. The revelation was a great comfort to her, as she knew that Merlin would do anything for Arthur and that her husband was in safe hands.

But in the end, she and the rest of Camelot waited in vain. Arthur and Merlin were attacked by Morgana on their way to the Lake of Avalon, and though Merlin managed to kill her before she could do the king any further harm, the delay she caused in their journey was a costly one, and Arthur ultimately died before they could reach their destination. Eventually, the people lost all hope that their king would return, and a heartbroken Guinevere ascended the throne as Queen Regnant of Camelot in his stead (The Diamond of the Day).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Arthur and Guinevere's romance was a closely kept secret until the events of 3x13. Only a handful of characters were aware of it before then.
  • Gwen's outfits gradually become queenlier as her relationship with Arthur progresses.
  • Arthur usually calls his wife by her full name, Guinevere, instead of the diminutive Gwen. He is the only character who does this.
  • Following Morgana's betrayal in 3x12, Guinevere is the only woman to be included in Arthur's inner circle.
  • Gwen is the only known commoner to have married into a noble family.
  • Following Uther's death in 4x03, both Arthur and Guinevere are orphans. (Both their mothers were deceased prior to series 1, and Gwen's father was executed during the events of 1x12.)
  • The affair between Gwen and Lancelot in 4x09 being the result of an enchantment is accurate in regards to the earliest legends, which generally depicted Guinevere as a faithful wife to Arthur.

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