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Alice is the kindest and most compassionate person I've ever known.
Gaius to Merlin on Alice[src]

Alice is Gaius's old friend, ex-fiancée, and a witch.


Early life[]

Before the Great Purge, Alice was a skilled healer whose magical ability was known throughout the lands. She and Gaius were engaged 20 years ago, just after he became the Court Physician. However, when the Great Purge began Alice had no choice but to run away while Gaius stayed behind.


She returns 20 years later and finds Gaius. After a reunion in her home, the two resume their romance and begin working together again. Merlin discovers that Alice is under the influence of a Manticore who intends for her to kill Uther and let Gaius take the blame. She smuggles the Manticore's poison into a remedy Gaius has prepared for Uther.

When Gaius is blamed for poisoning the king, Merlin comes forward and accuses Alice. She is then arrested and put in the dungeon by Arthur for trying to kill Uther. Trying to save her, Merlin and Gaius find the Manticore and destroy it. Its death neutralizes the poison in Uther's body and releases Alice from the spell. However she is found guilty by Uther for having practiced sorcery, disregarding that she was under the influence of a malicious creature, and is condemned to be executed the following morning. She talks with Gaius, who tells her to be brave. The next morning, the warning bell rings giving knowledge of Alice's escape. Gaius confesses to Merlin that he had let her go. Merlin points out that he could have gone with her, but Gaius states that if he did there would be no one to look after and take care of Merlin (Love in the Time of Dragons).


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