Annis (peasant)
Also Known As: N/A
Biographical Information
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Family: N/A
Affiliation: Rowena
Uther Pendragon
The Apothecary
Enemies: Aredian
Behind the Scenes
Portrayer: Amanda Fairbank Hynes
List of Appearances: The Witchfinder
Annis was a resident of Camelot and a customer of The Apothecary in Camelot. On one such occasion she purchased belladonna eye drops which caused her to see a hallucination of a goblin speaking while dancing in flames. She talked about her experience in front of Uther, and many bystanders. Her evidence helped Uther see that magic had in fact reached Camelot. However, her experience was proved to be a hallucination, when Merlin and Gwen found out about the eye drops (The Witchfinder).



  • She shares the same name with the Kingdom of Caerleon's Queen.
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