Alex Price
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Manchester, England, UK





His/her attendance in Merlin series
Played role

Sir William of Deira

First appearance

The Once and Future Queen

Last appearance

The Once and Future Queen

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Alex Price is a British actor from Manchester. He played the farmer who posed as Sir William of Deira, a made up knight and Arthur's alterego, in the episode The Once and Future Queen of the BBC television series Merlin. He has also appeared in Doctor Who as Francesco in the episode The Vampires of Venice, and has appeared in Being Human as Gilbert. He has also starred in feature length films, such as A Horse With No Name, and a variety of short films. In addition to his work in film and television, he has also established himself an as a voice actor, having been the narrator for Being Human Unearthed, Doctor Who - The Essential Companion and, most famously, Doctor Who Confidential. He has also appeared in a vast number of stage productions, the first being back in 2000. For more information about Alex Price, you can visit his website.


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