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There is something about you, Arthur Pendragon. Something which gives me hope for us all.
Queen Annis to Arthur[src]

King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot was the son and heir of Uther Pendragon and the only child of Ygraine de Bois. He was the husband of Queen Guinevere, brother-in-law to Sir Elyan, son-in-law to Tom the blacksmith, the paternal half-brother of Morgana, the nephew of Tristan de Bois and Agravaine de Bois. Arthur's best friend was the greatest warlock and sorcerer ever, Merlin, his servant.

According to the prophecies of Kilgharrah, Arthur was destined to unite the land of Albion. As a young prince, Arthur was spoiled, narrow-minded, and arrogant, though good-hearted; as time passed, he eventually matured and became best friends with his manservant, Merlin. This was partially due to his dislike of the way his father ruled, and also because of the influence Merlin had on him.

Arthur tended to have negative opinions about Uther’s harsher policies, particularly his aversion to magic, but during his reign he kept his father’s decree banning magical practice due to his war with Morgana. Arthur’s great conviction is in peace and justice, and during his reign he revived the Round Table and managed to establish peace between the five kingdoms for the first time in centuries.

Arthur died at the hands of Mordred by the shores of Avalon, but, Kilgharrah claimed that, as the Once and Future King, he is destined to one day rise again.


Early Life

Arthur was born in Camelot to Uther and Ygraine Pendragon with the help of magic by the sorceress and priestess, Nimueh. Unfortunately, Ygraine was infertile, thus incapable of giving birth, but Uther, who was desperate for an heir, went to Nimueh and persuaded her to use her magic to help Ygraine. However, as Nimueh used the power over life and death for Arthur to be born, a sacrifice had to be made for a life to be created and Ygraine died in the process after Arthur was born. As a result of her death, Uther despised magic and had its practitioners executed but kept the true nature of her death secret from Arthur. Arthur also had a half-sister named Morgana, who was born from an affair Uther had with her mother Vivienne. Arthur grew up with Morgana after Gorlois died, but remained unaware of her true paternity.

Meeting Merlin

Merlin101 0443

Arthur meets Merlin for the first time. (The Dragon's Call)

Who do you think you are? The King?"
"No. I'm his son, Arthur.
Merlin to Arthur

Arthur first encounters Merlin while he is doing target practice with his friends and bullying the servant who is carrying the target. Merlin, unaware of Arthur's identity, stands up to him. Arthur has Merlin thrown in prison and subsequently into the stocks. They later fight again in town where Merlin uses his magic to try and get the better of Arthur. Later, at a feast celebrating twenty years since magic was banished from Camelot, Mary Collins takes the guise of Lady Helen with the intent of killing Arthur as revenge for Uther killing her own son. Using his magic, Merlin manages to save Arthur and, in return, Uther makes Merlin Arthur's manservant. (The Dragon's Call) At first the two of them want nothing to do with one another, but quickly become close friends. Arthur remains ignorant of Merlin's powers for a very long time due to consequences which could occur if he finds out.

Early Adventures with Merlin

Merlin107 1723

Sophia guides Arthur to the lake of Avalon

Arthur frequently finds himself in danger and though he does not often realise it, is rescued by Merlin on several occasions. These have included drinking a poisoned chalice that was supposedly for Arthur, (The Poisoned Chalice) and saving him from being sacrificed by a young Sidhe named Sophia after she enchanted him into believing he was in love with her. (The Gates of Avalon) Arthur sometimes avoids taking blame for things. He allows Merlin to be sent to the stocks twice when he abandons his duties to see Sophia and once more when he forces Merlin to lie about where he was. (The Gates of Avalon) Arthur aids other characters when they need it. He travels to the Forest of Balor to retrieve an antidote when Merlin is poisoned by Nimueh, despite the fact he is putting his life in danger and going against his father's orders, which are to let Merlin die.

Through this experience he is nearly killed by giant spiders and is locked in the dungeons by his father for disobeying him. He only manages to get the antidote to Merlin through the quick thinking of Gwen. (The Poisoned Chalice) Arthur also speaks out for the druid boy Mordred when he is being pursued by Uther. He later helps Merlin and Morgana sneak Mordred out of Camelot after they are caught the first time and return him to his people. (The Beginning of the End) When Nimueh brings his uncle Tristan de Bois, "The Black Knight", back to life Arthur attempts twice to challenge him only for the gauntlet to be picked up by Sir Owain and then Sir Pellinore. After Pellinore is killed Arthur throws down his own gauntlet and challenges Tristan. However Uther has Gaius drug Arthur and fights Tristan himself with a sword intended for Arthur given to him by Merlin. (Excalibur)

Merlin110 1905

Arthur defends Ealdor

Arthur later helps Merlin's home village, Ealdor, to fight against a brigand named Kanen. He trains the villagers in combat, helps them prepare a battle plan, and then fights in battle alongside them. Originally he would only let men fight, however he eventually lets the women fight after he is reproached by Gwen a moment that sparks their closer involvement. He is nearly killed by Kanen himself, but a man named William jumps in front and takes the blow. (The Moment of Truth)

Merlin111 2073

Anhora tests Arthur's heart

Camelot is cursed with lack of food and water after Arthur kills a unicorn. He refuses to admit that it is his fault and only comes to terms with it after he fails the second test, supposedly leaving Camelot without food forever. When Merlin asks the keeper of the unicorns, Anhora, to give Arthur a second chance he finds himself a part of the test. When Arthur demonstrates he is willing to give his life for another person the curse is lifted as he proves that he is "pure of heart" like a unicorn. (The Labyrinth of Gedref)

Around the time of Tauren's threat, Guinevere's father is killed by Uther's men. Before his death, Arthur insists to his father to spare his life, nevertheless Uther ignores him. An angry Morgana, gets herself locked up in the dungeon for threatening Uther after Tom's death. A day later, Arthur sets her free. Arthur later visits Guinevere and apologises to her about her father's death and states that he is willing to help if needed. (To Kill the King)

Bitten by the Questing Beast

Merlin113 0311

Arthur searches for the Questing Beast

On a quest to kill the Questing Beast Arthur is bitten by it and is on his deathbed. While Gwen and Gaius nurse him in Camelot, Merlin travels to the Isle of the Blessed to offer his own life to Nimueh to save Arthur since the law of magic insists that for one life to be spared, another must be taken. When Merlin gives Arthur water from the Cup of Life, he recovers, soon finding the energy to flirt with Gwen, teasing her about what she said to him whilst he was unconscious. When it is revealed that it is Hunith's life that Nimueh intended to take through the means of a terrible illness, Merlin decides to return to Nimueh to offer his life for hers. Before he leaves he teases Arthur about being a prat, but then grows solemn and tells Arthur he is a great warrior and will become a great king, though he also advises Arthur to learn to listen as well as he fights. (Le Morte d'Arthur)

Relationship with Guinevere 

I've never loved another."
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Preparing dinner

Arthur comes to believe that the Knights of Camelot are allowing him to win at jousting due to his status as a prince and begins to question his own skills. As a result, Arthur decides to disguise his identity in an upcoming tournament so he will be able to have fair fights with the other competitors. He leads everyone to believe that he will be away from Camelot during the tournament, but in reality secretly goes to live with Gwen in her house. Despite initial disharmony, he and Gwen come to understand one another more through their brief cohabitation which ultimately leads to the two sharing a kiss before the final joust. Arthur emerges victorious in the tournament but he later sadly tells Gwen that he could not be with her because his father would not approve.

When Morgana's magic begins to reveal itself, Arthur is clueless to what is really going on. Arthur notices Merlin's constant attempts to comfort Morgana, and comes to believe Merlin has fallen in love with her. After Morgana is returned to Camelot from the Druids, Arthur corners Merlin and, despite his own mismatched relationship with Gwen, advises Merlin to stick to women of his own status because Uther would "have his head" for trying to woo Morgana Pendragon. Gwen is later kidnapped by a group of bandits whose intention was to capture Morgana, but Morgana escaped them leaving them with Gwen. Therefore, the bandits decide to ransom Gwen in her place. Uther refuses to do anything, so, on Morgana's urgent request, Arthur and Merlin leave on their own. Arthur's behaviour arouses Merlin's suspicion, however, and Arthur eventually confesses that he is in love with Gwen. But he also says that nothing could ever happen between them because his father will never allow it. Merlin says that he can change that when he becomes king and assures him that Gwen will wait for him if she feels the same way.

Arthur upset with Gwen

Arthur upset with Gwen about Lancelot

Arthur and Merlin eventually arrive at the bandits' hideout where they find that Gwen and Lancelot, who attempted to free Gwen, are going to be killed. They manage to stop the attempted execution and free the two. On the journey back to Camelot, Arthur notices that Gwen and Lancelot have feelings for each other and becomes jealous. Lancelot leaves after he finds out about Arthur's feelings for Gwen, deciding that he will not allow himself to come between them. Despite Lancelot's departure and Gwen's safe return, Arthur is left troubled. As time goes on, Arthur and Gwen continue their relationship though it remains largely unspoken between the pair. Both are reluctant to talk together about their honest feelings and tend to be somewhat awkward with one another. (Lancelot and Guinevere)

Arthur and Guinevere's relationship develops slowly over the course of the seasons, positives as well as negatives, but namely the two remain steadfast in their love for each other. Their relationship remains secretive as people knowing about their time together would result in scandal and anger from Uther.


Arthur kisses Gwen under duress

In Queen of Hearts, Morgana reveals the relationship to King Uther and Gwen, accused of witchcraft, nearly loses her life. As Gwen is being taken to the dungeons, Arthur breaks free from the guards restraining him and runs to Gwen to kiss her. He tells her: "I will always love you."

The two are eventually married in the season 4 finale and season 5 explores their more matured relationship as husband and wife, as well as King and Queen. After Gwen is kidnapped by Morgana, Arthur immediately races to her rescue, alongside Merlin and the Knights (The Dark Tower).

Following Gwen’s kidnapping, Merlin and Gaius discover she’s been ensnared by dark magic and is now a slave to Morgana, bitter and murderous towards Arthur. (A Lesson In Vengeance, The Hollow Queen)

In With All My Heart, Arthur is able to restore Gwen back to her original self by reaffirming his undying love for her, thus reaching the purest part of her heart.

Troll Stepmother

Arthur. She's a troll.”
“She's not that bad.
Merlin and Arthur[src]

When Uther marries Lady Catrina (who is actually a troll in disguise) Arthur at first attempts to be supportive although he is clearly shocked by his father's hasty nuptials. He tells a doubtful Merlin that Uther is happy and that is all that mattered. Merlin is later falsely accused of theft by the new queen and Arthur warns him that Uther is after him, thus giving him time to escape capture. Uther, under the magical influence of his new wife, expresses doubt that Arthur possesses the abilities to be a strong king of Camelot. Arthur is bewildered by his father’s change in opinion regarding his capabilities, unaware that Uther has been enchanted by Catrina, and starts to doubt himself.


Arthur, clearly not amused

He disagrees with Uther’s harsh new taxes, arguing that the people of Camelot can not afford it and will starve if they are forced to pay any more. He returns tax money to the peasants in the town and intervenes when he sees guards punishing a peasant who has not paid his tax. The people look on him in gratitude, among them Guinevere, though he does not spot her in the crowd. Arthur soon goes to Uther and refuses to carry out his orders any further, deeming them unfair and believing he can be both King and friend to the people of Camelot. He comments to Uther that they are servants to Camelot’s people just as much as Camelot’s people are servants to them. Uther disagrees and Arthur leaves, confused by Uther's changed attitude. Arthur is pleasantly surprised when Gwen comes to his private chambers to thank him for his kindness towards the people of Camelot. He confides in her, allowing her to see his growing doubts over what kind of king he should and can be, thanks to Uther's unkind words. She disagrees with him and tells him that they both know his doubts are unfounded.

She also reassures him when he questions Uther's love for him. She tells him that he has a kind heart that ought never to change to please anyone, which seems to touch him. They end their conversation when Sir Leon summons Arthur to his father, though he and Gwen appear to have started to regain the closeness they shared before Lancelot came between them. Uther then informs Arthur that he is disinherited, leaving Catrina the sole heir to the throne. Shocked and upset, Arthur storms out, utterly confused. Having initially doubted Merlin when he told him Catrina was a troll, Arthur soon begins to accept that his father was put under a spell. Merlin proves himself right by blocking Catrina's passage to a private room when she begins to transform into her troll form, leading to an incredulous confrontation between Arthur, Morgana and Uther, the latter of whom is utterly oblivious to the truth. Arthur therefore agrees to Merlin and Gaius’ plan to bring down the new Queen of Camelot. He drinks a potion that will bring him to the brink of death so that Uther will cry tears of regret over his treatment of Arthur, since this is the only way to break the powerful troll magic. They are successful and Arthur subsequently kills the troll. He does not hold a grudge against Uther and teases his father about marrying and sleeping in the same bed as a troll. He also thanks Merlin for his help and they share a brief half-hug handshake. (Beauty and the Beast)

The Witchfinder 

You can do the right thing, Arthur Pendragon! You can show some faith in a loyal friend, or you can stand by and watch an innocent man die!

When the Witchfinder, Aredian, came to Camelot, Arthur did not take a liking to him but under his father's orders he was put at the Witchfinder's services. When Merlin was accused of sorcery, Arthur was shocked and didn't believe it, and when Gaius said it was him, Arthur protected Merlin and gave him a few moments with Gaius. When Merlin and Gwen tried to prove Gaius was innocent, they nearly arrived too late but Gwen convinced Arthur to stop Aredian from burning Gaius at the stake. He then convinced his father with Merlin and Gwen that the Witchfinder was guilty, Aredian tried to escape by taking Morgana Pendragon hostage but Merlin used magic to make Aredian's knife burn forcing him to drop it. Aredian then fell out of a window to his death. (The Witchfinder)

Meeting Morgause

This is what fuels your hatred for those who practice magic. Rather than blame yourself for what you did you blame them.
Arthur to Uther[src]

Arthur is challenged and defeated in a sword-fight by a woman named Morgause. As Morgause has Arthur at her mercy, he is spared only on the condition that he agrees to come to her and accept another challenge. As she is leaving, she tells Arthur that she knows something about his mother. This arouses the prince's curiosity, and he decides to go and visit her. After having to break out of Camelot with Merlin's help, they journey to Morgause's castle.

Once there, she challenges him to put his head on a chopping block so she can kill him. Though hesitant, Arthur does so, and Morgause says this is a test of his character. As his reward for passing, Morgause uses her magic to summon the apparition of his deceased mother, allowing him to meet her for the first time. From his mother, Arthur learns partly the truth about his birth: Uther wanted an heir, but Ygraine was unable to conceive. Therefore, Uther turned to Nimueh for help, and she used her magic to create him, but Ygraine had to die because of this. Although Uther did not foresee this, Ygraine or the illusion of Ygraine claims that Uther sacrificed her willingly. Arthur is horrified by this, and interprets Uther's anti-magic laws and the Great Purge as the result of Uther being unable to blame himself for Ygraine's death.

Arthur and mother

Reunion between mother and son

Furious, Arthur returns to Camelot and confronts the king. Arthur then challenges him to mortal combat, something about he gives his father no choice but to accept. Uther does not accept but has to defend himself against Arthur's frantic attacks. Arthur eventually disarms his father, but before he can kill him, Uther assures Arthur that he loved Ygraine and could have never done anything to hurt her. Still unconvinced, Arthur keeps threatening his father, but Merlin manages to convince him that Morgause tricked him. This encounter appears to have deepened Arthur's own hatred of magic. (The Sins of the Father)

The Bastet 

Something's been upsetting you, hasn't it?
Arthur to Merlin[src]

When a Druid girl called Freya escaped from a bounty hunter named Halig, Halig warns Uther of what damage that the girl can do, so Uther helps Halig find Freya. Around Camelot, there are residents being killed at night by a creature called a "Bastet", which is actually Freya in her cursed form. Later, Halig finds Merlin, who is "acting suspiciously", and attempts to interrogate him, but Arthur steps in and stops him. One night, Arthur, Halig and the Knights of Camelot attempt the recapture of the girl, but she transforms into the Bastet, kills Halig, but is fatally wounded by Arthur in self-defence. Merlin stops the Bastet from killing Arthur, but Arthur cannot see as he is knocked out after a final blow from the Bastet. Freya tragically dies, and Arthur notices Merlin acting suspiciously upset, although he does not question it. (The Lady of the Lake)

Lady Vivian 

It is destiny my love. Destiny and chicken...
Merlin210 1288

Next to Vivian

When Arthur is put under a spell to fall in love with a princess named Vivian, only Gwen can break the spell as she is Arthur's true love. Gwen has never been vocal about her true feelings for Arthur, but when he is put under enchantment Gwen shows that she really is in love with him. She tells him she finds it difficult to express what is truly in her heart. After their problems with Lancelot, Arthur now knows that Gwen loves him as much as he loves her. Gwen also acknowledges the pain she causes him with Lancelot. She still thinks she can never be his queen, Arthur does not agree and hopes that they can marry when he becomes king. They both know that they will never be allowed to marry whilst Uther is king, but Merlin believes Arthur can change that once he becomes king. (Sweet Dreams)

Alvarr's Threat

I will not stand by and watch innocent people destroyed, and I am not alone. Many have already joined me. Many more join every day.

A ruthless sorcerer named Alvarr, while preparing a rebellion against Uther, seeks the help of Mordred and Morgana to help him steal and wield the Crystal of Neahtid. However, Merlin helps thwart their plan by having Gaius warn King Uther about Alvarr's hideout. Uther has Arthur and the Knights of Camelot raid the camp and steal back the crystal. It results in a battle, Camelot, led by Arthur, defeats Alvarr and his bandits. Mordred flee and Alvarr is captured. (The Witch's Quickening)

Invasion of the Knights of Medhir

Who could have done this? You're the only one who's not been affected, Morgana. There must be a reason.

When Arthur and Merlin go to investigate the fires of the castle of Idirsholas, Morgause has put a spell on Morgana to make everyone in Camelot fall asleep, so the Knights of Medhir can simply ride in and conquer Camelot. But Arthur and Merlin come back to Camelot before their arrival, they aid Uther, and find Morgana. They fight the knights, but they can't be defeated. Without Arthur knowing, Merlin bargains with Morgause for Morgana's life, which destroys the Knights of Medhir, just as Arthur barges into the room and sees Morgause escape with Morgana, before he can save her. (The Fires of Idirsholas)

Revenge of the Great Dragon 

What happened?"
"You dealt him a mortal blow."
"He's gone?"
"Yeah. You did it.
Arthur and Merlin[src]

Arthur is later forced, along with his knights to defend Camelot from The Great Dragon who is freed by Merlin (though Arthur doesn't know it) and attacks Camelot every night as revenge for his imprisonment and the near extinction of his kind. After realising that the Dragon is too powerful for them to defeat, Arthur and Merlin go on a mission to find Balinor, a Dragonlord and (unknown to Arthur) Merlin's father. They find Balinor who at first refuses to return to Camelot, believing that it is perfectly fair that The Great Dragon should have revenge for everything Uther has done to him. Balinor is eventually convinced to return when he realizes that Gaius, whom he owes a life debt, is in danger. Arthur tells him he will be rewarded but Balinor replies that he seeks no reward. Unfortunately the Dragonlord is fatally injured by an enemy king's knights and dies in Merlin's arms. Arthur watches but can't understand why Merlin is so upset as he still doesn't know Balinor is Merlin's father. Arthur and Merlin arrive back at Camelot and report the death of the last Dragonlord. Then they go out with Arthur's knights to make one last attempt to kill The Great Dragon. The Dragon presumably kills all of Arthur's knights but Arthur rolls under a stream of fire and manages to land a blow on the Dragon with his sword. The Dragon retaliates by smashing him with one of its huge front legs, knocking him unconscious. Merlin, who gained the powers of a Dragonlord thanks to his father, banishes the Dragon from Camelot and then tells Arthur that the wound he gave the Dragon was fatal. (The Last Dragonlord)

Return of Morgana 

He's always been so strong. He lifted his kingdom from its knees, Gaius. To see him now..."
"I am sure that, over time, he will recover. But until then, we have to make plans, Arthur. We need you to assume control.
Arthur and Gaius on Uther[src]
Merlin301 0055

Leading the search for Morgana Pendragon

On the orders of his persistent and relentless father, Arthur, Merlin and the knights of Camelot spend almost a year searching for Morgana. One day whilst looking for her in a forest, Merlin asks Arthur if what they are doing is a good idea, but Arthur as usual disregards him. They soon find a deserted camp in a forest, and it isn't before long they are attacked by the bandits occupying the camp. After a short battle, they are victorious.

In the battle's aftermath, they see one final figure approaching; as they get closer, the group sees that it is a bloodied and dishevelled Morgana, shocking Arthur and Merlin. After she sleeps Morgana tells Arthur about her year, and how she lived in a cave for the entire time. They share a passionate hug, and Morgana notices Merlin standing there. Just as Arthur and Merlin leave, Morgana asks to speak to Merlin. In Arthur's chambers, Arthur notices Merlin being very cheerful and wonders why, Merlin replies because Morgana is back.


Arthur makes fun of Merlin's chores

When Arthur goes to train, Merlin makes Arthur lose his sword, and he is hit in the chest with a small mace and left lying face down in the mud, much to Merlin's amusement. At a party celebrating Morgana's return, Uther outside. He sees something in the well, terrifying him. Arthur asks Gaius what may have made Uther go mad. Gaius says he has no idea, but he tells him that when he found Uther, he was crying, calling out Ygraine's name. Arthur and Sir Leon catch wind that mercenaries are flooding into Cenred's kingdom; they fear he is raising an army and inform Uther, but he does not listen due to seeing hallucinations. All of a sudden, the warning bells sound; the body of a wounded sentry has been found. Gaius tells Arthur that the knife used to injure the man is marked with the sigil of the Blood Guard, an order of warrior priests who protect the High Priestesses of the Old Religion. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon)

The Great Battle for Camelot

S03e02 arthur 03 1600x1200

Arthur fights in the Battle for Camelot.

Arthur states that the guard is still alive and will soon identify his attacker, but he is soon killed. Uther is still weak from the ordeal and unfit to rule. The following day, a patrol of Camelot knights, led by Sir Leon discover Cenred's army and race back to alert Arthur, who finally takes charge of the city from the weakened Uther. Leon reports that Cenred's army numbered at least 20,000, outnumbering Camelot's forces two to one. Gaius suggests they negotiate with Cenred, if only to buy them time to prepare, but Arthur, knowing Cenred will not be easily satisfied, orders Camelot to prepare for a siege, insisting that the castle has never been taken, thereby giving them the advantage. He also orders that the people of Camelot's outlying villages take shelter within the city. When Leon argues they will be leaving behind their homes and livestock, Arthur replies at least they will have their lives. As night falls and Cenred's army surrounds the city, Merlin helps Arthur into his armour; as he does so, Merlin for the first time speaks openly about Arthur's destiny to be Camelot's greatest king and assurs him that the victory he will win will be remembered forever. Arthur seems touched by Merlin's faith in him and shows a grudging respect for Merlin's wisdom, though he is quick to disguise it with his usual abrasiveness. At the urging of Morgause, Cenred begins the attack; as catapults bombarded Camelot, Cenred's army breaks through the city gates and battle erupts in the streets. Arthur and his men defend the walls and barricades, holding Cenred's men from advancing, and Uther, ignoring the advice of Gaius, Leon and Arthur, dons armor and joins the battle, fighting against the invaders. Arthur pulls him back despite his protests that he will not let Camelot fall, a crossbow bolt hits him in the leg. With their king injured and Cenred's men overrunning the barricades, Arthur orders a retreat back to the castle, leaving the lower town to the attackers.

Merlin302 2172

Againist the undead army

As Cenred's men advance on the retreating Camelot soldiers, Merlin assists Arthur by using magic to block their path with fire. As the knights of Camelot fight a desperate battle to keep Cenred's men from breaking into the castle, to their horror; skeleton warriors begin to emerge from the castle and attack Camelot's army from behind. Arthur, Merlin, Leon and a number of knights try to hold the skeletons off, but their weapons can't kill the undead warriors, only slow them down. As Arthur and his men fight a losing battle on two fronts to hold off Cenred's men and the undead, Arthur insists that they must evacuate Uther, but Gaius replies that with the lower town lost, there is no way to escape; this is now a fight to the death. Eventually, the army of the dead suddenly return to a truly dead status. In the battle's aftermath, Merlin tries to tell Arthur something, but Morgana has gotten there ahead of him, having told Uther and Arthur that she destroyed the staff and stopped the skeletons. After Camelot is safe, Arthur demands that Merlin attend to his chores. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon)

Gaius Possessed 

The Gaius I know would never look forward to seeing Merlin hang no matter what he'd done. Merlin was telling the truth.
Arthur to a possessed Gaius[src]
S03e03 arthur 1600x1200

Arthur as a Donkey.

When Gaius is possessed by a goblin, Arthur is forced to arrest Merlin for apparently using magic, though while he does this he avoids looking Merlin in the eye. He also looks shocked when he hears that Merlin will be executed. The next day, Arthur grows suspicious of Gaius' strange behaviour when he speaks out of turn in council. He tricks Gaius into saying he will be glad to see Merlin hang, and to keep Arthur quiet, the Goblin casts a spell on Arthur to give him the ears and voice of a donkey. Gwen and Merlin are the only two people to know about this, and when he sees her after Merlin has undone all the Goblin's work, he tells Gwen that he thinks it is best to forget the events of the last few days. However, Merlin left Arthur with a donkey's laugh for one extra day. (Goblin's Gold)

Meeting Gwaine 

Gwaine risked his life to save mine. I beg you, please, if a knight's word is his bond, then I give you my word Gwaine is a good man.
Arthur to Uther[src]

Arthur meets a man named Gwaine around the time of Camelot's Mêlée, he meets him in a tavern brawl when Arthur encounters a thug named Dagr. Gwaine helps Arthur and at one instance, saves his life. But in the brawl, Gwaine is knocked out, so Arthur and Merlin aid him by taking him back to Camelot with them. At Camelot, Gwaine stirs up a lot of trouble, significantly, Gwaine eats four dozen pickled eggs, to which Arthur has to pay for.

Arthur and Gwaine

Arthur meets Gwaine.

Meanwhile, Dagr and Ebor are plotting their revenge for the tavern incident. They seek the help of a sorcerer named Cylferth, to help them transform into two knights. Dagr and Ebor kill Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald before arriving in Camelot disguised as those two. Arthur later attends an audience with the king after Gwaine attacks Sir Oswald (Dagr), Gwaine is set to be executed, but Arthur steps in and states that Gwaine has a "noble heart", and so Uther only banishes Gwaine from Camelot. In the mêlée, Arthur is forced to fight the two disguised thugs who wield Stulorne Blades to fight. Gwaine returns and helps Arthur defeat the two knights, killing the thugs. Uther, as he is stubborn, still enforces banishment on Gwaine, despite the knights' true nature being revealed. (Gwaine)

Morgana's Birthday 

It's Morgana's birthday. I have to get her a present.

After being shot by bandits and later healed by Taliesin, Arthur returns from the Valley of Kings with Merlin, who, unbeknownst to Arthur, have seen a vision of Morgana killing the king in the Crystal Cave with a bejewelled dagger. Therefore, when Arthur tells him he got Morgana a dagger for her birthday, Merlin is greatly panicked until it is revealed that the dagger Arthur got is plain, unlike that in Merlin's vision. To cover up his surprise, Merlin remarks that he thought girls prefer 'pretty things', which however leads Arthur to change his dagger to the one in Merlin's vision. As a result, in yet another attempt to prevent the future, Merlin causes Morgana's accident and fetches Arthur, who brings Morgana to Gaius where it is revealed that her head injuries are fatal. Arthur is devastated by the knowledge that Morgana will die, commenting he would give up his throne to allow her to live, and is later seen taking out his violent rage on a training dummy. Seeing Arthur's grief at Morgana's worsening condition add to Merlin's dilemma on whether to allow Morgana to die to prevent her dark future or to save her and ultimately help persuade him to use magic to heal her. (The Crystal Cave)

Princess Elena 

Father, I have tried to get to know Elena, but the truth is, I have no feelings for her. I'm, I'm sure she's a wonderful person, but I cannot marry someone I don't love.
Arthur to Uther[src]

When the royal family of Gawant pay a visit to Camelot, Arthur is pressured by Uther into marrying Lord Godwyn's daughter, Elena. Unknowingly, Elena is a part of a Sidhe-Queen plot controlled by her Pixie maid Grunhilda, she is a Changeling, one who is slowly becoming a Sidhe. Arthur reluctantly plans his marriage with Elena, while trying to keep his true love happy, Guinevere. Arthur goes out horse riding with Elena, and on this journey, they discuss a lot about their childhood, but on some occasions, one particularly when Arthur gives her flowers, she sneezes on him. When they arrive back in Camelot, she gives him an awkward, unwanted hug. Arthur, sadly proposes to Elena, while unhappily telling Gwen that their relationship has to end. Merlin handles the Sidhe-Queen plot and makes dispose of the Changeling inside Elena. Minutes prior to his marriage, Merlin and Arthur discuss about the wedding. Merlin tells Arthur that he should go with his heart, which is what he does as he interrupts Geoffrey of Monmouth during their marriage, cancelling it. Just as the family of Gawant departs, Arthur notices something different about Elena, he sees a more mature side to her. She tells him that one day she hopes they'll find their true loves. Later, Arthur encounters Gwen and states that he is still a "single man", and reviving their fast-developing relationship. (The Changeling)

Saving Elyan 

What could I possibly do for you?" <br.> "You can bring me Arthur Pendragon.
Gwen and Cenred[src]

Arthur learns from Morgana that Gwen had gone missing, not knowing it was a trap to lure him. When Gwen shows up, he tells Arthur and Merlin about Cenred holding her brother Elyan captive in hopes that Arthur would risk everything for Gwen. Before they leave, Arthur makes an excuse to Uther, which would not leave the king suspicious. Before Arthur can leave with Merlin and Gwen, Morgana insists that she come along too as she is "worried" about her maid. They try to breach the Castle of Fyrien, where they were captured easily by Cenred's men. Arthur was imprisoned with Merlin, who both escaped from their cell and found Gwen and Elyan. Arthur, not being able to leave Morgana behind, went on to search for her telling the other to head for Camelot and not wait for him. Arthur was surprised to find Morgause was present, while Cenred held a knife to Morgana's throat. Morgause then sent a Wall of Fire at Arthur, but it mysteriously exploded to her own dismay, knocking everybody in the hall out. He then carries an "injured" Morgana to the horses where Gwen and Elyan wait. They are later attacked by Cenred's bandits, where Arthur is amazed at Elyan's swordsman skills. They arrive at Camelot, where Gwen thanks Arthur for saving her brother. Arthur then tells her that is what he would do for someone he loves. (The Castle of Fyrien)

The Golden Trident 

I am to enter the realm of the Fisher King and find the golden trident spoken of in the legends of The Fallen Kings.
Merlin308 1900

A Wyvern approaches Arthur

To prove his worthiness to become King of Camelot, Arthur was sent on a quest to retrieve the Golden Trident of the Fisher King, alone and unaided. Unaware of what it was, he was given a Phoenix Eye by Morgana, who pretended it was a gift for good luck, hiding the fact that the bracelet actually consumed the life force of its bearer. Travelling alone to the Perilous Lands, his energy was therefore slowly sapped. Upon meeting Grettir, the dwarf warlock who guarded the bridge to the Fisher King's kingdom, Arthur was confused when he referred to him as "Courage" and asked where "Strength" and "Magic" were, and was troubled when told he would need "Magic" more than he knew since he did not condone its use. Grettir noticed the Phoenix Eye on Arthur's wrist and at once knew its true nature, but did not warn Arthur of its harmful effects.

Fighting his way to the Fisher King's tower, he was attacked by two Wyverns whilst the remainder of his life force was consumed. After being found and revived by Merlin and Gwaine he was angered, feeling that since they had helped him, his quest was meaningless, though he continued to search for the trident. After being separated from Merlin in the Fisher King's throne room, he took the Trident from where the king had dropped it and brought it back to his father. Morgana was shocked to see he had made it back alive, though Gwen and Uther were greatly relieved. (The Eye of the Phoenix)

Alice poisoning Uther 

Please, my father is dying. If you have a single shred of goodness within you, you will tell me how to cure him.
Arthur to Alice[src]

When the Manticore possesses Alice and forces her to make an attempt on the king's life. Alice poisons Uther, which results in her being locked up by Arthur. Arthur begs her to save him but she continues to blame the Manticore. But in the end, Merlin and Gaius are the ones who saved Uther. (Love in the Time of Dragons)


Arthur in the woods

Exposed Relationship with Guinevere

If it's Gwen who you desire, why do you deny yourself?
Morgana to Arthur[src]

Once Morgana had a vision of the Coronation of Queen Guinevere, she acts immediately by, with Morgause, planning to split Arthur and Guinevere's relationship. Morgana persuades both Guinevere and Arthur to have confidence in themselves so they can romantically meet in the woods. Merlin indirectly helps Arthur and Gwen prepare for their secret meeting in the woods. Morgana then stirs up trouble when she asks Uther to go on a ride with her and intentionally takes him to Arthur and Gwen’s picnic spot, interrupting the pair kissing.

Once back in Camelot, Uther teased Arthur about the flirtation but warns him it must not continue. Arthur argues with his father but he stubbornly does not change his mind.

Morgana then explains to Uther that this relationship appears to be rather 'sudden', and tells him that it indicates the possibility of Arthur being under an enchantment by Guinevere. Uther then acts by searching Arthur's chambers, they find a Poultice, which Gwen apparently planted there. Arthur denies that she put it there and attempts to explain that his feelings for Guinevere are genuine, however Uther believes that he is saying that under the enchantment. After Guinevere's interrogation, Uther sentences Guinevere to death assuming the enchantment will die with her. Arthur vows that he will never forgive him if he does as such, but Uther does not listen to any word coming from him as they are 'enchanted'.

Shortly before Guinevere's execution, Arthur finds an old man planting another poultice under his pillow. He claims to be 'Dragoon the Great'. He then 'turns himself in', 'proving' that Guinevere is entirely innocent. Uther reluctantly sentences him to death, replacing Guinevere. However, shortly before his execution he uses magic to free himself from the guards' grasp and storms off. Arthur chases him, but instead 'finds Merlin' instead of the old man. Arthur and Gwen later told each other that their relationship must be postponed until Arthur becomes king. (Queen of Hearts)

Decennial Tournament

The only rule is: there are no rules.

At Camelot's Decennial Tournament, Arthur's father, Uther, made a surprise entry into the tournament. Arthur's eagerness for victory of this tournament weakened as he didn't want the kingdom to misjudge his father if he beat him. Both Arthur and Uther fought their way to the semi-final where they were forced to fight each other for a position in the final. In his duel with Uther, Arthur was easily on top of the duel, but he deliberately lost for the sake of his father's reputation. Arthur then watched his father defeat Gilli to claim the prize of 100 gold pieces. Uther then acknowledged to Arthur and Morgana that Arthur most definitely would have beat him and he is fully ready to become king. (The Sorcerer's Shadow)

Discovering Morgana's Betrayal 

I've known her all my life. How could she do this to us?
Merlin313 1842

Guinevere, Arthur and Percival in the castle of the ancient kings.

Arthur and Merlin later went on a search for the Cup of Life and once again met up with Gwaine. A slave trader named Jarl forced him to duel with Gwaine but thanks to Merlin's magic all three of them escaped. They found the druids and retrieved the Cup off them. However, as Morgana secretly informed Morgause of their mission to find the Cup and Jarl informed King Cenred where they were heading, they lost it as Cenred's warriors intercepted them and captured the Cup, taking it to Cenred and Morgause to make them immortal. Arthur meanwhile was wounded by a poisoned arrow. When they returned to Camelot, Arthur, who still hadn't recovered from his injury despite Merlin's use of magic, met Elyan in Guinevere's house. He, Merlin, Gwaine and Elyan infiltrated Camelot, which had been taken over by Cenred's now immortal army, with Cenred himself having been betrayed and killed by Morgause to gain full control of the army. Sending Gwaine and Elyan to find Uther and Gwen, Arthur and Merlin went to Gaius' chambers to find a cure for his injured leg. Gaius was revealed to be hiding in a cupboard and Arthur told him to give him something to keep him going before leaving with Merlin to find his father while Gwaine, Elyan and Gaius went into hiding. Upon reaching the throne room, Arthur watched with Merlin as Morgause removed Uther's crown, and received a double shock when Morgana revealed her true allegiance with Morgause along with the fact that she was Uther's daughter, giving her a claim to the throne. Arthur, Merlin and a captive Uther, were then forced to watch in horror as Morgana was crowned Queen of Camelot.


Once taking Camelot back, Arthur welcomes the knights and kisses his future wife.

Devastated by both his half sister's betrayal and his father's concealment of her true paternity, Arthur spent a week brooding on Morgana's treachery while Merlin sent word to Lancelot, requesting aid. Merlin informed Arthur that he had a duty to both his father and his people, allowing Arthur to eventually overcome his depression and regain his confidence. When Gwen and Sir Leon arrived, Arthur was delighted to see them but they had accidentally led Morgause's immortal knights right to them. Percival and Lancelot arrived in time to stop the knights, causing a rock slide that allowed the group to escape. Arthur later uncovered the Round Table and knighted Elyan, Gwaine, Lancelot and Percival. With the help of his allies, Arthur infiltrated Camelot and freed his father as 'if the King was free, then Morgana will never command the peoples loyalty' and the remaining knights from prison. Morgause's army discovered them and they ended up fighting for their lives but the army was destroyed when Merlin poured blood out of the Cup of Life. Morgana fled, taking a wounded Morgause with her. The next day, Arthur discussed Camelot's recovery with Merlin, who said that, with Uther in his emotionally unstable state due to Morgana's betrayal, Arthur may have to become a Regent King. When the Knights of the Round Table returned with Gwen, he pulled her off her horse and kissed her for the world to see. (The Coming of Arthur)

The Darkest Hour 

He saved my life, I won't let him die.
Arthur on Merlin[src]
Pic for Aurther thing

Sending Merlin back to Camelot

Over a year after Morgana leaves the castle, peace is restored to Camelot, although Arthur becomes regent of the kingdom since Uther was utterly broken by Morgana's betrayal and no longer fit to rule. Arthur has his uncle, Agravaine, become his chief advisor, unaware that his true loyalties lay with Morgana. Meanwhile, Morgana attempts to make Camelot fall by tearing open the veil between the living world and the spirit world, thus summoning dangerous creatures known as the Dorocha. The Dorocha begin to strike people down at night throughout Camelot and are immune to all but fire and light. Arthur, desperate to resolve the crisis, learns from Gaius that the only way to defeat the Dorocha is to make a blood sacrifice on the altar in the Isle of the Blessed to repair the veil and seal the Dorocha in the spirit world. Arthur therefore plans to sacrifice himself. He says farewell to his father and Gwen before leaving with Merlin and the knights.

However, en route to the Isle of the Blessed, the group is attacked by Dorocha and Merlin throws himself in Arthur's path to protect him and is grievously injured in doing so. Though Merlin is still alive after the attack, he is dying from his wound and is in no fit state to travel. Arthur plans to return Merlin to Camelot so that Gaius would cure him, but Sir Leon and Lancelot express the need to continue the their quest before more are killed by the Dorocha. Lancelot then offers to take Merlin back to Gaius while Arthur and the other knights continue to the Isle of the Blessed. They cut through a cave infested with Wilddeoren, where Gwaine is nearly killed by a Dorocha, and then nearly eaten by one of the Wilddeoren. Once they reach shelter, Lancelot returns with Merlin, who has been healed by the Vilia, and they continue the journey to the Isle of the Blessed. Once they arrive, Arthur, Merlin, Gwaine, and Lancelot are attacked by Wyvern but with Merlin, Elyan and Percival's help they escape. Arthur and the others then encounter the Cailleach who demands a blood sacrifice to seal the rift between the worlds. Arthur tells her that he would sacrifice himself, but before he can do so, Merlin knocks him unconscious with his magic. Merlin then offers to take Arthur's place as a sacrifice, only to be told it is not yet his time to die, and while he is distracted, Lancelot steps through the veil and becomes the needed sacrifice. When returning to Camelot, a funeral is held for Lancelot and Arthur expresses that Lancelot was among the the noblest of all knights. Gwen tearfully tells him that Lancelot sacrificed himself to fulfill the promise of protecting Arthur at all costs, which she had asked of him before he left. (The Darkest Hour)

A New King

I have decided to use magic to heal my father.
Arthur crowned s04e03

King Arthur

When actors come to Camelot for Arthur's birthday, they drug the prince so that they would be able to kill him on orders from Odin as revenge for Arthur killing his son. This is the second time Odin has tried to do this. With Arthur drugged, he is not able to fight and is saved by his father, who is mortally wounded in the process. Desperate not to lose his father Arthur goes looking for "Dragoon" to help him with magic, not knowing that it is in fact Merlin. Arthur agrees to lift the ban on magic if his father is saved. However, Morgana learns of this plot and plants a necklace that reverses the effects of the healing magic, resulting in Uther's death and Arthur's heart hardening against magic even further. Arthur is then crowned King of Camelot. (The Wicked Day)

Hunting for the Dragon's Egg

We must hunt down this intruder, destroy the egg.

Arthur is later informed that a Dragon's Egg has been stolen, but is unaware that Merlin aided the thief, Julius Borden (only to be betrayed). Believing dragons should be extinct, Arthur, along with the knights and Merlin, journeys on a quest to find the traitor and destroy the egg. He and the knights are later poisoned after Borden spikes their food, but Merlin cures them and pursues Borden himself. Merlin eventually knocks Borden out, gains hold of the egg and escaped the tomb as it collapses (leaving Borden for dead), and tells Arthur that the egg had perished with the tomb, something he believes. (Aithusa)

At War With Caerleon

It's not victory I seek. It is peace. I hope that today will mark a new beginning for our kingdoms.
Arthur to Queen Annis[src]

Arthur kisses Gwen upon realizing his mistakes

Upon the discovery and capture of King Caerleon in Camelot's territory, Arthur is told by Agravaine that he should offer an ultimatum to Caerleon - either accept the terms of a severe treaty or be put to death. Arthur, having succeeded to the throne only recently and keen to assert his authority, is swayed by Agravaine's advice. Merlin tries to convince Arthur otherwise, telling him it is unlike him not to show mercy towards a defeated enemy, but Arthur ultimately ignores him and presented Caerleon with the treaty, knowing that he could not accept the terms. Arthur then kills Caerleon in cold blood, causing his wife, Queen Annis, to declare war upon Camelot. Morgana comes to Annis's court and offers allegiance, seeking to destroy Arthur and seize the throne of Camelot. Arthur was later convinced under Agravaine's advice to end his relationship with Gwen, stating that her low status as a servant rendered their relationship inappropriate now he was King of Camelot.

The next morning, Camelot set out for battle, and Arthur is overtaken by serious doubts about his course of action, knowing that the conflict could have been avoided. Seeing the loyalty and willingness of his men to die for him, Arthur is prompted to visit Queen Annis late at night, seeking to prevent the impending war and bloodshed. Annis apprehends Arthur, striking him, but eventually agrees to hear him out. Arthur pleads with her to concede the right to single combat between two champions from each side instead of a full out war between the two armies, accepting responsibility for the unjust killing of Caerleon. Merlin is caught eavesdropping and Arthur saves him from being killed, but he later questions Merlin's inability to leave things be, to which Merlin replies that he is Arthur's friend. Arthur puts himself forward to be the champion for Camelot at once, despite his knights' protests, claiming that the whole situation was the result of his own error of judgement and therefore none of his men but he ought to risk his life for it. Annis is initially suspicious of his decision, but Morgana sardonically reassures her that to offer his own life was well within Arthur's character, and so Annis accepts the terms. The two champions set out to fight, Morgana concealed among the enemy ranks. During the battle, in which Arthur and Caerleon's champion are reasonably matched, Morgana enchants Arthur's sword to vastly increase its weight, making it virtually unusable. Caerleon's champion immediately takes the upper hand, but Merlin intervenes to allow Arthur to snatch the victory. Arthur defeated the champion but does not kill him, having learnt his lesson about mercy. Annis approaches him and the two make peace, with Annis commenting that she had misjudged Arthur and that he offered hope to them all as king. Arthur then returns to Camelot where he retracts his earlier words to Gwen and reinstates their relationship. (His Father's Son)

Merlin Kidnapped

Do you really expect me to accept that? Just to sit here and take their word that Merlin's gone? I won't rest until I at least try.
Arthur to Gwen, insisting that he search for Merlin [src]

Arthur is told that Merlin is most likely dead

While on an excursion with the Knights of Camelot and Merlin, Arthur is ambushed by mercenaries, leaving Merlin badly wounded. Arthur and Merlin are then separated from the rest of the knights and forced to spend the night in the forest. The next morning, Arthur carries Merlin in an attempt to escape, but they are once again ambushed by the mercenaries. Merlin sacrificed his own safety to protect Arthur by using magic to cause a rockfall, blocking the mercenaries' route to Arthur but trapping himself with them in the process. Arthur, yelling out Merlin's name but powerless to help, goes on to organize search parties for his friend, though Agravaine informs him that Merlin is most certainly gone. Arthur is then told by Sir Leon that there is a traitor inside Camelot telling their secrets to their enemies. The next morning Arthur is introduced to a new manservant, George, who is infinitely more efficient and competent as a servant than Merlin, but Arthur, fond of Merlin and disliking the change, quickly rebuffs him.


Arthur embraces Merlin upon finding him

Arthur continuing to search for Merlin in the morning with Gwaine, Arthur, overjoyed, finds Merlin in the forest. They return to Camelot, unaware that Merlin has been held captive by Morgana who has inserted a Fomorroh leaving Merlin with the sole intent of trying to kill Arthur. Arthur, however, remains oblivious to Merlin's clumsy attempts to assassinate him and confronts Agravaine, asking if he was the traitor but believing him when he claimed he was not. Arthur continues to be unaware of Merlin's attempts on his life, leaving Gaius and Gwen to have to knock Merlin out in order to paralyse the Fomorroh and give Merlin back his mind so he can kill the beast. Arthur, however, believes that Merlin has been spending time in the tavern in his absence and therefore orders him to be trained by George, the manservant Arthur dubs utterly "boring". (A Servant of Two Masters)

Gaius Abducted

You should've known I love you far too much ever to betray you.
Gaius to Arthur[src]

Arthur continues to be concerned by the presence of a traitor among his inner circle. Agravaine and Morgana scheme to use the opportunity to be rid of Gaius, planting doubts in Arthur's mind about his loyalty. Arthur therefore decides to allow Agravaine to question Gaius about his views on magic and whether he knew more about the sorcerer, Dragoon the Great, who had 'killed' Uther Pendragon. Though Arthur is unhappy at treating Gaius in this way, he senses that Gaius is hiding something. When news of Gaius' disappearance reaches him Arthur takes it as evidence that Gaius is the traitor and is now fleeing because of it. Arthur, though he shows sympathy and understanding to a deeply upset Merlin, argues with him when he suggested that Agravaine is not to be trusted. However, when it becomes clear that Gaius has been kidnapped and is not the traitor in Camelot, Arthur goes to him and apologizes profusely. He also asks Gaius why he had not told the truth about Dragoon the Great, to which Gaius answers that he had been protecting him from Arthur's punishment since he had truly tried to save Uther. Arthur accepts this explanation and seems to have calmed over the situation, no longer as wrathful towards Dragoon the Great. (The Secret Sharer)

The Lamia Crisis

It's been two days. They should be back by now.

When Gwen's old friend Mary comes to Camelot asking for the King's aid, as her hometown of Longstead is being ravaged by an incurable disease, Arthur feels honour-bound to help and sends Merlin, Gwen and a detachment of his knights to investigate. After a few days Arthur becomes worried when his friends do not return and decides to lead a group himself to investigate, taking Gaius and Agravaine with him. Arthur grows even more concerned when Gaius informs him that a Lamia might be on the loose. The King is therefore determined to save his friends, ignoring Agravaine's objections. After a long search, Arthur arrives at the castle to which the Lamia had lured her victims, just in time to kill it and save Merlin and Gwen from their fate. Back in Camelot, Arthur expresses his admiration for Gwen's courage during the ordeal. (Lamia)

Exiling Guinevere

I cannot look on you every day. You will leave Camelot at first light-"
"You return upon pain of death.
Arthur and Gwen[src]

Prompted by the incident with the Lamia, Arthur decides it is time to propose to Gwen. When he tells the news to his uncle, Agravaine seemingly respects Arthur's choice but notifies Morgana soon afterwards. Determined not to be usurped as Queen of Camelot by her former maidservant, Morgana plans to break up the pair and disgrace Gwen, thus


preventing the marriage. She resurrects the shade of Sir Lancelot and uses him to trap Gwen into adultery, with Agravaine ensuring Arthur caught Lancelot and Gwen in an embrace. All goes according to plan for Morgana and, in blind fury, Arthur attacked Lancelot, both coming close to killing one another. Their fight is only halted when Gwen begs them to stop. Arthur then has both imprisoned to await his jurisdiction, and the shade Lancelot kills himself on Morgana's orders while in the dungeon. Arthur interprets this as being due to Lancelot's nobility and great sense of right and wrong, commenting that he had been a man of honour "in all ways but one". He then banishes Gwen from Camelot forever, no longer trusting her nor wanting to see her on a daily basis in the castle. Merlin attempts to plead on Gwen's behalf, but Arthur, though deeply grieved by the idea of banishing her, does not change his mind. (Lancelot)

Elyan Possessed 

On a routine excursion with his most trusted knights, Merlin and Arthur stumble upon a Druid shrine, erected for the spirit of a person condemned to an unjust death. Merlin is quickly disturbed by the strange presence lingering, and warns the others that the shrine is an ominous place in which they ought not to linger. The group soon departs, but unbeknownst to the others Elyan remains, drawn in by a small well due to his thirst. Taking a drink, Elyan unwittingly disturbs the spirit, which latches onto him as he returns to Camelot. Meanwhile, Arthur appears preoccupied with intermittent periods of melancholy, due to his choice to banish Gwen. Arthur is working in his chambers when a possessed Elyan attacks him, and the two wngage in combat.

Arthur's superior swordsmanship prevents Elyan from carrying out the murder, and Elyan flees as the guards arrive. Agravaine arranges search parties and demands that Arthur sentence Elyan to death upon capture, which Merlin contested due to the fact that he believes Elyan not to be acting of his own accord. This leaves Arthur conflicted and questioning the just course of action. When Elyan is captured and imprisoned by the Knights of Camelot, Merlin plans to exorcise the spirit and therefore breaks him out of the dungeons, planning to sedate him. However, the spirit warns Elyan and so he knocks Merlin out and is once again out to claim Arthur's life. Arthur is then put under heavy guard. Gaius confirms Elyan's possession upon seeing a circle of salt at the foot of Elyan's bed, which had been his attempt to ward off evil spirits. Gaius presumes the spirit's death had been due to Uther's actions during the Great Purge, and that his hold on Elyan would be too strong to break. He therefore suggests that Arthur has no choice but to put Elyan to death. However, Arthur knowa otherwise and, in the dead of night, creeps from Camelot, only to be tailed by Merlin. Arthur allows Merlin to accompany him to the site of the Druid shrine. Once there, Arthur summons the spirit and, throwing his sword aside and on his knees, begs the spirit to listen. Arthur explains that it had not been Uther who had caused the boy's death, but rather he himself. With great remorse, Arthur speaks of the raid he had led when he was young and inexperienced and desperate for approval, and how he had known some of his men had disobeyed his command to spare the women and children. In a rare moment of complete vulnerability, Arthur says he is still haunted by the memory, and swears that in the future the Druid people would be treated with the respect they deserve. The spirit, accepting Arthur's sincere remorse, embraces and forgives him, at last able to find peace. (A Herald of the New Age)

Princess Mithian

You must do what your heart tells you, sire
Merlin to Arthur

At some point Arthur had enters into negotiations with the kingdom of Nemeth regarding disputed claims on the lands

Arthur and Mithian

Princess Mithian and King Arthur

of Gedref. To cement a settlement, he agrees to marry the Princess Mithian of Nemeth, thus securing a friendship between their kingdoms. Mithian arrives in Camelot some days before their due marriage and makes an immediate impression on Arthur, who is visibly struck by her beauty. The two get along well from the off, spending the feast together and forming an easy rapport despite Merlin's attempts to intervene and cause potentially awkward situations for Arthur. Arthur seems somewhat nervous in Mithian's company, though she seems very poised and gracefully overlooks his clumsier antics. The two go on a breakfast picnic where they are shown to have much in common.


Arthur chuckling nervously after Merlin reveals that he has been gaining weight.

Sometime later, Mithian ventures out on a hunting trip with Arthur, Merlin and various other knights. When Merlin causes Arthur's shot to miss, Mithian instead fires her crossbow and shoots what was presumed to be a deer, but is actually an enchanted Gwen who has been transformed by Morgana. Despite his good relations with Mithian, when Arthur finds the ring he had given to Gwen while searching for the injured deer, he finds he can not relinquish his old feelings for her. He therefore calls off the marriage to Mithian, offending and slighting her in the process, but he also gives up Camelot's claim to the disputed lands as recompense. Mithian, asking who it was that could trump a princess, learns of Arthur's attachment to Gwen and reacts generously, commenting that decisions should not be made hastily, and returns to her own kingdom. (The Hunter's Heart)

Morgana's Second Conquest

All I know is that, for your many faults, you are honest and brave and truehearted, and one day you will be the greatest king this land has ever known.
Merlin to Arthur[src]

The witless Arthur

During the feast of Beltane, Camelot is attacked by Morgana and Helios’ army with the help of Agravaine, thus revealing the latter's treachery. Entering through the siege tunnels, the invaders topple the lower town immediately and quickly manage to seize most of the city, forcing Arthur, Merlin, Elyan and Percival to flee, leaving the others (Gwaine and Gaius) behind. The knights put up a brief fight but are forced further and further back, leaving Arthur injured and confined to a small room which would soon be reached by Morgana's men. Knowing Arthur would not leave his people but recognising that he would be killed if he stayed in Camelot, Merlin casts an enchantment on Arthur to cause him to lose his wit, thus making him utterly compliant to Merlin's instruction. Morgana, having taken over the throne room and hell-bent on capturing Arthur, sets off in pursuit of the King's party, catching up with them on horseback. However, the Knights and Merlin manage to keep Arthur safe, but in the process Percival disappears and Elyan is captured by Morgana's men. Merlin and the enchanted Arthur therefore continue on their journey to the safe haven of Ealdor.


Along the way, Merlin advises Arthur to change his clothing as he is immediately identifiable in his armour and royal insignia. Arthur therefore dons the clothing of a peasant farmer. As they continue, the pair encounter a gang of smugglers led by Tristan and Isolde. Tristan allows Merlin and Arthur to travel alongside them in exchange for gold, unaware of Arthur's true identity as King of Camelot. Merlin, persuading everyone that Arthur was a mere simpleton, takes advantage of Arthur's compliant state and persuads him to do the chores he would usually make Merlin do.

Arthur leads the attack to retake Camelot

Arthur leads the attack to retake Camelot

However, the next morning, the spell wears off, leaving a furious Arthur demanding an explanation. Merlin informs Arthur about the whole situation and how Tristan and Isolde think he is a 'simpleton'. Arthur, reflecting on Agravaine and Morgana's treachery, asks why the people he cared about continue to betray him, brooding on whether it was is own failure as a king. Merlin refutes this, stating that they merely sought his power. When Agravaine's troops ambushed the smugglers, Arthur abandons his simpleton guise and fights to protect them all, saving an injured Isolde's life in the process. Arthur, Merlin, Tristan and Isolde flee, finally arriving at Ealdor to the welcome of Merlin's mother. While in Ealdor, Arthur is reunited with a heartbroken Gwen who has been residing there in her exile. However, Agravaine soon reaches Ealdor and they are forced to flee once again. (The Sword in the Stone)

Reclaiming Camelot

Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Tristan and Isolde flee into a cave near Ealdor. Knowing that Agravaine will follow, Merlin goes back to distract Agravaine in a bid to protect Arthur, despite his protests. Arthur, growing worried about Merlin, goes back to try and find him and encounters him after he had dealt with Agravaine. When Merlin questions why Arthur has come back, Arthur admits that it was because Merlin is his best friend, and he couldn't bear to lose him.

The group sets up camp in the nearby forest, where Arthur, steeped in self-doubt, comments that he thinks of himself as a worthless king without the support of his people. In an attempt to convince him otherwise, Merlin ventures into the


Merlin - Arthur pulls Excalibur from the stone 4x13

Arthur pulls Excalibur from the stone

forest and finds Camelot's survivors, among whom are Percival and Leon. Hoping to restore Arthur's faith, Merlin tells him the story of the sword Excalibur, which can only be pulled from the stone by a true King of Camelot. With a great crowd gathered around the stone, Arthur struggles to remove the sword with Merlin quietly telling him to have faith. After some trouble, Arthur finally pulls Excalibur out with ease and his faith in himself as a king is restored. Shortly after, Arthur launches a counter-attack on Morgana to reclaim Camelot. Arthur and his followers fight their way into the castle, while Leon and Percival go to break Gwaine, Gaius, and Elyan out of prison, Arthur makes his way to the throne room in which Morgana and Helios are waiting. Arthur and Morgana have their first highly tense confrontation since she left Camelot, with Arthur commenting sadly that he had thought they were friends, to which Morgana, conflicted, replies "as did I". However, bitterness returns and Morgana accuses Arthur of being too much like his father in his treatment of magic, to which Arthur responds that she too resembles Uther in her cruelty. Morgana then attempts to use magic to attack them,


Arthur reunites with his half sister, Morgana Pendragon

but Merlin had placed a spell on her to inhibit her powers. Helios therefore pushes Morgana back and takes up arms, his soldiers entering the throne room to attack. Morgana flees, chased by Guinevere and Merlin, while Arthur engages with Helios. Arthurias defeated and about to be killed by Helios, but Isolde stabs him from behind to protect Arthur. However, Isolde is fatally wounded in return by Helios while Morgana escapes Camelot. With Camelot reclaimed and his throne once again secure, Arthur is restored as King of Camelot. Seeing the tragedy of Tristan and Isolde, Arthur confesses to Gwen his feelings for her, expressing that he cannot be apart from her. He therefore asks her to marry him and she accepts. Some time after, Arthur has Guinevere crowned Queen of Camelot. (The Sword in the Stone)

Searching for His Men

Three years after Guinevere's crowning, Camelot has been enjoying peace and prosperity. However, the warning bells sound, as Gwaine, along with Percival and some of Arthur's men, vanish and reports about their fate all involve the name of Morgana. Although Arthur admits that Morgana is very dangerous, he is determined to find his men, who mean to him more than brothers. Merlin, though, having foreseen the future involving Arthur's death, tells him to go back because he has a bad feeling, but Arthur doesn't listen to him.


Merlin saves Arthur's life.

He spends some time in Queen Annis' kingdom, and is surprised when he sees Merlin has some skills as a juggler. Some time later, although he planned to ambush Morgana, Arthur ends up being ambushed by her men, but he fights bravely, defeating a number of them. However, he is injured by Ruadan, Morgana's ally, and Merlin uses magic to get him to safety. After he wakes up, Arthur tries to secretly move on, without Morgan and her men finding him, but after Merlin walks into a trap, both him and Arthur, who ran to save him, end up trapped.


Arthur meets Mordred again.

Morgana's men, namely Ragnor, find them, and Arthur asks from Ragnor to let his servant go. Merlin, however, says that he will have to be killed first in order for Ragnor to get to Arthur. However, a young man arrives and tells Ragnor that Morgana will have to decide their fate. As that man helps Arthur get up, he tells him that he was once saved by him; Merlin reveals his name, Mordred, much to Arthur's surprise and confusion. (Arthur's Bane: Part One)

Arthur and Merlin were held captive by Ragnor and his men, but they eventually escaped and headed towards Ismere. When they arrived, they saw Ragnor and his men again. Both Merlin and Arthur obtained saxon armour and entered the cave where the knight were being help captive. Arthur told Percival to round up all the knights and begin a counter attack, while himself and Merlin find Gwaine. When they do, they find the Diamair who has looked after Gwaine, and they are all confused about who she is. They leave to find Percival and escape, but while escaping they run into Aithusa who attacks them. Arthur, Gwaine and even more, Merlin, were surprised to see Morgana with a dragon ally. Merlin goes to deal with Aithusa. Arthur tells Gwaine to meet with Percival while he goes after Merlin. While Merlin was confronting Aithusa, Arthur was confronted by Morgana and Mordred. Morgana had Arthur down and injured with a dagger, about to to stab him. Merlin came to resccue him, but Morgana sent him flying. Badly injured, and as Morgana was about to deliver the finishing blow to Arthur, Mordred stabbed Morgana with his own dagger and badly wounded her. Mordred got Arthur to safety, and as a reward for saving the kings life, Arthur made Mordred a knight of Camelot. (Arthur's Bane: Part Two)


The Return of Uther

On the anniversary of Uther's death, Arthur misses his father more then ever. Luckily, he comes into the possession of The Horn of Cathbhadh, which can summon spirits of the dead. Against better judgement, Arthur uses the Horn to summon his father. Uther reveals that he has been watching his son from the afterlife and is appalled by all of Arthur's decisions since becoming king. Uther believes that Arthur has become weak and will destroy his legacy. The former king sends his son away nonetheless for fear that he will be trapped in the spirit world. With a final glance Arthur bids his father farewell. This act, however, allows Uther to escape the land of the dead and return to the living world. Soon after, Uther's vengeful phantom begins haunting the castle. He damages the Round Table and almost kills Percival and Guinevere. With some help from Gaius, Merlin and Arthur are able to see Uther's ghost and confront him. Merlin reveals his magic to an enraged Uther, who then attempts to kill the young warlock. He is prevented from doing so by Arthur. Though Arthur admits to loving and respecting his father, he says that Uther had his chance to rule but now it's his son's turn to be king. Arthur blows the Horn again and sent Uther back to the other side before he can reveal Merlin's magic. (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon)

Rescuing King Rodor

Arthur and odin fight

odin and arthur's duel

When Princess Mithian came to Arthur asking for his help saving her father from Odin, Arthur willingly agrees because he absolutely despised Odin. Hilda, Mithian's maid, (who was actually Morgana in disguise) gave the princess no choice but to lead Arthur to certain death. Morgana injures Merlin before he an warn Arthur, when Mithian tells him that Morgana is controlling her. Arthur has no choice but to leave Merlin behind because he craves vengeance on Odin. Gaius and Gwaine stay behind to look after Merlin, and Gaius uses magic on Merlin to heal him. As soon as he ha regained consciousness, Merlin sets out, accompanied by Gwaine, to save the king. When Arthur arrives at the cave where Mithian told him that her father was being kept, he realizes that it was a trap. They are ambushed by Odin and his men. At first, Arthur thought that Mithian betrayed him to Odin, who was about to execute him. Merlin comes and uses his powers to create an earthquake, which allows Arthur and Percival to retaliate. They escaped the cave with Mithian, Merlin, and King Rodor. Arthur tells Mithian and her father to leave without them, and he and Merlin go to divert Odin and his men away from Mithian and Rodor. Merlin and Arthur get trapped in a dead end, and Arthur and Odin have a great duel. As Arthur was about to kill Odin, Merlin persuaded him not to. Arthur knew that Merlin was right, and asked for a peace treaty between the two kingdoms. At first Odin did not like the idea and refused, but they both came to terms and made a truce ending the feud between the two kingdoms. (Another's Sorrow)

The Disir's Judgment

The disir 3

Arthur meets The Disir


Arthur with The Rune

Arthur is told that one of his knights and close friends was killed by a sorcer named Osgar. Gwen did not want him to go, but after the events with Odin, Arthur is incistent to go and avenge him personally. When they found Osgar, he had been mortally wounded by Elyan, and in his dying breath, he gives Arthur a medallion which was the judgment of the triple goddess against him. Arthur goes to the Disir, the speakers of the triple goddess, and demand to know why they judge him. They tell him that he has angered the triple goddess by banning the use of magic. When they insult the king, Gwaine shouts at them. The Disir begin an attack, and as a spear is headig for Arthur, Mordred dives in front of him and takes the spear for him. Arthur, Merlin, and the knights retreat because Mordred was mortally wounded. When they get back to Camelot, Gaius tries to heal Mordred, but is unable. There is no chance for him, except if Merlin saves him with his magic. Merlin refuses, because he is destined to kill Arthur. Gaius wants Merlin to save him, but he does not, so Arthur and Merlin set out for the Disir's cave and asks for Mordred to be healed. The Disir say that if they give Arthur what he wants, he, in return, must embrace the old religion. Arthur does not know what to do, so they stay the night just outside of the cave. They discuss what they should do, and Merlin believes that the best way to save Arthur is to kill Mordred, so he tells Arthur that there is no place for magic in Camelot. When they arrive back to Camelot, Mordred has made a full recovery. Merlin is shocked and realises that Mordred living is Arthur's punishment for not allowing the use of magic, and now there is nothing Merlin can do to prevent the foretold future from coming to pass. (The Disir)

Guinevere Kidnapped

Gwen and Elyan go to their father's grave to mourn him, and on their way back to Camelot, they are attacked by snakes that had been created by Morgana's magic. Gwen is captured by Morgana, who takes her to the Dark Tower. When Sir Elyan and the knights arrive back in Camelot, Arthur, Merlin and all the knights of the round table set out to rescue the queen. To get to the Dark Tower, they have to cross through the Impenetrable forest. It takes them a long time to get through, but with Merlin's help, they manage it. When they eventually make it out of the forest and across the desert, they enter the Dark Tower and walk into a trap. Elyan rushes ahead to rescue his sister. He finds her, but he has to fight an enchanted unmanned sword that was meant for Arthur. It pierces Elyan, but he manages to defeat it. He dies in Gwen's arms, just as Arthur and the others find them. Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, Gaius and all the knights were present at his funeral. (The Dark Tower)

Near death

On the anniversary of Gwen and Arthur's marriage, Gwen tries to kill Arthur. After the events at the Dark Tower, she is just a body under the control of Morgana. Gwen sabotages Arthur's horse so he will fall off, and she and Morgana plan for some thugs to attack him. Arthur manages to kill them, and he escapes. Gwen frames Tyr Seward, who looks after Arthur's horses, and he gets sentenced to death. He reveals to Merlin that he is innocent, and that he saw person who did it. The person, who is later to be revealed Gwen, threatened to kill his mother if he said anything, so he was living in fear and refused to tell Merlin who it was.


Tyr is sentenced to death.

Merlin tells Gwen and Arthur about the situation, and Arthur decides to go talk to Tyr right away, but Gwen convinces him not to. On that same night, Gwen kills Tyr in cold blood. When Gwen and Arthur had their anniversary dinner, Gwen laces his drink with a poison Morgana obtained for her. She blames Merlin for Arthur's poisoning, but Merlin escapes and saves Arthur's life. After Arthur had recovered, he made sure that Merlin was immediately released. Gwen chose the man who sold Morgana the poison to take the fall. The fate of this man is unknown, but Merlin now knows that the queens does not have good intentions, and there is nothing he can do to stop her. (A Lesson in Vengeance)

"Alliance" with Sarrum

Sarrum at the round table

about to sign peace treaty

Arthur is hosting a peace treaty with Sarrum, a king who is also a deadly assassin and is very fond of betraying allies. They are doing this peace treaty because they both despise magic, and it was Sarrum who captured and imprisoned Morgana. Morgana diverted Merlin because she knew that he always thwarted her plans. She almost killed him doing so. Gwen gave Sarrum a handsome price if he killed Arthur for her, and Sarrum agreed. While the peace treaty was being signed, Sarrums best man was preparing to kill Arthur. Merlin arrived just in time and killed the assassin. He then shot the arrow that was meant for Arthur into Sarrum, killing him. (The Hollow Queen)

Restoring Guinevere

With all my heart8

"Remember what you said when I asked you to marry me"

Merlin shows Arthur that Gwen is consorting with Morgana. Arthur knows that Gwen is enchanted and he is worried he might lose her, so he and Merlin go on a quest to try and save her. They find out that only way to unenchant Gwen, is to take her to a lake called the Cauldron of Arianrhod, where they can either restore the old Gwen, or lose her forever. Even with the risks, Arthur chooses to go to the lake. While on their journey, both Merlin and Arthur fall down a cliff. Merlin is knocked out and Arthur's arm is trapped by a boulder. Luckily, Mordred comes and rescues them. The next day, Morgana attacks them, but they manage to escape. They reach the lake, and the sorceress, who is actually Merlin in disguise, tells Arthur that he must reach the part of Gwen that is still true. When Gwen wakes up, she says that marrying Arthur was a trick to become queen, but Arthur knows that it's not the woman he loves saying that. He reminds her of the time when he asked her to marry him, and she said, "with all my heart". She remembers, and follows Arthur into the lake. It works, and Arthur has his wife back. (With All My Heart)

Hunting for a Sorceress

Arthur asks Merlin to help him surprise Gwen by bringing her breakfast in bed. When people come to Camelot for refuge because their villages was attacked, Arthur and the knights go hunting for the sorceress who attacked these people. (The Kindness of Strangers)

A New Enemy

Mordred is in love with a druid named Kara who has killed many in revenge for Arthur killing people with magic. Mordred asks Merlin not to tell Arthur about her, but he does and when Arthur finds her and finds out she is injured, he offers to help her but she tries to kill Arthur. In doing this, she gets arrested and sentenced to death. Mordred tries to rescue her and escapes with her, but they both get caught and arrested. Arthur gives Kara another chance: if she regrets the crimes she has done, she will be pardoned. She says that she cannot regret a crime she has not done, so she is killed. Mordred feels her pain, screams, escapes and returns to Morgana. He apologises for betraying her, and the two of them join forces. (The Drawing of the Dark)

Battle of Camlann


"I always thought you were the bravest man I ever met, guess I was wrong"

Arthur hears about Morgana meaning to attack Camelot. They believe that if they hold at the citadel they might have the advantage, but instead they decide to hold the attack at the plains of Camlann. However, because Merlin has lost his magic he has to go to the Crystal Cave to get it back. But because Arthur is unaware of this, Arthur thinks he is a coward for deserting him and the friendship between them breaks down. When the Camelot army is at the plains Arthur asks Gaius why these herbs were so important but does not believe him when Gaius tells him. When Merlin arrives at the crystal cave he sees that Morgana means to divert the Camelot knights so Merlin warns Arthur through his mind. Arthur gets Percival to watch the back and when the battle starts Arthur shouts for the love of Camelot. (The Diamond of the Day: Part One)


Merlin telling Arthur about his gifts

Injury, discovering Merlin's magic and death

Arthur's dead body

Arthur dying in Merlin's arms

In the final battle for Camelot, Merlin appears as Dragoon the Great and protects Arthur and the knights of Camelot, not in time, however, to save Arthur from Mordred. Mordred appears in front of Arthur during the battle. When Arthur hesitates, Mordred gives him a fatal wound. Arthur in return kills Mordred before falling to the ground. Using his power as a dragonlord, Emrys sends Aithusa away from the field and transports the mortally wounded Arthur to safety. When Arthur awakes in the forest, Merlin reveals his magic to the king. At first, Arthur does not believe him but when Merlin proves it to be so Arthur feels betrayed. As the two travel to the lake of Avalon Arthur comes to realize that Merlin uses his magic for good. When they are very near the lake, Morgana attacks, but Merlin kills her with his sword forged by the dragon's breath. Arthur watches as Morgana falls to the ground and dies. The two are now reconciled. but they are too slow getting to the lake of Avalon and Arthur dies. Merlin calls on Kilgharrah to take him to the lake but Kilgharrah says that there is nothing Merlin can do.

Arthur is dead

Arthur's body is sent out on a boat to Avalon.

He states that one day when Albion is in need, Arthur will rise again. He says that its been a privilege to know the young warlock, and that the story that Merlin and Kilgharrah have lived will live long in the minds of men. Merlin sends Arthur's body away on a boat and throws Excalibur, to see it caught by the hand of his old love, Freya. (The Diamond of the Day: Part Two)


Describe 'dollophead.'"
"In two words? Prince Arthur.
Arthur and Merlin

Arthur is portrayed as being highly courageous, honourable, dutiful and just. Having matured and succeeded to the throne as King of Camelot, Arthur is no longer shown as the spoilt and self-serving character he once was, and is far more bound by the kingly responsibilities he must fulfill. Where once he was somewhat juvenile and described by Gwen as a "rough, tough, save the world" kind of person (The Dragon's Call), his progression from boyish prince to adult king have seen a maturation in his personality.


Arthur, standing over a sleeping Merlin

Arthur's fairness is a particularly noteworthy element of his character. Always portrayed as seeking to do the right thing, Arthur is at times conflicted when presented with difficult moral dilemmas, such as being torn between loyalty to his father and protection of the innocent. Arthur considers his decisions very deeply and is never happy to be the reason others suffer, as shown by his offer to fight one-on-one to avoid war with Queen Annis and his offer to sacrifice himself to repair the veil. Arthur takes counsel from his trusted friends, family and advisors, among those Merlin, formerly Agravaine, Gwen and formerly Morgana, and is shown to be more lenient in his policies than his father. Arthur is very brave and willing to take risks even at the cost of his own safety, such as being willing to give his own life to save Merlin's (The Poisoned Chalice), Gwen's (Lancelot and Guinevere) and Camelot's as a whole. (The Darkest Hour) During his father's lifetime he was also willing to act against his father's decisions, particularly when reasoned with by Morgana Pendragon (The Mark of Nimueh, The Poisoned Chalice, Lancelot et al). Arthur has a great love for the people of Camelot, frequently acting to ensure their safety and wellbeing, and was stricken when he realised a curse had fallen upon them because of his actions. (The Labyrinth of Gedref) He was also unwilling to allow other people sacrifice themselves for him to fix problems he himself had caused. (The Poisoned Chalice, The Labyrinth of Gedref, The Darkest Hour, et al)

Arthur is a talented and charismatic leader, capable of inspiring great loyalty in people, though at times he doubts whether or not he deserves such devotion. However, since he would never ask his men to do anything he would not do himself, loyalty is generally forthcoming. Many characters have remarked on Arthur's good nature, including Morgana, who named him "a better man" than his father and Queen Annis, who felt Arthur inspired hope. The lengths Arthur goes to for the sake of people he cares about or is indebted to allow him to reap great loyalty in return from people in all walks of life. Arthur is adept at hiding his true feelings, having been accustomed to carrying out orders that he disagreed with for his father. He also finds it somewhat difficult to express himself emotionally, leading to initial difficulties the progression of his relationship with Guinevere and an awkward start with his one-time betrothed, Princess Mithian. As a result, open expressions of adoration were uncharacteristic and usually signs of enchantment. (The Gates of Avalon, Sweet Dreams) At times, Arthur is shown to reveal deeper emotion, such as when seeking forgiveness from the Shrine Boy, after which Merlin commented he had never seen Arthur cry before.

Arthur still retains some of the boyish elements of his personality, particularly regarding Merlin, whom he frequently teases and joins his knights in playing practical jokes on. He also seems to lack patience with Merlin and continually remarks on his servant's apparent incompetence, though at times Arthur also reveals sharper insight and comments that Merlin seems somehow "wise". Arthur does however have a habit of ignoring Merlin's advice and acting of his own - or Agravaine's - accord, sometimes heatedly telling him to be silent.

Unlike his father, Arthur was more capable of letting go of the past. He had a less extreme attitude towards sorcery and was prepared to accept that not all sorcerers were as evil as his father claimed, even assisting Morgana in saving a Druid boy's life. He grew to deeply distrust magic after Morgause caused him to nearly kill his father, but gradually returned to his old neutrality and unlike Uther he showed signs of believing that magic could be used for good as well as evil, even going so far as to seek magical intervention to save his father's life. (The Wicked Day) However, when this backfired and Uther died seemingly because of Dragoon the Great, Arthur deeply regretted giving magic a chance and denounced it as pure evil. However after Gaius told him that Uther was already dying and that Dragoon really had done his best to save him, Arthur softened though he was still wary of magic and has not lifted the ban on sorcery. (The Secret Sharer) Later, Arthur revealed that some time ago, he led a raid on a Druid village, inadvertently causing a boy's death which meant that his spirit possessed Elyan. Arthur, deeply remorseful to the point of weeping, swore to treat the Druids with respect in the future, progressing his more moderate policy towards magic-users. (A Herald of the New Age)


Arthur assumes power

Despite his good nature, Arthur also has a hot temper and can at times become violent and aggressive, particularly when loved ones are threatened. This was especially shown when he learned the truth of his mother's death, when he believed Morgana was dying, when his father was dying and when he saw Gwen kissing Lancelot. In each of these cases Arthur flew into a rage and reacted violently, though stopped short of ever actually killing someone out of anger, usually because someone else intervened before he went too far.

Another negative aspect of Arthur is that he's still a very fickle and uncertain man who does not seem to have a straight opinion about magic, who can easily be influenced (for example by Agravaine), who often changes his mind (in regard to Gwen, for example) and who hid behind his father's back several times when not clarifying in front of others except Merlin that the slaughter of the druid camp fell under his responsibility and wasn't Uther's doing but at the same time explaining to the ghost of the druid boy that he wanted to prove himself to his father, and also when blaming his father in front of Morgana by saying that she can't blame him of Uther's sins, ignoring that Arthur himself continues the ban of magic in Camelot. When confrontating Morgana and comparing her to Uther, he also actually released Morgana of her actions by blaming Uther once again and hence betraying his honour.

Arthur is also fond of teasing and not above bullying his servants, such as Morris and later Merlin. However, Cedric and George are spared. It should be noted both of them are efficient and intelligent servants, so only timid, clumsy and lack intelligence servants are picked by Arthur and his gang. Arthur is also not fond of boring and dull servants, eventhough they are efficient and intelligent.



I came back, because you're the only friend I have and I couldn't bear to lose you.
Arthur, to Merlin

Merlin and Arthur laughing

On their first meeting, Arthur and Merlin got off on the wrong foot. Merlin, not knowing who he was, stood up for a servant Arthur was bullying, and the two then had a brief tussle. Nonetheless, from early on Arthur acknowledged that Merlin was "an idiot", but a "brave one". To both their chagrin, Uther appointed Merlin as Arthur's manservant as a 'reward' for saving Arthur's life, which led to Arthur considering him an incompetent and insolent servant, though they quickly developed a grudging affection for one another. Very soon in their friendship, they were openly willing to risk their lives against the advice and orders of others, even knowingly sacrificing for the other. (The Poisoned Chalice) They had also saved each other from peril numerous times, though often Arthur remained unaware of Merlin's secret intervention. They frequently bickered and played tricks on each other, though they rarely truly fell out. Arthur saying "shut up, Merlin" whenever the latter pointed out inconvenient truths or made poor attempts at humour became something of a catchphrase. Many times when Merlin's near death, such as in The Poisoned Chalice and The Darkest Hour, Arthur is shown to be beside himself, aching, and distressed. He was willing to give up the entire quest of saving Camelot, which would save hundreds of lives, to save Merlin, but was swayed by Leon and Lancelot to keep moving while Lancelot gets Merlin back to Gaius. (The Darkest Hour) Just the thought of Merlin being dead is too grievously sad for Arthur to think about, as when Agravaine was starting to say he's sorry that he lost Merlin, Arthur didn't even let him finish the sentence. (A Servant of Two Masters)


Merlin and Arthur in series 1.

He also often called Merlin an "idiot" and scolded him for being seemingly thick and clumsy, but at the same time seemed to be aware that there was far more to him beyond his happy-go-lucky personality. Although Arthur frequently teased and abused Merlin, occasionally claiming they could not be friends as he was a servant, the two of them become very close and Arthur was often grateful for Merlin's company, loyalty, help and advice. Princess Mithian also stated that during her stay in Camelot she noticed that Arthur valued Merlin's advice above all others. (The Hunter's Heart) Arthur entrusted Merlin with most of his secret activities and missions, and often required his help. (The Gates of Avalon, The Beginning of the End, Le Morte d'Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere) The rest of Arthur's secrets, particularly his romantic feelings, could easily be deciphered by Merlin, who seemed highly in tune with his true nature and emotions. However, Arthur in turn was predominantly highly unsuccessful in guessing Merlin's intentions, believing him to be in love with Gwen, Morgana and even Lady Catrina as a result of Merlin's many secret investigations and odd behaviour. Merlin was also one of the only people besides Gwen who could, despite the class divide, reprimand Arthur when he was being unfair or arrogant, and tell him truthfully what he was thinking without fear of severe punishment. He had often insulted Arthur, calling him a "prat", "dollophead", and a "clotpole," as well as "supercilious" and "patronising." Arthur in reality trusted and appreciated Merlin, although he had sometimes confessed that he thought that Merlin was hiding something.


Merlin and Arthur at Morgana's birthday party

Arthur refused to believe that Merlin was a sorcerer, reacting with incredulity and doubt whenever he was accused of it, and saved Merlin from the suspicions of Uther several times by making up stories. (The Mark of Nimueh, The Witchfinder, Goblin's Gold) Although Arthur did not always immediately believe Merlin's warnings, he defended and rescued his friend even when he had doubts himself. (The Labyrinth of Gedref, Beauty and the Beast) However, though Arthur trusted Merlin, he would still often side with his family members and higher-ranked advisers over him, refusing to believe Merlin informing him of Agravaine's treachery (The Hunter's Heart), and would flat-out tell him to be silent when he pushed too far. Arthur and Merlin, though they would deny it, were close to the extent where Merlin was often one of the few able to reach him when others could not.

204 am

On a mission

However, Merlin continued to hide his powers from Arthur, knowing that it was too dangerous to reveal it after the time spent together. Despite Merlin's status as a servant, Arthur displayed great trust in him and appreciated his opinion and wisdom, sometimes even enough to uncharacteristically thank him for it. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon, The Changeling, The Coming of Arthur: Part Two) However, Arthur was still well aware of his status as prince and was angry at Merlin when he and Gwaine came to help him on his quest for the Golden Trident, though this anger did not last long and he ended up appreciative of the assistance. (The Eye of the Phoenix) Before the retaking of Camelot, Merlin was able to shake Arthur out of his despair and inspire him to continue, leading to the retaking of Camelot from Morgana. Merlin was offered a place at the Round Table, showing how Arthur valued him on the same level as his most trusted knights, and even commented that he was somehow "wise" on at least two occasions. In spite of this appreciation for Merlin's virtues, however, Arthur made sure to continue reaffirming his status as a manservant by constantly setting him endless chores. (The Coming of Arthur: Part Two) Before Arthur was crowned king, he finally called Merlin his friend, showing how close he had become to Merlin despite their differences. Arthur even hugged Merlin after finding him in the forest when he was kidnapped by Morgana, which is a notable display of affection since Arthur was unwilling to hug him when Merlin helped him prove to his father that his wife was a troll. (A Servant of Two Masters, Beauty and the Beast: Part Two)

Screen shot 2011-12-25 at 9.00

Merlin encourages Arthur

After Merlin admitted to Arthur that the former had magic when saving him from a wound caused by Mordred, Arthur was shocked, disgusted and most of all furious - very furious. Arthur could not bare to look at Merlin but had to travel with him to Avalon bringing up his anger on the way. Merlin's magic eventually grew on him for him to accept it after seeing Merlin using magic for good proving his father's theory that all magic was bad was not right. Due to an encounter with Morgana (who was finally killed by Merlin), Arthur did not survive the journey to the lake and died in Merlin's arms, but not before thanking Merlin for everything he had done for him and coming to understand why Merlin did what he did. (The Diamond of the Day)

Morgana Pendragon


Arthur and Morgana Pendragon, in one of Camelot's feasts for Arthur's victory

What happened to you, Morgana? I thought we were friends."
"As did I. But alas, we were both wrong.
Arthur and Morgana

Morgana and Arthur grew up together in the court of Camelot and for many years their relationship was strong. On the surface they seemed like siblings, teasing one another mercilessly and trading sarcastic comments, but there was also a much deeper connection between them. Morgana proved to be Arthur's advisor and moral compass early on as she was the only one who could get him to confront and defy his father by doing what he knew in his heart was right. Despite being raised together almost as siblings, Arthur and Morgana developed romantic feelings for one another at some point. Whenever any of the knights charmed Morgana it irked Arthur, while he openly accused her of being jealous when she tried to dissuade him from pursuing Sophia. They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much


Morgana Pendragon and Arthur Pendragon shared a close bond in the past

deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death. (The Gates of Avalon, Le Morte d'Arthur)

Each time she would desperately try to save him and prevent her prophecies from being realised, on one occasion running to plead with him in front of the assembled knights when she knew he would not return safely from a quest. And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he in turn did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. He defended her interests against his father, securing her release from the dungeons (To Kill the King) and agreeing to defy Uther and smuggle Mordred out of Camelot solely for her sake. However, Arthur's sudden interest in Guinevere caused his relationship with Morgana to suffer. Caught up in his new romantic problems, he failed to realise that Morgana was struggling with something serious and unintentionally left her even more isolated as she wrestled with her growing magic. When she was "kidnapped" by the druids, however, Arthur mounted a rescue and brought her back safely to Camelot, although he did not realise this was not what she wanted. The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll.

Morgana grew more defensive and less open with Arthur, for instance believing her magic to be the reason she was immune to the sleeping plague while feeling unable to risk telling him the truth. Although Arthur undoubtedly loved and cared for Morgana, she recognised that his position would be one of severe conflict due to his inherited suspicion of magic and therefore could not seek his help. After Morgause disappeared with Morgana, Arthur demonstrated his devotion to her by spending a year searching for her, feeling that he had failed to protect her.


Arthur explains his plan to Morgana Pendragon.

Finding her stumbling through the forest on one such patrol, with great relief Arthur brought her back to Camelot where he tenderly listened to her recount her escape and promised her that she was safe now. When Uther fell ill and Arthur was faced with the burden of ruling, he sought comfort from Morgana, embracing her and telling her how glad he was that she was there with him. Unbeknownst to Arthur, Morgana was, in fact, responsible for Uther's decline, and she continued to plot against the king in secret.


Morgana Pendragon listens to Arthur.

When Merlin inadvertently caused a fatal head wound in Morgana in an attempt to stop her from killing Uther, Arthur was utterly grief-stricken at the thought of losing her, ironically telling Merlin he would "sacrifice [his] place on the throne for her to see another sunrise". (The Crystal Cave) For a time, Morgana's hatred was directed solely at Uther, and largely she showed no animosity towards Arthur, but after the discovery that Uther was her father, Morgause pointed out that Arthur was all that stood between Morgana and the crown, despite her being illegitimate and unrecognised. After this, Morgana began to plot against her half-sibling while he remained a doting brother, even risking his life to go back into Cenred's stronghold to rescue her, unaware that it was a trap to get him killed. (The Castle of Fyrien) It was not until Morgause's army overtook Camelot and Morgana crowned herself queen that Arthur learned of her treachery and her true paternity. Arthur reeled in the face of this knowledge and spent a whole week struggling with it, only recovering when Merlin rallied him to take back his kingdom from her Arthur lamented that he had known Morgana all his life and could not understand her betrayal, but in the end led his knights against her to take back Camelot.

Over a year after he learned of her treachery, Morgana was now fully estranged from Arthur, plotting against him and bringing about Uther's death from afar which resulted in Arthur being crowned King of Camelot. Morgana therefore continued in her attempts to take Arthur's throne, eventually succeeding in conquering Camelot once again. Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. (The Sword in the Stone)

Arthur morgana confrontation

Morgana and Arthur reunite.

The reunion was visibly tense with Morgana's expression conflicted as Arthur lamented that he "thought we were friends", to which she replied "as did I" with an element of regret at the deterioration of their relationship. However, the two could not reconcile and Morgana accused Arthur of being too much like his father, leading Arthur to remark that she too resembled Uther more than she realised.

Even on the brink of death at Morgana's hands when they meet again 3 years later, Arthur still tried to reach out to her, attempting to appeal to their old relationship and remind her of her compassion and kindness. While he stated to Sarrum that he hated her after she coldly refused and tried to kill him, it was later shown to be not correct as when Arthur was dying and Morgana was taunting him, he was visibly sad as she taunted him and when Merlin finishes her off for good, Arthur fleetingly looked at his sister's lifeless eyes, clearly showing grief over her death despite being soon to die himself.

Guinevere Pendragon

I think about her all the time. I care about her more than anyone. I don't know what I'll do if any harm comes to her.
Arthur, on Gwen

Arthur's relationship with Guinevere has been difficult and slow burning. Arthur became gentle and kind in his dealings with Gwen, he listened to her opinions, and didn't react with anger when she reprimanded him. (The Moment of Truth, The Once and Future Queen) Arthur cared about her deeply and they enjoy being in each other's company. With Gwen, it became clear that despite his faults and hard demeanor, he was capable of deep love, risking his life to save her, against his father's wishes.(Lancelot and Guinevere)

Arwen 8

Arthur and Guinevere, grief-stricken about Morgana Pendragon.

He proclaimed to Merlin how thinking about her "hurt" because he knew they could not be together, and he didn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her. He went on to tell Merlin that he cared about her more than anybody else, leaving Merlin shocked at Arthur's openness, and saddened by his unlucky situation.

Arthur is a lot more caring when it comes to Gwen. When it became clear she had feelings for Lancelot too, he reverted back to his hard demeanor, telling harsh lies and pushing Gwen away, though when she was gone it appeared he was quite heartbroken. Their relationship was fixed when Gwen freed him from a love spell, though they still could not publicly act on their feelings.


Arthur and Gwen's first kiss

Unlike most people Arthur usually called Gwen by her full name. At the beginning of series 3, the development of their relationship was at a stand still because of the search for Morgana, but when Uther went mad, Gwen went to see and support Arthur before he went off to battle. Gwen stated that she trusted him more then any man but still calls him Sire, even though Arthur told her that she didn't have to. He did however feel more confident after her visit.

Later Arthur was turned into a donkey which only Gwen saw. This embarrassed him and after the goblin had been detained they were both more than happy to forget the recent events that had occurred. (Goblin's Gold) He showed his jealousy of Gwaine when he saw him flirting with Gwen. (Gwaine) They were a comfort to each other when Morgana was badly injured. (The Crystal Cave) When Uther tried to force Arthur into marriage, the prince was adamant that he wouldn't marry Princess Elena because he didn't love her. Both he and Gwen were distressed at the thought, and they both had their first heart-to-heart about the future. Arthur didn't fully realise how much Gwen loved him until this but she couldn't stop the marriage as she was a servant. In the end Arthur couldn't go through with it, much to his, Gwen's and Elena's relief, and they both shared a moment on the stairs after the ceremony. Arthur was also willing to risk his life for her and her brother. Riding to the castle where an enemy king, Cenred, was waiting, Arthur publicly told her that she wouldn't have to worry about being scared as she has him, which made her smile. When Gwen told him that if anything happened to him she would never forgive herself, Arthur reassured her that it wouldn't. They shared a tender moment in the woods and almost kissed, but Morgana interrupted them.

Arthur made Gwen promise to ride for Camelot when he feared she would die, but Gwen disobeyed and waited for him outside to make sure he was safe which surprised Arthur. At the end of their adventure she thanked him for saving her brother and he replied "It's what you do when you love someone". Before he left on his quest for the Fisher King's Trident Gwen went to visit him to make sure that he'd be safe.

Gwen and Arthur hold

"I crown you, Guinevere, queen of Camelot."

He reassured her and kissed her goodbye. She was greatly relieved when he returned seemingly unharmed. When Camelot is taken by Morgana, Arthur is driven by the hope of reaching Gwen and his father, even when he learns the citadel has been taken and both are likely dead. He is delighted when she escapes to come to him and he offers her a place at the Round Table. Though he leaves her with Gaius to prepare for treating the wounded, he openly admits their relationship, saying he doesn't care who sees in case he never comes back. After the battle, he reunites with her, kissing her in front of all his knights. Following Arthur being made king, Arthur and Gwens relationship became more openly known. Arthur temporarily ended their relationship, following the advice of Agravaine, who told him that as king he had to apply to certain standards.


Gwen and Arthur

However, following his realisation of the mistakes he had made, after ending the war with Queen Annis, he went home and apologised to Gwen. Eventually Arthur decided to marry Gwen, and after proposing, he held a great tournament to celebrate, and show his affection. However, upon Lancelot's return, and Morgana's love spell, Gwen was strongly drawn towards with him, and ended up kissing him in the royal court. Where Arthur, led by Agravaine, caught them. Angered and heart broken Arthur had Gwen thrown in the dungeon for disloyalty, but decided not to execute her. Instead he had her exiled, although he admitted to Merlin he still loved her and he would likely soon find a way to forgive her. However, he now felt he could never trust her again. (Lancelot Du Lac) Despite her betrayal, Arthur greatly missed Gwen and although he briefly developed feelings for Princess Mithian, Arthur continued to love Gwen. Arthur was later reunited with Gwen when Morgana overthrew Camelot again. Although he was initially happy to see her, Arthur still remembered her betrayal and coldly rejected her. However, he allowed Gwen to join him when he recaptured Camelot from Morgana. He finally forgave her when Isolde, a smuggler who they encountered, died in the arms of her lover, Tristan, realising that he could not lose Gwen forever. He then married Gwen and crowned her Queen of Camelot.

Three years after Gwen's crowning, Arthur is happily married to Gwen as their reign has started the golden age of Camelot. However, when Gwaine Percival and their men go missing, Arthur is forced to leave Gwen to rule Camelot alone in his absence. (Arthur's Bane) When Arthur calls upon Uther's spirit, Arthur defends his wife and says that he married Gwen for love and later when Uther criticises Gwen by saying that she had no idea what it took to be Queen, Arthur bites back by saying that Gwen is strong and beloved by the people of Camelot. Both these occasions show that Arthur is not only protective of his queen but he has also grown into his role as a husband. (The Death Song of Uther Pendragon) After that Gwen didn't want Arthur to go to Nemeth because she was afraid that he would be killed. (Another's Sorrow) When Morgana kidnapped Gwen, Arthur was desperately trying to find her and got mad when he realised that they had lost an entire day through the forest and that Morgana could have killed her. Arthur's heart broke when he later found out that ever since her rescue from the Dark Tower, Gwen was with Morgana and was enchanted. So her in the lake Dolma (Merlin) could brake the spell. Arthur succeeded to get her into the water with her own will when he reached the part that remained untouched by Morgana's spell by saying to her to remember what she had told him when he asked her to marry him. When Gwen got into the lake and the spell broke she hugged Arthur. (With All My Heart)

Uther Pendragon

S1 e01 arthur uther 01

Uther orders Merlin to become Arthur's servant

There's never been anyone or anything he's treasured more than you.
Gaius, on Uther, to Arthur

Uther and his son had a somewhat turbulent relationship by the time Arthur was old enough to start questioning his father's decisions. Uther frequently scolded Arthur and treated him harshly, demanding a lot from him. Despite this, however, Arthur was the most important thing in the King's life since his wife Ygraine died, and the two shared a close bond. Believing Arthur was about to die, Uther once said that to him, Arthur was worth "more than this entire kingdom and certainly more than my own life". (Excalibur)


Uther tells Arthur that he is proud of him.

Arthur had often felt the need to prove himself to his father, believing that he was a "huge disappointment", which Uther denied and asserted that he was extremely proud of his son. Yet the two were often at odds with each other, since Uther, as a more experienced and heavy-handed king, frequently chose only to do what was for the greater good of the kingdom even if it caused others to suffer. Arthur on the other hand was far more reluctant to cause anyone harm and abhorred unjust punishment. Though they often fell out over this, for the most part Arthur obeyed his father and was more conscious of his duty to his father than Morgana Pendragon, who pushed the limits of her favour with Uther much further. Since Morgana was very dear to Arthur, at times he would defy his father for her sake, such as smuggling Mordred back to the Druids and getting her out of the dungeons. (The Beginning of the End, To Kill the King)


Uther and Arthur watch over Camelot.

On less serious occasions, Arthur and Uther behaved like a normal, affectionate father and son, such as when Uther feigned kicking Arthur for doubting his "footwork" and when Arthur expressed childish disgust at the sight of his father courting Lady Catrina. (Excalibur, Beauty and the Beast: Part One) Uther also seemed amused when Arthur proclaimed his love for Sophia, entertained by his son's display of puppy love.

Arthur and Uther frequently clashed over Arthur's romantic life, such as when he disagreed with his father regarding his arranged marriage to Elena, claiming he could not marry someone he did not love. This further exhibited the differences between father and son since Uther was solely concerned with the political good of the kingdom while Arthur felt he would be a better king with the support of a woman he loved. Uther later found out about his relationship with Guinevere and was furious with him for considering such a low-born woman. Still, Arthur genuinely loved his father and was devastated when he was driven mad. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon) When Camelot was invaded by immortal soldiers, Arthur attempted to find his father despite the fact that he was injured and the soldiers were immortal. Despite the difficulties of their relationship, Arthur and Uther were largely all one another had with the addition of Morgana, who was revealed to be blood-related to both. However, when Arthur discovered that Uther had caused the death of his mother, albeit accidentally, he tried to kill him and was only stopped by Merlin who told him that it was a lie, despite it being at least partially the truth. (The Sins of the Father) When Morgana revealed her true parentage, Arthur was devastated by the knowledge that Uther had lied to him his entire life. Eventually, with Merlin's encouragement, he decided to return to Camelot and was willing to die in order to rescue Uther. When Uther was emotionally broken due to Morgana's betrayal, Arthur was worried that Uther would not recover but he took over Camelot as regent, and put up on a brave face to Uther by spending time with him in his chambers. When Uther was wounded by an assassin, such was the extent of Arthur's desperation to save him that he was willing to seek magic to save him. Yet Uther's own hatred of magic meant that Arthur was deeply conflicted over the matter, but ultimately decided that saving Uther was worth it and went to get a sorcerer (who was Merlin in disguise) to help him. However, Arthur told his uncle Agravaine, who was loyal to Morgana, of his decision, which resulted in Uther's death when Morgana gave him an enchanted necklace to repel healing spells. Arthur was devastated and guilty when his father died, feeling he had betrayed his father in using magic and caused his death. Despite this Arthur had a tendency to blame Uther for things that Arthur could change, most notably the law on magic; despite telling Morgana that she couldn't blame him for their fathers sins, he has still not lifted the ban on magic.

Three years after Arthur became king, Arthur sulks at the dinner held in celebration of his coronation. After he and Merlin rescue an elderly witch from being burned at the stake, he is rewarded with the Horn of Cathbhadh and decides to summon his father's spirit to him. While speaking to his father, Arthur is shocked and appalled at his father's disapproval of everything he had achieved since becoming King. Arthur is quick to fire back at Uther when he criticises Arthur for knighting commoners and marrying a servant girl. Arthur tells Uther angrily that his knights are brave and loyal and would never betray him and that he married Gwen for love rather then matters of state which Uther greatly disapproves of. When Uther's spirit causes mayhem in Camelot, Arthur is quick to deny to this for even though he still loved his father even if he did say cruel things to him but soon realises that Merlin was right. When Uther once again critises Gwen by saying that she had no idea what it took to be Queen, Arthur was quick to fire again by saying that Gwen was strong and loved by the people of Camelot. It was after this that Uther knocked Arthur out and fought with Merlin and discovered his magic. When Arthur awoke he was quick to reblow the horn and Uther was summoned back to the spirit world before the late king was able to expose Merlin's long kept secret.



Gwaine and Arthur

Gwaine proved his courage and selflessness when he saved Arthur and Merlin on their first meeting and as a result was badly injured. However, Gwaine was prejudiced against those of noble birth and claimed he would not have saved Arthur had he known he was a prince. Gwaine recklessly built up a large bill at another tavern, which Arthur grudgingly paid, reprimanding Gwaine and Merlin by ordering them to clean the boots of the entire army. Arthur, however, knew of Gwaine's good nature and defended him when he was accused of assault by two imposters disguised as knights, yet was unable to prevent his banishment. Arthur's honesty and fairness made enough of an impression on Gwaine for him to grow to like him enough to come to his aid in the melée, which meant he had saved Arthur's life twice, though still had to leave Camelot much to Arthur's regret. (Gwaine) Gwaine again proved his loyalty and care for Arthur by accompanying Merlin to come to Arthur's aid on his quest to find the Fisher King's trident. On completing the quest, Arthur, recognising the great help Gwaine had given him, thanked him, commenting that he would remember what he had done for him. Gwaine then stated that he would return to Camelot when it was ruled by a "half-decent king". Arthur later rewarded Gwaine's bravery, loyalty and skill by knighting him, considering him one of his closest and most trusted knights.


He was a man of honour, in all ways but one.
Arthur, on Lancelot

Arthur first met Lancelot when he wanted to become a Knight of Camelot. Arthur was willing to let Lancelot become a knight even though it was revealed that Lancelot lacked noble birth and was a commoner. However, after killing a griffin with Merlin's help, Lancelot declined when he was offered a chance to become a knight again. Arthur, though respecting Lancelot as a good man and brave fighter, found that Gwen came between them since she had had a brief relationship with him and Arthur had developed feelings for her. However, such was Lancelot's loyalty and conscience that he chose to leave on discovering this, promising never to come between them. Despite this, Lancelot returned on Merlin's request to help them again when they were almost captured by an immortal army. Lancelot saved them before they were captured by triggering a rockfall along with his friend Percival. Arthur was grateful that Lancelot saved them and he finally made Lancelot a Knight of Camelot. After Lancelot died to sacrifice himself to defeat the Dorocha, Arthur was heartbroken and expressed that Lancelot was one of the most noble and brave knights Camelot had ever had. Arthur, however, was led to believe Lancelot, who had been resurrected as a shade, had stolen Gwen from him and had him thrown in a prison cell after fighting with him. In spite of this, Arthur still considered Lancelot a good man and showed respect for him when he committed suicide, thinking he had done it due to his guilt. Arthur ordered for him to have a proper burial, calling him a man of honour in "all ways but one".


It's love, Gaius

Gaius looks shocked at an enchanted Arthur

Contained within this great kingdom is a rich variety of people, with a range of different beliefs. I'm not the only one seeking to protect you. There are many more who believe in the world you are trying to create. One day you will learn, Arthur. One day you will understand just how much they've done for you.
Gaius, to Arthur

Arthur respected Gaius' counsel and skill as a physician and and stopped him from being executed by the witchfinder, Aredian. At first he refused to believe that Gaius was, or ever had been, a sorcerer.

Merlin109 1080

Gaius drugs Arthur on Uther's orders

Arthur knew Gaius well enough to realise that a goblin was controlling his body when the goblin said it was looking forward to Merlin's execution; the Gaius Arthur knew would never have wanted Merlin to be executed no matter what he had done. (Goblin's Gold) When Gaius was framed by Agravaine, Arthur reluctantly went along with his uncle's accusations of Gaius being the traitor in Camelot, but because of his personal ties to Gaius he allowed him to 'flee', unaware that he had actually been kidnapped. When Gaius returned Agravaine claimed that he had made a mistake and Arthur apologised to the physician, at which point Gaius expressed his deep affection for Arthur. (The Secret Sharer)


Arthur and his uncle, Agravaine.

Agravaine de Bois

I've been a fool.
Arthur, on his blindness to Agravaine's true self

Arthur's maternal uncle, Agravaine, arrived in Camelot to advise and guide Arthur when he took over as regent after Uther's mental deterioration left him unfit to rule. Arthur, inexperienced as a ruler, trusted Agravaine greatly and was grateful for the support he gave him. However, unbeknownst to Arthur, Agravaine was in fact loyal to Morgana and plotting with her to bring about Arthur and Camelot's downfall, meaning all along Agravaine was passing on Camelot's secrets and giving Arthur advice that was in Morgana's interests. Arthur, on the other hand, was firmly loyal to Agravaine and defended him when Merlin suggested that he was untrustworthy, growing angry at the insult to his uncle. However, at one point Arthur himself became suspicious of Agravaine when he discovered there was a traitor among his inner circle, but allowed himself to be persuaded otherwise. It was not until Morgana captured Camelot for the second time that Arthur learned Agravaine's true nature, spotting him entering the citadel at her side. Upon discovering Agravaine's true loyalties, Arthur was briefly consumed with rage and about to charge at his uncle before Merlin stopped him. Arthur was later filled with melancholy on reflection of his family members' betrayals and started questioning himself, wondering if it was his fault that two of the people he had loved and cared about had betrayed him.

Ygraine Pendragon

Arthur's mother Queen Ygraine died when he was born as a result of Nimueh's creating a life at the cost of another, and so he grew up without his mother but always had a great respect and admiration for her. However, Arthur was kept unaware of Uther's role in seeking Nimueh and did not know that because he was conceived, Ygraine had to die. Arthur finally met her, or at least a version of her, some twenty years later when she returned as a spirit summoned by Morgause.


Arthur and Ygraine, mother and son, united at last!

Though this Ygraine was part of Morgause's plan to turn Arthur against his father, the two spoke and embraced one another for the first time, Arthur evidently deeply emotional at meeting his mother at last. A guilt-stricken Arthur apologised for causing her death in childbirth, which led to Ygraine explaining the real circumstances of his birth, shifting the blame onto Uther as planned by Morgause. Ygraine also told him she was very proud of him and would willingly give her life for him again. To what extent the representation of Ygraine Arthur met was accurate remained unclear.


Sir Leon is Arthur's second in command and his right hand man among the Knights of Camelot. Leon is very loyal to Arthur and Arthur trusted him greatly though after the discovery of a traitor in Camelot, who was actually Agravaine, Arthur briefly grew to distrust all his knights, including Leon, but quickly regained his trust in all of them, saying he would vouch for each and every one of them.


Though it is unknown whether Arthur and Elyan knew each other prior to Merlin's arrival in Camelot, it is seen what the two have a good friendship. When Morgana and Morgause took over Camelot for the first time, Elyan joined Arthur, Merlin and various others in exile before Gwen and Leon joined them and helped formed what would later be known as the Knights of the Round Table after being knighted by Arthur. While Elyan was one of the more sensible of the knights (along with Lancelot) of the group, Arthur never viewed Elyan differently because he was Gwen's brother. When Elyan was possessed by the Shrine Boy, Arthur, like the rest of the knights was confused to why Elyan would suddenly attack him for no reason. When it was said by Agravaine that Elyan wanted revenge on Arthur for exiling Gwen, Arthur defended his friend saying that Gwen's exile wasn't the reason, which he doesn't mention directly. After Arthur with the help of Merlin, Gwen and new friends Tristan and Isolde overthrew Morgana for the second time, Elyan was amongst the crowd when Arthur, having recently finally married Gwen, crowned her as Camelot's new Queen.



Fighting to protect Camelot

Arthur is an expert swordsmen as he has demonstrated on many occasions. He was the champion sword fighter in Camelot (Valiant) and is head of the Knights of Camelot. (Lancelot) Arthur was a swift and precise swordsman, and was known to dart out of the way of his opponents' attacks and immediately counterattack without any wasted movement, but he was by no means lacking in physical strength either, able to ward off blows from strong and aggressive opponents such as Valiant on several occasions. Arthur's expertise with a sword allowed him to defeat several opponents at once. He was also capable of throwing the weapon accurately as proven when he was attacked by a Cockatrice. (The Poisoned Chalice) Many people considered him to be the greatest warrior in the history of Camelot.


A highly trained swordsman

Arthur has been shown to be extremely resilient, as even when his life force was drained by the Eye of the Phoenix, he was able to journey to the realm of the Fisher King, kill two bandits who preyed on him in his sleep and fend off two Wyvern. (The Eye of the Phoenix) Also, even after receiving a sword blow that broke a few of his ribs, Arthur was still able to defeat his attacker. (The Sword in the Stone)

In addition Arthur had excellent skills with a mace and quarterstaff even though they were not his preferred weapon, although he was still beaten swiftly by King Olaf when they fought with them. He was also capable of throwing knives accurately even when he was throwing them at a moving target. (The Dragon's Call, Queen of Hearts) In addition Arthur was very skilled with a lance, and his skill with the weapon even impressed the assassin Myror. (The Once and Future Queen)

Overall, regardless of his particular speciality being with a sword, very few have been able to fight him on equal footing and best him even if he is wielding another weapon he is skilled with. Out of the countless enemies Arthur has faced, only nine known people have ever defeated him in combat, Lancelot, Myror Morgause, Olaf, Uther Pendragon Helios, Ruadan, Mordred and Albin though it has been suggested that Morgana Pendragon may have beaten him too, though this is unconfirmed as Arthur said "that never happened" (possibly out of embarrassment) when Morgana mentioned it. (The Moment of Truth) Also, some of said individuals had an advantage over him. Against Mordred, Arthur hesitated at first and despite being badly wounded still managed to strike down Mordred with a single blow. He also beat King Olaf in swordplay despite losing to him when they fought with a mace and quarterstaff. When he was defeated by Uther, Arthur likely simply held back to allow his father to beat him so as not to humiliate him. When he fought Helios, Arthur was not at peak condition as he was still wounded but still held his own for quite some time before being overpowered. Arthur also disarmed Ruadan in their sword fight and only lost because he caught him off guard and belted him with a mace. A similar situation also caused him to lose against Lancelot, when Arthur, angered by Gwen's apparent betrayal, fought Lancelot without holding back and managed to disarm him first but in his blind rage, he was caught off guard and pinned to a wall, losing his sword in process.

Arthur was also an excellent leader and a talented strategist. Many people felt that he could become a great king. He has also been shown to be aware when Merlin is putting his life in danger for him. They appear to have some kind of psychic link as Merlin was able to summon a light to guide Arthur to safety when Arthur went to find the cure to a deadly poison even though Merlin was both seriously ill and unconscious at the time. (The Poisoned Chalice) This link was also shown when Arthur was bitten by a Questing Beast because when Merlin went to the Isle of the Blessed to save Arthur's life, Arthur sensed that Merlin was danger as he became a bit agitated even though he was unconscious similar to when Merlin was poisoned. (Le Morte d'Arthur)

Since he met Merlin, Arthur has had the distinction of fighting against many creatures of magic, both alone and aided by his knights or by Merlin. He held off a Griffin, animated gargoyles, undead skeletons, the dragon Kilgharrah and two Wyverns. He also killed a Cockatrice single-handedly and slew a Troll with help from Merlin, and later a Lamia.

Near-Death Experiences

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Memorable Quotes

  • "We ride at dawn." - Arthur's favourite sentence.
  • "God, have mercy." - Upon seeing Morgana Pendragon
  • "Sometimes I think I know you, Merlin. Other times..." - to Merlin
  • "You are nothing but a hypocrite and a liar!" - to Uther
  • "Come on then. I warn you, I've been trained to kill since birth."
  • "Put the sword down, Merlin, you look ridiculous." - to Merlin
  • "You don't have a dog and fetch the stick yourself. No offence, Merlin." - to Merlin
  • "You know me, Merlin, I never listen to you." - to Merlin
  • "Guinevere, I... want you to know that your job is safe and that your home is yours for life. I guarantee you that. I know that under the circumstances, it's not much but, erm... anything you want, anything you need, all you have to do is ask. I am sorry." - to Guinevere
  • "Stick to girls who are more... how can I put it... on your level. She can't be your friend, let alone anything else." - to Merlin about Morgana Pendragon
  • "I don't imagine anyone loving you like that either" - to Morgana Pendragon
  • "Father, please, I can't allow this. This is madness! There's no way *Merlin* is a sorcerer!" - to Uther about Merlin
  • "She's a troll! A giant...grey...stinking! Troll!" - to Uther
  • "What happened to you Morgana? I thought we were friends." - to Morgana Pendragon
  • "I swear I'm going to rescue my men, or die trying." - to Merlin
  • "He has all the makings of a fine knight. Don't you think?" - to Merlin about Mordred
  • "Just hold me – please" - Arthur to Merlin
  • "Thank you" - Arthur's last words to Merlin
  • "Right, you jumped up dung beetle, this is it. The final test. Pass this and you're a knight of Camelot. Fail, and you're no one. You face the most feared of all foes, the ultimate killing machine. You face me." - Arthur on the training ground
  • "Shut up, Merlin." - to Merlin on numerous accounts


  • "Arthur" is a masculine name of Latin and Celtic origin. The meaning of the name is "bear".
  • Other spellings of the name Arthur include Artair, Artek, Arth, Arther, Arthor, Arthyr, Artor, Artus, Aurthar, Aurther, Aurthur, Arturo, and Artur.
  • "Pendragon" is a surname of Welsh origin. The meaning of the name is "Head Dragon" or "Chief Dragon".


  • Before Bradley James was chosen to play Arthur, Ben Mansfield auditioned for the role, he was spotted by the casting director for Primeval and was later cast as Captain Becker.
  • Under the influence of Merlin's spell, it is shown that Arthur is a tree-hugger. (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Arthur is the only character to almost always call wife Guinevere, by her actual name while he has called her 'Gwen' on a few occasions.
  • In the Italian version of the series, his name was translated as Artù.



King Arthur is the central figure of the Matter of Britain, a collection of legends concerning the Celtic and legendary history of Great Britain, especially those focused on Arthur and the knights of the Round Table. He was married to Guinevere. The Arthur of historical-legend was born the son of Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine; he was taken away at birth by Merlin Ambrosius, who became his tutor, and was raised by Ector and his son Kay, who became Arthur's most trusted knights. Arthur only took his rightful place as king after he was given Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake (although some adaptations of the tale say Arthur withdrew the sword from a stone). His greatest enemy was his half-sister, Morgan le Fay. Arthur was ultimately killed and was killed by Medraut (Mordred), who was alternately his nephew or his son, at the Battle of Camlann in 537 CE. Arthur is also the central character in Edmund Spenser's unfinished epic poem The Faerie Queene, in which his destiny in the otherworldy faerylond would appear to be to consummate his love with Gloriana, the titular Fairy Queen. He appears in every book of the poem, often saving the other heroes. Although in book II, he reads up on the history of England up to Uther (and codedly, of the future of England up until Elizabeth in the Rolles of Elfin Emperours), it is unclear to what extent he is aware of his future as the legendary King of England.


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