Albin was one of Sarrum's men and was his best fighter who was even able to defeat Arthur. Not much is known about him, but he was affiliated with Sarrum and appeared in the episode The Hollow Queen. He was killed by Merlin.

He was instructed by Sarrum to assassinate Arthur; however, Merlin arrives  just in time to stop him. Albin tries to shoot Merlin and Daegal (who is with Merlin), but Merlin uses magic to direct the arrow away. He then tries to throw a dagger at Merlin; which Merlin also directs this away. After this, he was killed with a spear thrust by Merlin (The Hollow Queen). He was also one of the few next to Morgause, Lancelot, and Helios who defeated Arthur in single combat.


Series 5
The Hollow Queen


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