• Dryuuu

    Request for bureaucrat removal on Merlin Wiki

    Φεβρουαρίου 4, 2013 by Dryuuu

    Hello Merlin Wiki Community, I have today two requests of Wikia staff, and I need the approval of members of the community (including admins) who know the Wiki well and have helped grow it in its hardest days. ( As you may notice, this is a sub-Wiki of the main Wiki, the English Merlin Wiki, which I am not making the blog post on due to the bureaucrat being active on that Wiki and I believe there is a risk of that blog being removed from there. I after all have found myself in several wars with this admin, who has caused division between the admin team and I fear for the future of the Wiki if these requests are not made.

    The admin requested above is the second request, the first one is the removal of the bureaucrat and admin, …

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