Alice Patten
Alice Patten
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Ygraine Pendragon

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The Sins of the Father

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The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part Two

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2 & 3


Alice Patten is an English actress, and the daughter of Chris Patten, a prominent British Conservative politician and the last governor of Hong Kong. She portrayed Ygraine Pendragon, the deceased Queen of Camelot, the mother of Arthur, and the wife of the King Uther Pendragon in the BBC series Merlin.

She has appeared in three episodes: The Sins of the Father and The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part One and Two. Patten was educated at Island School in Hong Kong and at Queens’ College in Cambridge. In 2002 patten apeared in The Forsyte Saga (TV mini-series) as Imogen. In 2003 she apeared in three episodes of Where the Heart Is as Candida Oliver-Watts. In the same year she was also in The Last King (TV mini-series) portaying Lady Frances Stewart.

In 2004 Alice apeared in an episode of Jonathan Creek as Dawn / Gillian Bailey. She also apeared acted in an episode of Midsomer Murders portaying Emily Hide. In 2006 she played a major role in the film, Rang De Basanti, and in 2007 she apeared in Trade Routes portraying a character named Sarah.

In 2008 Alice Patten appeared in Heroes and Villians, as Joan.

In 2010 Patten appeared in four episodes of Mistresses, portaying the character, Alice.


  • She has two old sisters, Kate and Laura
  • She is fluent in Hindi, because she had to learn for her role in "Rang De Basanti"
  • She is 3 years older than Bradley James and Katie McGrath who play her son Arthur and her stepdaughter Morgana in Merlin.
  • She is the same age as Angel Coulby who plays her daughter-in-law Guinevere in Merlin.


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