An Afanc. A beast born of clay and conjured only by the most powerful sorcerer.
Gaius to Merlin[src]
An Afanc is a creature conjured using the Magic of the Elements of Earth and Water.



Nimueh creating an Afanc

Nimueh, a High Priestess of the Old Religion created an Afanc, magically transporting it inside an egg to the water supply of Camelot, where it hatched and caused a plague that killed dozens of citizens of Camelot, turning them pale with blue veins in the process. Eventually Merlin and Gaius discovered the Afanc. With the help of Arthur Pendragon and Morgana, Merlin was able to destroy the creature using his own elemental magic (The Mark of Nimueh).


Well, the Afanc is a creature made from earth and water. That's two of the four base elements. You want fire -- wind and fire. Perhaps they would destroy it.
Gaius to Merlin, about how to defeat an Afanc[src]
The Afanc can only be defeated with magic, specifically the use of the oppositional base elements of Fire and Air. The Afanc is said to be a beast born of clay and conjured only by the most powerful sorcerers. In fact, Nimueh shaped a piece of clay into the figure of a small animal while chanting a spell ("Ic acennan eowic ac ic hredde eowic"). She put in into an egg shaped box with markings on it, including her mark, then dropped it into a pool of water leading it to Camelot's water source.


The Afanc (Avanc, Addanc) is a creature from Welsh folklore that lives in lakes. In most myths it is described with the body of a beaver and the head of a crocodile. The Afanc is sometimes said to have magical powers and even the ability to speak Welsh.


  • The Afanc was played by Rick English, who also played Tristan de Bois, Knight of Medhir, Thomas Collins, Bandit and Essetir soldier.
  • The Afanc's creation out of clay by using two of the four elements of nature (earth and water)  in "The Mark of Nimueh" seems to follow the legend of creating a Golem, an anthropomorphic creature in the Jewish folklore which is  said to be a mindless creature formed out of clay and magically brought to life (by earth, water, air and fire) in order to receive orders from its creator.
  • Imagery of the Afanc appears as part of the title sequence from series 1 to 3.

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