Aredian was the most feared and revered Witchfinder in all the known lands.


Aredian has made a name for himself by hunting out all sorcerers, with deadly results. He only cared about himself and getting paid. He would aways find a way to find someone guilty for sorcery weather they were a true sorcerer or not. He would scare people into making faulse confessions and placing fake evidence to convicted and sentence those falsely accused to death. He framed Gaius for sorcery and this almost resulted in his execution. Merlin placed a toad in his mouth and he was accused of being a sorcerer. Aredian tried to bargain his way out by taking Morgana hostage but Merlin burned his knife and he lost his balance and smashed through a window before falling to his death (The Witchfinder).



Aredian was ruthless and didn't care whether he caught a real sorcerer or not, caring only about getting paid. He showed indifference to the lives of other people and framed Gaius for sorcery by placing a magical amulet in Gaius' chambers. Aredian wouldn't hesitate to break a deal and claimed that he never bargained with sorcerers. He was also secretive and never revealed how he tracked down sorcerers. This along with the fact that he possessed a magical amulet suggests that he may have been a sorcerer himself.Aredian was condescending, &nbsp speaking disrespectfully to Uther and calling him lazy and idle. He was also dismissive towards Arthur and though he claimed he knew Arthur's reputation as a warrior he said he had no need of him.

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