Arthur will pay for this, by God! The whole of Camelot will pay for this!
Annis on Arthur killing her husband[src]

Queen Annis is the widow of King Caerleon and the Queen of Caerleon.


As Arthur's Enemy

At some point Queen Annis befriended Gorlois.

When her husband King Caerleon is killed in cold blood byArthur Pendragon, a grief-stricken Queen Annis declares war on Camelot. Annis soon enters into a pact to gain revenge on Arthur with Morgana, who comes to the queen in Gorlois' name.

When Arthur comes to Annis and requests to fight single-combat to avoid a full-scale war, the queen agrees. When Annis finds out the next day that Arthur is to be Camelot's champion, the queen fears that it is a trick. Morgana assures her that it is "no trick" and comments that it is simply Arthur's nature to risk his own life instead of others'. As a result, Annis agrees to let a champion from Caerleon fight Arthur. Morgana promises Annis that Arthur will lose, informing the queen that she enchanted Arthur's sword.

Annis watching the fight.

During the fight, Morgana triggers the enchantment on Arthur's sword, making the weapon bear the weight of a thousand ages. Queen Annis’ champion, Derian, immediately gains the upper hand but Merlin's intervention saves Arthur, giving him the victory. In the end, Arthur spares Annis' champion; when Annis questions why, Arthur explains that it isn't victory he is after, but peace.

Morgana later returns to Annis and swears that Arthur will not be as fortunate next time. Annis refuses any further cooperation with Morgana, commenting that she was blinded by grief which allowed Morgana to manipulate her. Angrily, Morgana calls Annis weak.

Annis, however, shocks Morgana by being the first to openly chastise her for her bitterness and hate. The Queen stuns her further when she reminds her that Morgana came to her in Gorlois' name, yet it is Uther that Morgana resembles more. A speechless Morgana leaves Annis, who returned to Caerleon and leaves Camelot in peace (His Father's Son).

As Arthur's Ally

Arthur and Annis discuss the disappearance of his men.

Three years later, Arthur needs to search for his men and goes to seek help from Queen Annis, who now says she is an ally of Arthur. When she tells him that many men are gather in Ishmair, Arthur decides to go there and save his men. Annis, however, insists that they have a feast first, where she questions Merlin's abilities as the "king's fool". Merlin entertains the court as a juggler. Later, when Arthur leaves, Annis tells him to be very careful as Morgana has been swallowed by hate, and that good allies are hard to find (Arthur's Bane).


Queen Annis was a fierce, strong and courageous woman who, while grieving her husband's death, immediately rose up in defiance to declare war on Caerleon's killer, Arthur Pendragon. She was quick to seek vengeance in her grief and had a strong sense of justice since she responded vehemently to what she saw as a crime on Arthur's part.

However, Annis was also shown to be reasonable, rational and wise. When Arthur came to her unarmed, she allowed him, despite her grief, to negotiate a single-combat match and leave her camp unharmed, thus sparing many lives on both sides. In addition, Annis was a fair and compassionate queen, sparing Merlin's life despite catching him spying, and quickly forgiving Arthur his errors.

Queen Annis proved to be an adept judge of character once she saw past her grief. She came to acknowledge Arthur's sense of justice and mercy, despite his crime with Caerleon. She seemed to see Arthur in a good light and even glorifying him by commenting that he brought hope for all of them.

Annis also saw Morgana for what she was far more astutely than most. She was also the only character to openly criticise Morgana's behaviour when she believed that there were similarities between her and Uther. Annis was ultimately a very just and fair woman, but also spontaneous and extreme in her actions, forgiving Arthur his misjudgment and homicide unusually quickly, withdrawing her army and restoring the peace contract that Uther had with her father-in-law and refused to cooperate further with Morgana.


Series 4
His Father's Son
Series 5
Arthur's Bane: Part One[1]


  • Queen Annis will be making an appearance in Series 5. It is unknown at this point what her role will be, this time as an ally of Camelot.[2]



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