Melanie Hill is an English actress who played the character Mary Howden in the episode Lamia of the BBC series Merlin.

Hill replaced Gilly Coman as the character of Aveline in the last two series' of Carla Lane's BBC television sitcom Bread. She has also appeared in such programs as The Bill playing Marie Carver (née Graham), Auf Wiedersehen, Pet playing Hazel Redfern, Hot Money playing Liz Hoodless, Juliet Bravo playing Jean Simpson, Emmerdale playing Avril Kent and Cape Wrath playing Brenda Ogilvie.

On 17 March 2009, she featured in an episode of Holby City, a medical drama broadcast weekly on BBC1 in the United Kingdom. This became a recurring role, as the actress appeared in subsequent episodes, following a story arc relating to the death of her on-screen husband. She also appeared in a episode of The Thick of It in series 3 episode 3.

In April 2011, she appeared in the BBC television comedy drama series Candy Cabs and in November, appeared in the fantasy series "Merlin" as Mary Howden. In April that year, she also appeared as Cissie Charlton, mother of footballers Jack and Bobby Charlton, in the BBC drama United, which was centred around the 1958 Munich air disaster involving Manchester United and in which Cissie's younger son Bobby as iwnvolved but survived.[1]

In 2012, she made her debut on long-running school drama Waterloo Road her character, Maggie Croft, is head of the canteen.

Melainie Hill has also apeared in a film called Brassed Off (1996) as Sandra.She appeared as the witch Ditchwater Sal in the 2007 film Stardust and the 2009 film White Girl.

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